Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Dog

Good Morning:

It has been some time since my last post, so I'll try to make up for lost time.

It's funny ,but I feel guilty when I don't post anything for awhile. I guess that means I don't have enough to do, but the reality is I've had too much on my mind to even contemplate a good rant.

Our beloved canine companion has been sick for some time and our household has been generally depressed. She is 13 years and a bit , of age, and has been a constant joy to us for all the time she has lived with us. A few years back I was afflicted with a rare and usually fatal brain disease which occasioned my taking a large dose of Steroids each day, with the affect of reducing my ability to sleep to about four or five hours of sleep A WEEK. I would sit here at my computer , at all hours, and try to do something to occupy myself and keep from feeling sorry for myself, and at all times as I sat here , my sweet dog lay on the floor, not three feet away. She would sleep for awhile and then open one eye and look at me, questioningly, and then sleep a little longer . I spent thousands of dollars on medications and Doctor visits during this several years long period, but none were as valuable to me as was my "Miss Scarlett".

We hope she will be with us for a while yet, but common sense tells us that this probably isn't in the cards.

I guess God gives us the companionship of Dogs for a relatively short time to make us see, or try to, that Precious moments are made to be cherished and never, never taken for granted.

I took Scarlett to the Veterinarian today, and just wanted to take a few minutes to praise good Vets everywhere.

We are blessed with the services of a world class Veterinarian. One who doesn't think anything of getting down on the floor with her patient and leaning her head against the Dog's while she listens to the Doggies Respiration and Heart sounds.
I noticed particularly today that Miss Scarlett stayed exceptionally quiet while being examined, despite her dogged (no pun intended) reluctance to go to the Examination room when our sweet Vet called her name.

Today we added a number of medications to Miss Scarlett's medical protocol, and I am cheered with the optimism our vet displayed.

I think it takes a special person to be a Veterinarian (a GOOD one, versus the other kind). A Vet ( you will please excuse my abbreviating Veterinatian and do not make the mistake of thinking I am diminishing their calling or their importance, this is simply an old man trying to save a few finger strokes, in order to perhaps write a little more. A good Vet has to almost be able to read the mind of her patient, be it Canine, feline, Equine ,bovine or avian, in order to come up with a correct diagnosis. This reminds me of years ago when I was in College, being told by a Professor that there are two kinds of Analysis`-- Accurate and Careless, and I think that is absolutely true and reaches across the spectrum of many more than one profession or calling.

At any rate, after all of my hopefully forgiven rambling, I just wanted to say that my Wife and I are so very lucky to have the services of a World Class Veterinarian, and feel that if Miss Scarlett is with us for a little longer now it will be due to the wonderful ministrations of this good Person, and the home cooking and loving care of my Wife, who Scarlett Calls "Grammy".

God Bless all good Dogs and Good Dog lovers everywhere.

Stay Well and do good.


P.s. The date on this post is incorrect, as I have been writing on it for several days now.The correct date is 3 September 2010 .