Thursday, December 31, 2009

College Football Bowl Games

Happy New Years Eve good Folks:

I, as many of you, have spent the last few days watching all or part of a bunch of College Football Bowl games, which I usually enjoy this time of the year.

But a chance remark from my Daughter i.e. "Dang, how many Bowl games are there? started me thinking, and I found I did not know the answer to her question. So I did my homework, and found;

In College Games, there are currently Thirty Four Bowls. And as a minority of one, I think there are way too many games to keep us even interested, let alone eagerly anticipated. I decided to do a small review of Bowl Games, then and now.

Using an arbitrary cut off date of 1950, in which year there were exactly seven Major bowl games ( there were a number of others I never heard of, and I'll wager did any of you).

In 1950 there were, in order of their beginning:
The Rose Bowl, the Granddaddy of all Bowl Games, First played in 1902
The Orange Bowl Circa 1935
The Sugar Bowl same year
The Sun Bowl also 1935
the Cotton Bowl, which joined the Line-up in 1937
The Gator Bowl, 1946
And finally, the Citrus Bowl, debuting in 1947.

That line up seemed to me at the time to be perfectly adequate, enough to irritate a lot of wives, but yet cause few divorces, or threats thereof, while providing entertainment for Husbands Nationwide.

But, an interesting fact I ran across, while doing a bit of research for this post are the number of now defunct Bowl games I never heard of, And, I'll wager, nor did you, (save a few grizzled sports writers.

There were 56 of them, ranging alphabetically from the All-American Bowl, played in Birmingham, Alabama 1977-1990, to the Will Rogers Bowl, played in Oklahoma City in 1947.

Now, I may be displaying my ignorance, but I never even heard of most of these now defunct bowls, such as, the Cigar Bowl, played in Tampa, Fla 1947-1956, the Glass Bowl, Toledo, Ohio, 1946-1949, The Haka Bowl, Proposed for Auckland, New Zealand in 1996, but never played, the Oil Bowl, Houston, Texas, 1946 & 47, The Oyster Bowl, Norfolk, Virginia 1948-95, The Poi Bowl, Honolulu, HI, 1936-39, the Refrigerator Bowl, Evansville, In, 1948-56,The Salad Bowl, Phoenix, Az 1948-52, and the Tobacco Bowl, South Boston, Va ,and later Richmond, Va 1935-84. One cannot peruse the list of these now extinct Bowls without noticing that there was also a Mercy Bowl (No doubt named by fed-up wives) to the Mirage Bowl, in Tokyo, Japan, presumably played with imaginary players and teams.

Another sign of the Times that I don't particularly care for is the Insertion of the Sponsor's Name ahead of the name of the Bowl Game e.g.the "Tostitos Fiesta Bowl". Whats next? The American Standard Toilet Bowl?

Better end this now, There's a Bowl Game on I want to see.



Sunday, December 20, 2009

College Sports.

Good Morning Sports Fans:

I read an interesting article in this mornings Newspaper. It concerned remarks made by Bobby Knight, who many of you will no doubt remember as the fiery coach of, among others, Indiana University and Texas Tech.

Coach Knight was often criticised for losing his temper before, during and after Games in which he felt an injustice had been done. Its strange that we, as observers of the National Scene, remember Coach Knight for these outbursts of temper, but all too often forget Coach Knight's records. His 902 wins puts him in Elite company, but more importantly, I think, the Graduation Rate of his players put him in an entire seperate category. He not only insisted that his players graduate from the College, but must also attend classes, behave themselves, and become Gentlemen. I realize that in today's world those are old fashioned values, but to me they are the Hallmarks of a Good Person, which I believe Coach Knight to be, regardless of his temperment.

Now Coach Knight is in the news again, this time for having the audacity to criticise new University of Kentucky Head Coach, John(never mind your arrest record, can you dunk a ball?) Calipari. It seems that Coach Calipari has had not one but two Colleges Basketball Programs put on probation by the NCAA, those of Massachusetts and Memphis, each of whom had their Wins wiped out by the NCAA for an entire season.

I think the facts speak for themselves when comparing these two coaches, Knight has won more games that any other Coach (902) while Calipari has won something over 400 games. Knight has won Three NCAA Div I Championships, Calipari None.... and the list goes on. I didn't start out to write a post extolling the virtues of this or that College Coach, intending instead for this to be an introducion or lead in to the main thrust of this babble.

.....Which Is.

New Coach John Calipari will be paid approximately THIRTY TWO MILLION DOLLARS for coaching the University of Kentucky over the next eight years, that is presuming, of course, that he doesn't win the National Championship. If he does, doubtless the University will reward him with a new contract, for who knows how many Millions of Dollars. How many of you would like to have a job paying Four Million Dollars a year for teaching a bunch of kids how to play a game? A bunch of kids, who in all probability will, for the most part, not be educated in anything other than this game when they leave College (Most of which not by Graduation).

Folks, have we lost out Cotton-Pickin Minds? While all this money is being spent on these "youths" to play a game, there are thousands of young men and women who would be a credit to any institution of "Higher Learning", who will NOT be able to attend College, due to a lack of funds. This is a damned disgrace.For the cost of the Sports Program, at most Colleges, we could Educate one Hell of a lot of deserving students. Students who might go on to help this country become better and stronger and smarter, to the benefit of us all.

I suppose I should say that while I loved to play Basketball when I was High School age, I, nonetheless had to earn my College Degrees via the G.I. Bill, not just because I wasn't a good enough Basketball Player to Merit a Scholarship (I wasn't), but because it never even dawned on me to consider such, having been taught fairly early on two valuable lessons. One.. You get what you work for. and Two, Employers like to hire reasonably intelligent people, and the ability to Dunk a Basketball is rarely considered a prerequisite for employment.

Does anyone think that this Country will one day wake up and realize we had better get busy and Educate our Kids in order to compete with Smarter Countries of the World who already are doing so ? I'm afraid I'm pretty pessimistic on that subject.

Think About it.

TOP (The Old Pessimist)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Computers and other torture devices.

Guten Abend:

I decided to ramble on a bit about Computers, after waiting for what seemed like four or five hours for my old Computer to wake up.

This old comp.has, in common with many others of the same ilk, steadily gotten slower and slower, til I have to shave at least twice before I can get my Email page to load.

I've tried every tried and true method that I can find to try and speed up my old Dell on wheels, and sometimes I am pleasantly surprised in my efforts being rewarded with at least fifteen minutes of pretty good operation before it (the @#@#!%^*)thing starts to doze off again. I thought for a long time that the trouble was mine, in that I have never implied by thought or word that I was in anyway a computer whiz, or even a neophyte, but I don't really think that this is the whole problem.

When I first bought this thing, I had dial up service, which is about as fast as Pony Express, but it did the job at the time, as the Comp. was still relatively new, purchased just after the great Flood,and may have ben delivered by some guy named Noah.

I thought (my first mistake) that I was getting a pretty good machine , until someone who had actually seen a computer told me that they didn't think that a computer powered by a squirrel running on a wheel to generate power was the absolute newest thing, so I returned it, squirrel and all and called Fructus Rocking chair and computer company to purchase a new computer, second generation. Since it was a newer and better device I willingly paid the twelve thousand dollars or so to live in lovely land . When I received the newest computer, my same advisor told me that he didn't think I would like a Kerosene Powered computer. So I tried again, and this time didn't even unpack the thing when I noticed it was powered by a water wheel and I don't happen to live next to a creek, and so returned it and this time let my advisor speak with the salesman ( a man named Achmed ) and ordered me a new twenty-ninth generation computer, gor an teed to work just fine, but it didn't, as I don't have a windmill. So...I guess sooner rather than later I'll have to break down and buy a new computer, cause I'm getting awful tired of splitting wood to fire the Boiler on my current steam powered word progeggler, plus the inconvenience of typing on a machine whose keys are marked with Aramaic characters.

Oh Well. I guess we learn by doing, or as in my case, by being done to.

Sleep Well folks. Michael Dell and Bill Gates are surely.

stirring their wizard's kettles, so I am pauseitive we will soon all be able to own a computer so smart it won't even need us Humans to operate it.



Driving Manners and manners in General.

Good Morning Gentle People;

Well here it is, another Christmas. Sometimes it seems as though Christmas rolls around with ever increasing frequency, causing a lot of us to be out about and frequently in traffic.

I've just noticed lately, and given some thought to driving manners. I guess I am guilty in not reflecting sooner on the fact that I have noticed that not too many people honk at other cars anymore, unless its a friend, and the driver wants to say a "Hooter Hello" (Not in anyway associated with the restaurant Chain of the same name) But just to be friendly. I have noticed with people seem to be becoming more mannerly towards other drivers when out and about on the highways and byways.

This may be because We live in a small more or less rural area, where most people know one another and don't see the point of aggravating them with a toot of the Horn when the other person is a little slow in getting started when the Traffic Light changes, or maybe its because they are like me and drive a vehicle whose horn button is well hidden on the steering wheel. On my two old vehicles the horn area is designated by a little avatar of a Bugle or some such, and if one wishes to honk ones's horn, it requires a search for the insignia and thus taking one's eyes off the road, which is never a good idea. I can well remember the Days when one could honk one's horn simply by pressing the center of the steering wheel , and then later on the fancy new cars, the gleaming chrome horn ring.

Oh well, just idle thought, but I hope its indicitive of the general population's becoming more polite. Who knows?

Prior to living in the small town we currently reside in, we lived in, Among other places, New Orleans, La. Now to be fair I say emphatically we loved living in New Orleans and have frequently wished we could go back (as I suspect all old folks do) and revisit our young married lives. But one thing about New Orleans was the lack of Traffic Manners of a lot of its drivers. When one was stopped at a Traffic Light, just as soon as the light appeared to perhaps be making up its electrical mind to change colors, one would almost always hear the Driver behing them "setting down" on the horn, followed in succession by other drivers, equally in a hurry to turn off at the next street. I tried almost always to ignore these Honkers and just go about my driving in a safe manner, but not all people did. There were frequent occasions when altercations would ensue at traffic signals, when one or more drivers would alight from their cars and mix it up, due to nothing more than irritation to having to wait a whole five or ten seconds to continue their journey.

I had an occasion once, as an upper funtionary of a concern, to transfer a person from a small town in Mississippi to New Orleans, as a Field Technician.

Within the first few days of this person's work out of the New Orleans Office, he would frequently come into the office red in the face, and quivering with indignation because of the "Idiots behind him Honking for no reason". He said, once, that he felt like getting out of his vehicle and going to teach the guy behind him some manners. I told him he would be well advised to stay in his vehicle.

Nevertheless, he came back into the Office one afternoon sporting a beaut of a Black Eye, Complete with gross swelling.

I asked him where and how he obtained the shiner, and he replied.

"Well, I was sitting at a light on Canal Street, waiting for it to change, when the Guy behind me started honking his horn, over and over, and the light hadn't even changed yet, so I looked in my mirror and saw it was some guy in a little VW Bug, and decided to get out, go back to the Bug and teach the guy some manners`. When I got to the Guys Window, all I got to say was 'listen" when an arm roughly the size of my waist emerged from the window and a fist the size of a Country Ham smacked me in the face and knocked me down", he continued, " I got up and went back to my vehicle and drove on, and pulled over so the guy in the Bug could pass me, so as not to slow him down".

He said, "You were right, Boss".

Would that we could all learn manners from just one such incident, or better yet, by the Tried and True old Standby, COMMON SENSE .

Have a Happy and Safe Christmas and New Years, and if you don't want to stay sober, stay Home!



Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mark Twain-Part two.

Hi Folks>

Just another snippet from Twain and then I'll let the Gentleman rest.

Twain was commenting on the habit of some people to vote the party line, regardless:

"I have often wondered at the condition of things which set aside morality in politics and make possible the election of men whose unfitness is apparent. A mother will teach her boy at her knee to tell the truth, to be kind, to avoid all that is immoral. She will painstakingly guide his thoughts and actions so that he may grow up possessed of all the manly virtues, and the father of that boy, will, when it comes time for his son to cast his first vote, take him aside and advise him to vote for a bad man who is on the Democratic ticket because he has always adhered to Democratic principles. Could anything be more absurd" Interview, New York Herald, 1905

I believe what Twain is advocating here is for a person to use his or her common sense, and examine the qualifications and moral, ethics, etc, thoroughly and try his or her best to vote for the best Candidate.

I think we have all seen the fallacy of voting the "party line". This misuse can occur in two ways. Number one is the current office-holder is such a boob and has made such a mess of the Nation's Business, that it is thought that a candidate from the Opposite Party is bound to be better, and Number two, is just as Twain explains;
i.e. A boy or girl grows up hearing his or her parents extolling the virtues of one Party over another, and will thence unfailingly, for the rest of their lives, vote for the Party that Pappy voted for, without thought and without examination of the Candidates. I beg of you, don't do this. Take some time to give some thought to the matter, for it is important, and may very well save or take your life.

Its just common Sense.



Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bits of Wisdom from Mark Twain.

Good Evening Gentle Folk.

I realize that I said some time ago that I would not discuss either Politics or Religion........but, on the matter of Politics, its just too tempting to ignore, sort of like watching a Man who is hopelessly drunk, and embarrassing himself, you know you shouldn't laugh at the inebriated idiot, but you just can't help yourself.

It is just so with Politics. There are so many Politicians who make fools of themselves almost daily, one can either laugh, weep, or comment on them.

I have been lately perusing some of the works of Mark Twain, who, in my view, is one of, if not the, greatest Humorist America has ever fielded.

Some comments of Twain you might enjoy;

Fifty years ago, when I was a boy of fifteen...I had a friend...a slave- who daily preached sermons from the top of his master's woodpile, with me for his sole of his texts was this:
"You tell me whar a man gets his corn pone, en I'll tell you what his `pinion is."
... The black philosopher's idea was that a man is not independent, and cannot afford views which might interfere with his bread and butter. If he would prosper, he must train with the majority; in matters of large moment, like politics and religion, he must think and feel with the bulk of his neighbors, or suffer damage in his social standing and in his business prosperities. He must restrict himself to corn-pone opinions-at least on the surface. He must get his opinions from other people; he must reason out none for himself; he must have no first-hand views.

Sound like anyone you know?.

more from Twain:

All Congressmen and Parliaments have a kindly feeling for idiots, and a compassion for them, on account of personal experience and heredity.
--Mark Twain in Eruption, entry for Nov 24, 1906
Reader, suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself--
Unpublished paper on Postal Rates, Mark Twain. A Biography Chap. CXXXVIII
...Those burglars that broke into my house recently...are in jail, and if they keep on they will go to Congress. When a person starts downhill you can never tell where he's going to stop.
In an Address to Redding, Conn, Library Association, at the Opening of the Mark Twain Library, 1908

Perhaps later, more from Friend Twain, but in the meantime, remember, some things never change.



Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More Political Shenanigans.

Hello Good People;

Well Tis The Season.

Congress, as we all know, has been working long and hard for lo these many months on a National Health Care Plan.

As far as I can tell, NO ONE, including Congress, knows exactly what the Bill will include (mandate) when and if it is passed, but I think I can say , with some degree of certainty, is that it will be a mess.

I base this prediction on standing History. Almost every single thing Congress gets itself into turns into a Train Wreck.

Want an example?... Hows this: A House Select Committee just gave their support to a bill that will allow the Government to Mandate how the NCAA Football Championships will be determined from now on. Now to be fair and specific, the bill HAS NOT passed the full House, nor has it made its way to the Senate.... but at the very least, the idea that Congress, in any of its disguises as a so called Public Servant(s) is even wasting its time, time that the American Taxpayer meets the Payroll for, on such an unimportant issue is ridiculous. They (Congress) have better things to do with their time, such as fattening their Pocketbooks and Juggling their Mistresses.

I say A Pox on the Houses of all Congressmen and Senators. If congress wants to really do something to help the American People, declare a moratorium for both Houses of Congress for just one year, and let us citizens muddle through on our own, I think we'll do just fine, thank You .I think an unpaid Moratorium would be the fittest.

I can state as an example One Act of Congress that is Mismanaged.

It is called the Energy Employee's Occupational Illness Compensation Act, or EEOICPA.

This was enacted to help compensate people, such as myself, who worked in the Nuclear Industry,and were sickened by Exposure to Radionucleides, such as Uranium, and its sister and daughter Elements.

The bill covered, among other things, Cancer,,BUT only a small list of certain Cancers determined by the Parchment Pushers of D.C. If one, such as I, had the wrong type of Cancer, too bad Charlie, the Bill doesn't apply to you.

And one other little Example of the unmitigated Stupidity of our Bloated Bureaucracy is the fact that if, The Department of Labor, which is currently administering this Act, says that one who worked for an 'Atomic Weapons Employer" is not covered by the Act. How's that for a contradiction in terms? The Bill was enacted to help those of us who, by virtue of our work with Noxious and Poisonous substances, had our health ruined and our Savings decimated, due to high Medical Bills (is there any other kind?), by compensating us to a limited degree for our lost savings, and monitor our Illnesse's. BUT the Geniuses in Congress and at the Labor Department, apparently thought that Atomic Weapons were made of sugar and spice and everything nice, and the development and production of those Weapons was somehow unrelated to anything else in the Nuclear Family. Makes a lot of sense doesn't it? But, thats the Government for you. A good slogan for Congress, indeed for the whole Government might be "We giveth with one hand and we Taketh away with the other hand, and then we put it in our hip pockets, SUCKERS!" If I sound bitter, it is because I am. I am also sentient enough to recognize a giant screw up when I see one.

In all of its permutations, the EEOICPA has so many ways to screw someone and to deny a claim, that you would need a Chinese Typewriter and its 3600 or so characters to spell out all the ways our benevolent Government has figured out to shaft people like myself who worked for almost 20 years in one of these Pestilential Plants, has exhausted all their life's savings on Medical Bills whose root was in their place and type of Employment, and judging from the letters I have received from the Labor Department (Boy if there was ever a wrongly labeled Department) takes a measure of delight in snottily informing one of their futility in even THINKING that they are qualified for help, under this Act.

So, Gentle People, forgive me if I rale against our Government, but it tears at my soul to think that this Nation has deviated so far from what our Founding Fathers envisioned, and fought and died for, as well as the Generation upon Generation of their descendents who have likewise fought and Died, to see this.......... this, parody that we call our Government.

Just for the heck of it, come next election, vote AGAINST EVERY SINGLE PERSON NOW IN OFFICE! Maybe if we, as citizens, fork out all the redolent piles of Equine Droppings in our Stables of Government, we might teach their replacements to be a little more assidious in their House (and Senate) keeping. This plan might not work but it sure as Hell would be better than what we are suffering through currently.



Thursday, December 3, 2009

Random Thoughts.

Good Afternoon:

Just a few thoughts on the passing scene.

Tiger Woods: Personally I don't give two hoots about Tiger (TomCat) Woods. Number one he ought to get down on his knees and thank both his creator and his Dad for making him what he is today (well not today-but currently).

The man is a Billionaire.....yep that's Billion with a Capital B . At his age and for what he has had to do to become so filthy rich is, well, obscene. I think its a poor comment on our National set of values when a guy can make this much money just playing a Game, and I don't care how seriously he takes it, it is still just that, a GAME ! He has more than one Mansion, a 57 million dollar Yacht, a knockout swedish model for a wife, children who don't look like him, free luxury cars for his families use, is on a first name basis with the President of the United States (Whoopee) as well as a litany of other Luminaries, and he still has to go Tomcatting around with a variety of women. Tiger needs to put his Ten Iron away and clean up his act, and stay out of the flipping news. please!.

Has anyone other than myself noticed that Novels are being printed on Thinner and Thinner paper all the time? It used to be when you were reading a book, and wished to turn a page, it was simple. Now when you turn a page, you have to be very careful as you will turn two or three pages, due to their being printed on a material not much thicker than that found on a roll in the average bathroom . I know its a cost cutting measure, but enough is enough.

Also I have stopped buying paperback books. In my lifetime I have seen the price of paperbacks go from 25 cents to 7 or 8 Dollars...FOR PAPERBACK! A book that will last for a few months, or a little longer if you don't read it, but if you do read it more than once you will find that the pages start to become detached for what passes for the spine of the book, making it precarious to read as pages drift to the floor.

I guess this is just a further symptom of the "High Profit by any means syndrome"

I've noticed that more and more items are being packaged in smaller containers at the same old price than ever before. Of course, next time around instead of reducing the size of the package , the manufacturer will raise the price a few cents, thus giving the consumer less for more money.

I can remember, just, when companies used to offer premiums to get people to buy their product, promote it on radio and T.V., offer a good product made in the U.S. by American Workers, and still make a good enough profit to pay their workers a good wage, offer them a pension plan and a medical plan, and STILL make money.

Of course that was before companies thought that if they hired a Chief Executive Officer , and paid him an obscene salary, it would help their product sales. I think that the Examples we have seen over the past months, with big Companies, REALLY big companies have gone toes up, Bankrupt, Kaput, flooey, should be noted by more than a few of today's "Executives. I can recall that when a company went Bankrupt it was because it was either a bad product or demand just waned due to a lack of competitiveness or a lack of demand for the product (Buggywhips, for Instance).

But I guess those days are gone forever. It seems like Honesty, Integrity,Truthfulness and the like are no more a part of the American Lexicon.

As an example, remember when a guy named Nardelli ran Home Depot? He nearly ran it into the ground with his crackpot business practices, and was fired WITH a Multi-Million dollar "Golden Parachute", only to be hired by Chrysler Corporation, presently on Probation until and unless they pay back the Truck-Load of Money that came from the "Borrowed from the Taxpayers Kitty". (Fat Chance). And part of the problem, or perhaps most of it, is because Chrysler, like many other American Companies are giving us Less for More. Whatever happened to our taking pride in the job we were given to do, and if we got fired, it was usually our fault, and we had no one to blame but outselves.

I cannot but help be a little proud of Ford Motor company for not taking the Government Dole, and relied instead on producing a good product.

Now if we would just all gather up all the wild hairs that made us go out and spend a years pay on an automobile,which depreciated at least 20% the moment it rolls off the showroom floor , and instead just all stopped buying New Cars,the Automakers would get the message.

One other thing and then I will shut up.. I think that anyone who uses a Cell Phone while Driving ought to lose their Driving AND Cell phone privileges for quite some time.

Also, I've seen more than enough of the flap about the "Party Crashers" at the White House. This simply tells me two things. One, that there are a plethora of people who will do almost anything, no matter how outrageous, to have their "Fifteen Minutes of Fame" (which really should be called "Fifteen Minutes of Shame") Also it seems to me, the average gonif, that some people in the "Social Secretary's Office dropped the Ball, and departed from their Policy Handbook, or normal logistics. Perhaps it's because the Person or Persons who are driving the ship of state do not know how to Navigate , plus having a crew of people chosen for reasons other than skill and experience. But...........what do I know? I think I've said repeatedly that I don't know a darned thing, other than I have no answers, only questions. I think this should tell one why I decided to name this Blog "Dot Common Sense". A sense that most working men and women know cannot be acquired by any means other than experience. It's a pity that Schools don't have a course in this acquired skill.

Cheers.(or jeers)


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Public Servants

Good Evening;

I am, this evening, reflecting on our Public Servants.

The first in this category that comes to mind are the dedicated Men and Women of our various Police and fire Departments.

I have, I must confess, in common with many other people , been altogether too cavalier in my taking our Police and fire Departments for granted. It is, I am very much afraid, only when we have cause to call upon them, that we truly realize when these dedicated, underpaid and certainly unappreciated servants do for us.

On the part of the Police, City, State, and National, I think each of us fail to think about the reality that when these loyal servants leave their homes to report for duty, there is no guarantee that they will return to their Homes and Families ever again.

Far, Far too many of our Police and Fire personnel lose their lives each and every year in the performance of their duties. If we think back to the terrible day of September 11, 2001, we will recall that more than Three Hundred members of the Fire and Police Departments of New York city lost their lives on that fateful day. None of them ran FROM danger, but rather Towards it, why ? because it was their duty, their Noble duty , to Protect and to Serve us, the selfsame people who all too often take them for granted.

And, it seems, almost no week goes by without reading about or hearing of, on Television, that another of these unselfish people has given their life in the service of each and every one of us.

I guess there are very few of us who, at one time or other, has grumbled, or even cursed, When a Policeman or Woman, in the performance of their duty has given us a ticket (usually deserved). I think that what we all fail to remember that these Men and Women are just doing their duty. and sure, there are those occasions, when a Police Officer is a little less than courteous when giving us said ticket. But I dare anyone to cite any one profession whose members are always good and decent.

I think you will find that this impossible, for, alas, there is good and bad in all of us, whatever our profession.

And of course, for the past Six or Seven Years , we have watched almost daily when one or, too often, several of the Men or Women of our Armed Forces, has given the last full measure of their devotion to their Country and their Duty.

Anyone who has ever been to West Point has, I'm sure seen the motto graven in the stone of the Entrance(s) to that Great Institution, These simple words, "Duty, Honor, Country".

I think, that written or engraved or not, that each of our Public Servants who protect us, ignoring the inherent dangers of their Profession, has this same motto in their Hearts.

So join with me please, in this Season of Thanksgiving , to pause for just a moment to say, either silently or aloud, "Thank You" We love and appreciate each of you.

Rest Well this evening, we are well served and protected.

The Old Professor

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Good Morning, Gentle People.

Just some thoughts about our Government.
I think there are a great number of myths associated with the Government of the United states.

I think it says in the Constitution that We, the American People, have the right to Petition our Government for Relief.

One would assume that this means that we, each of us, can dash off a letter to any member of our Government that we feel can help us in any number of issues that are of importance to us, or alternately, pick up the telephone and Speak with the Member of the Government that we wish to have speak with.


while it is true, any of us can sit ourself down and pen a letter to our Congressman, our Senator or even our President. If your mind is full of expectations of a quick answer, or any answer, If your heaving breast is about to burst with the happy expectation of a sooner, rather than later, redress, I have the unpleasant job of disillusioning you.

If you have the unmitigated gall and unrealistic expectation of hearing anything from any of the above mentioned individuals........don't hold your breath.

Now, it is true that you will probably receive a letter of acknowledgement of the Mighty Magistrate to whom you wrote, it will be nothing more than "We got your letter,and we really don't give a Rat's Ass about your problem, we have to act like we do so you will vote for Senator Jack S. Phogbound in the next election, so please fill out the enclosed release form for us, so we can use your name, pillage your rights and trample on your hopes"

This missive will bear the impressive signature of the official in question, signed in fact by an Autopen, a device that signs letters from the mighty to spare the official in question the onerous task of signing his or her name occasionally, on something other than his paycheck, or a Hotel Register in the Bahamas or some such exotic place where the Offical has gone on a "Fact finding Mission' of great importance to the Nation, and of great Fun and Profit for the Official.

Or if you really want a giggle, just try writing to the President and see how far you get, if you are asking for anything other than his Polpul Blessings. The foregoing is not a misspelling, I thought to put Papal Blessings there, but thought it would be disrespectful, although I'm as certain as I can be that there hasn't been a President in a long time who hasn't had the occasional moment of jealousy when meeting the Pope, wishing that he, the Prez, could wear a Golden Dress replete with many insignia of Office, Rank, Perfect Attendance, Knot tying and etc to impress any and all who view him (But mostly Himself).I also think it's probable that many Presidents would like some sort of distinctive headgear, so that people would have no trouble recognizing him and bowing appropriately, something on the order of a cross betweens Abe Lincoln's Top Hat and The British Crown and trimmed all round with fur gleaned from the Toupee's of vanquished members of the Opposing Party

I've heard that the most often replaced item of Furnishing in the White House is the Mirrors. After a few months of daily Presidential Preening, nay, hourly, the mirrors are just worn out answering "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall" questions, and have to be replaced with new mirrors, just refilled with fawning Lies.

But, I digress, as I am frequently wont to do.

I'm Trying to say, I guess, that once we elect Fred or Ethel Earnest, of say, Hipshot, Iowa, we need not worry about being troubled by the shiny new Official, cause we will never hear from them again, unless they need money.Or your Vote.

If I sound like a cynic, its because I are one.

Sleep Well, and keep those Tax Dollars Comin`


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

Good Evening all veterans and those who love and appreciate them.

I cannot do Justice to the Veterans and Servicemen and Women of this Country in this feeble effort but I will do my best.

To all my fellow Veterans of Earlier Times and Earlier Wars; THANK YOU AND WELL DONE.

To the Men and Women who are currently serving our Country, in Hundreds of roles, and almost that many areas of Service , I, as well as all other Proud Americans, Salute and Thank you for your unselfish Service to this Nation.

To the uncountable Men and Women of our Armed forces, who have given their last full measure of Duty, Honor and Country, you will never be forgotten, regardless of the Period of your Sacrifice, in whatever War.

To the Millions of Men and Women who have served our Nation, in roles both Heroic and unrecognized , and shamefully have not been properly rewarded for their Service you are our Heroes, and will always remain so.

And to the Thousands of our Wounded and Maimed Veterans of a Foreign War, we can never repay or reward you for your Service, but we make a pledge to never forget your sacrifice or to fail to try and help you in any way we can.

I know that I am joined by many Millions of Americans who are proud of our Country, and those who have served her, in Saluting and Thanking You from the bottom of our Hearts.

Well done and stand at Ease. You have done your part.

The Old Professor

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Book review

Good Morning All:

I thought, just for the fun of it, I would write a review of the latest book I have read, before I start on the next one.

The book in question is; "The Professional", by Robert B. Parker.

I should start by stating my qualifications to write a Book Review. They are pretty simple............almost none....., I do however read so much that I tend to recognize when an Author, for reasons of his own, begins to write in a "Cookie Cutter" fashion.
(my Wife's spot-on description)
I should also hastily say that a lot of people like this sort of writing, because they know what to expect from Author X, Y or Z, and they like to read what they are comfortable with. Myself, I like surprises and unpredictable plots.

I have been reading Robert B. Parker for almost as long as he has been writing, and have for the most part enjoyed his effort (s).

However, his latest in his "Spenser" series continues the free fall of his last few books in this series. "The Professional" is once again more of an Ode to his wife, Joan, and Spensers "True Love" Susan than a "Whodunnit" Now I absolutely applaud anyone who dearly loves his wife (or in the distaff case, her husband) and think it should be ever so.

But enough is enough. Gone is the tough, wisecracking, bad guy shooting Spenser and in his stead we are met with the "New" Spenser. Thoughtful, Introspective, casually tossing out little known literary quotes, analyzing his characters as though he were a Psychiatrist, rather than a Private Eye, in short, deflating the identity of the Hero that made me want ro read his books in the first place.

Mr. Parker has written so many Bestsellers, that it appears that he can toss out just about any effort now, and be assured of fat Royalty Checks.. Shame on you Parker. If it ain't broke don't fix it . I want to read about a Private Eye not a lovesick Swain.

And in the final literary injustice of this tome, Mr. Parker copies shamelessly from John Steinbeck ( of mice and men) in his final chapter, and then to compound the plagarism, he "borrows" a character name from "To Kill a Mockingbird"....The Character? .....Boo, as in Radley.

As I have said, Mr. Parker is far more qualified to Write Books, than I am to review them, but in this case, I think my criticism is overdue and not over done. However in the unlikely event of Mr. Parker reading this review, he is probably giving a derisive snort, thinking "What have you written Ace'? And the answer is.........nothing, but I've read one hell of a lot of books and who knows?, perhaps other readers are a little tired of simplified, somewhat boring plots ? Who Knows?

Enough of the swooning, Parker, get back to the Shootin'.

In breaking a long habit, I read a library copy of this book instead of purchasing a copy hot off the presses, and I'm glad I did. I do however own copies of almost all of Mr. Parkers previous books, and enjoyed reading them.

Parker has also written two or three Western Novels, which I thought were uniformly good, and refreshing in that the principal Proponent was not constantly rhapsodizing over his "True Love" or "lost Love" and is not casually throwing in a obscure quote from one Poet or other.

He also, in the past few years gave me reason to hope, when he began a new series, with a Protagonist by the name of Jesse Stone. But alas, I soon found that Stone was a cop who had been fired by the LAPD for a drinking problem, and been subsequently hired as the Police Chief of a small New England Town, and (sigh) was soon mooning over his ex wife, who apparently would hop into bed with, say, Broccoli, if she thought it would help her career. Just when I thought that this was a series I could skip, Parker surprises me by having said Chief Stone tell his ex to "Hit the Road", having finally, apparently, tired of wearing more Horns than a herd of Elk.

So, hope remains burning brightly in this tired, wrinkled old Breast.

So, take this for what it's worth, in that Robert B. Parker is clearly more capable of writing books than am I to critique them.

So..........what the Hey , I've had my say (Rhyming unintentional)

Keep on readin' them good books. We bookworms are fortunate that there is no Dearth of good books out there.

Give your local Librarian a "Thumbs Up"

Stay Well


Friday, November 6, 2009

Politics-Profiteers and Perception

Good Morning All.

Well, one of the big news items for the last couple of days, is the elections in New Jersey and Virginia.

In both of these elections, political prognosticators were surprised by Republicans besting their Democratic Challengers in Gubernatorial elections.

This immediately caused a convocation of Political Witch-Doctors, soothsayers and Wizards to begin assembling on Television and in the Print Media to tell us, the ignorant public what the Elections mean to us.

A fair answer, I think, is Nothing. That's right, you heard me, Nothing at All.
I think anyone who has paid more than cursory attention to politics for quite some period of time, will tell you that Politics are based on Perception and Pocketbooks.

If for instance, Clyde the Carpenter, say, is out of work. Like all typical people, Clyde immediately looks for somebody to blame for his unemployment......So, Voila....there just happens to be an Election imminent, so Clyde sets grimly out to demonstrate his rage or sorrow, or general feelings of despair by the only means available to him at the moment...His Vote.

The same, I think is true of people all across the Professions, or trades spectrum.

Lyin` Larry the Lawyer suddenly finds himself in the same boat as Clyde , and takes exactly the same course, Vote the current crop of Bums out, and vote in a new crop of Bums.If that strategy doesn't work, Larry can run for office,as being a Lawyer, that would be his natural next step.

Both of these two examples are, I think, based on the main driving force, or motivation(s). Pocketbooks and Perception.

In both cases, these chaps have or are getting near to, a financial crisis, and in both cases, they perceive that the Party in Power is to blame, and therefore cast their vote for change. The fact that they have, in Elections past, also voted on perception, usually without any signs of improvement, doesn't deter them one whit.

Nevermind the fact, that both of these Individuals also voted for a change less than a year ago, got out and worked hard to Elect a New Beloved leader, nothing immediately changed so both are once more in the market for CHANGE.

Nobody in Washington, I think, has been blessed with the sudden onset of common Sense of to bring them to say......"You know, our whole problem is lack of jobs
and furthermore possibly the way to cure this is to start passing some legislation to keep American Jobs in America, and to go a necessary step farther, bring back some of the jobs too many Fat Cat CEO's "Outsourced" to countries offering cheaper (read slave) labor. They , the CEO's took this action for only one reason, and that of course, was to please their stockholders, who thereupon immediately voted these Morons about a Berzillion dollar Bonus, a couple more Executive Jets, and a few more "Vacation" homes.Then the fictional Politician could say, Eureka! I've just had a new idea (a novel moment for a Politician).

So, to my way of thinking, both Politics and the Stock Market are based on Perception, and nothing but. It doesn't matter what Party Label the Winners or losers have after their name, on the Ballot, just boot them out, and try something else, even if it's wrong. This has happened time and time again, and I think always will.

I think this reinforces my long held idea of doing away with Political Parties, and forcing anyone running for any Public Office to have to stand up and SAY what they believe in and will work to achieve, without the Camouflage of a Party Label after their name.

Maybe, also, we should elect our leaders on a Probationary Basis. Tell them in effect, "If you have made no inroads on the Nation's Problems,in say six months, and at least started trying to get things done, "You're Fired". Of course this would require an amendment to the Constitution, but so what, we've tried everything else.

Sounds almost like a Revolution Doesn't it?

I think, although I have nothing but history and personal observations to back up my feelings, that the Stock Market is also based on perception.

After the last Presidential Election the Stock Market started a slow, cautious upswing. The Traders on the floor of the NYSE judged that the people had correctly judged the Economy and were just absolutely (maybe) sure that Happy Days Were Here Again. Only time will tell whether the bellweather indicators, and the Traders were right or wrong, but one thing I can tell you, is that based on History, two things are true of the Stock Market. Each time the Market goes up, inevitably a little later something happens to cause it go down again. It seems this always happens, and I think always will. Now I'm sure that all you Stock Market experts will find a flaw in my reasoning, but take the time to consult a bar or line graph, charting the rise and fall of the Stock Market over the last, say, fifty years, and I think you'll see what I mean. The only time-proven method I know of is, to (starting when you're young, and can afford to do so), invest some money in Blue Chip stocks and just forget all about it. By the time you retire, you will have made a tidy profit, (usually).

I've always tried to keep one thing in mind about the Stock Market. Before you invest, ask yourself the following question...."Can I afford to lose this Money?
If the answer is yes, go for it, but if the answer is no, keep your money in the bank.

Sort of like a Casino, both are gambles, and average person is well advised to stay out of them.

I recall one fellow saying when asked for advice about buying stocks replied " Only buy stocks that go up. If they don't go up, don't buy them".

Corny, but sensible.

Stay Well


Monday, November 2, 2009

All Comments Welcome.

good Evening all Y'all.

I have noticed, as have some of you, that there is a dearth of comments regarding this Blog.

Now this could be either a good or bad sign, Either no one is reading the blog, or if they are, they are not commenting. While this lack will not (probably) keep me from adding to this mess, I would feel a lot better about my poor efforts if I received some comments, Good or Bad or even Horrible.

It is by this method I will learn whether any of my posts have struck a chord with any of you, made you mad, made you pump your fist in the air and say 'Right On", or "What a dummy", or" my German Shepherd could do better than this "(I would suggest a translation), in this case.

So come on folks don't be shy, lets get a good dialogue going. I've made no secret of two primary things in this endeavor. One, I don't consider myself a writer, and two, I am trying to become one of these elusive species. I want to write for two reasons, to make a few people chuckle, and two, state my humble opinion on subjects in or on the passing scene.

I've had all kinds of experiences in my life, so far, hope to have more, and hope to be able to share some or all of them with you. I find writing to be enjoyable and hope earnestly for some of you to enjoy the retelling of them. I promise I'll try not to sermonize, or if I do I WILL NOT pass the collection plate.

Someone, and I cannot for the life of me think who it was, said, Every Man (or woman) has at least one good Sermon in them. And I would add, in most cases it should remain IN them.

That said, I have always enjoyed talking to people, but have, I think, enjoyed listening even more. For it is by this basic exercise that we learn and grow.

I think many of our children might possibly enjoy their schooling more, if their teacher were to assign an exercise for them, to just set down and write whatever they want to, no matter the subject or format. I know of at least one former teacher who did just this, and for this reason, as for his calm reason and demeanor that I consider him a friend, even though we've never met, save on the pages of Emails. I am speaking, of course, of the Author of 'Exactly Write" a blog devoted to writing.The author of this blog is also the Editorial Page Editor of our local newspaper. I value his counsel because of not just what he knows, but his willingness to share the same. If you have not read and enjoyed his blog, as I have done for sometime now, here's the site:
http://Exactly Give him a read, tell him the Old Professor sent you, and sit back and read and profit therefrom.

So, come on, Guys and Gals, lets hear what you think. If you think I should just shut up, say so, If you think it more fitting that I be hung on the public square at high noon, chime in, whatever, I'll either enjoy it or profit from it, or both.

Stay Well

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Carbon Offsets and Snake Oil salesmen.

Good Morning all.

Well, outwardly it seems like a fine fall day from where I'm sitting. The sun is shining, its not raining,and the temperature is approaching warm. Yessir seems like a fine day. But is it? Remember the Old Days when Quack Salesmen would come to every Village at one time or another, selling a "Miracle Cure"?. These polished and glib Salesmen would sell you a bottle of their miracle Elixir for the low low price of just a Quarter or a Dollar or whatever,and have such a mesmerizing sales pitch, a person would began to feel aches and pains they didn't even know they had until that moment, and they suddenly just HAD to have a bottle or two of that miracle draught. Usually, sooner than later people wised up to the fact that said elixir was mostly just Alcohol, and would therefore certainly make one feel much better, until the next morning, when the salesmen had moved on to greener pastures.

Such men came to be Called (I'm Told) "Snake Oil Salesmen". and fell out of favor and welcome when enough people knew about the Alcoholic Properties of their product, or just realized that they didn't have any Snakes that needed Oiling. There were undoubtedly a certain few imbibers in every small town that mourned their leaving, but by and large, most were glad to see them decamp.

I guess what colors my appreciation of what seems like a fine fall day, is worrying about my "Carbon Footprint" and whether or not I should purchase some "Carbon Offsets"?, or the modern day equivalent of Snake Oil.

Perhaps I am just ill informed, or ignorant, but I just don't quite understand the whole Carbon Offset thing.

The way I understand it is that each of us is supposed to calculate our "Carbon footprint" i.e., the amount of pollutants we are each releasing into the atmosphere and buy "Carbon Offsets" to neutralize said emissions. Now call me dumb (and join the countless people who already do) or ill-informed or skeptical, but I just don't get it.

I guess it's the Old Pseudo-Scientist in me, but I have trouble understanding how it is possible for me to pollute the air, through whatever means, and then cancel out those pollutants by paying someone else not to pollute, or in the case of several well known and wealthy people, paying some company of Wizards to absolve their sinful pollution by some mysterious means known only to them(the Wizards)for a number of "Carbon Offsets"

This seems to be the most popular option for the glitterati, who often have more money than sense, and want to drive home this point to us, the gullible T.V.-watching gomers of the world.

If I have it right, the whole basis for this popular method of self-absolvment is to perhaps locate some remote village in Africa or some such, which village has never had Electricity supplied to them in recorded History, have no desire for such service, don't even really know what Electricity is, can't afford it, and so on, and then Pay the Village Elders to sign their name, or make their mark on an agreement saying that they will never have Electricity run to their village. Then the erstwhile Carbon Credit Dealer will compute how much carbon is not released, as it never was, to the atmosphere because of this village remaining non-electric,as it already (the Village) had every intention of so doing, and then selling some well heeled and self absorbed individual in the U.S. a Carbon Credit or credits, while will allow them to continue to use as much Electricity, Natural gas, Gasoline, manufactured clothing, consuming milk and meat (both products of that infamous methane emitter, the common Cow, as they desire.

I think I have figured out a method to absolve me of my pollutant-sins (some of them at least) first, I'll pay my neighbor a Dollar a day to not drive more than one of his four vehicles simultaneously. Second I'll pay him an additional dollar for every day he does not Mow his Lawn, when there is Snow on the Ground, thirdly I'll make another contribution to his purse for not breaking the law and burning leaves, even though he never does so. Next I'll start feeding my Dog only every other day, thus reducing the amount of Methane she would normally produce,,,No, wait,, that wouldn't work because the Gasoline I would burn in driving to the Hospital to have a dog Bite medically seen to would offset the amount I would save on this type of Doggy-Diet. Scratch this one.

I think I'll just do what I have always done, and recycle all the things I can,and watch the Newspaper carefully for Coupons offering free Carbon Credits, and save them until a Politician or Actor comes to town, and maybe plant a tree or two to furnish some clean air to offset the Hot Air produced in Washington.

How about you? Seen any unoiled snakes recently?. Keep your eyes open and avoid eating beans.

Stay Well (and Carbon Free)


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lost and sometimes found.

Good Morning All;

I would presuppose that we have all, at one time or another, misplaced something, only after a lengthy period of searching, began to feel as if there is a Poltergeist in our home, who mischievously periodically hides items just to feed off our frustration. My wife, especially, will take an oath on Websters Unabridged Dictionary that this is so in our home.

She frequently has to go on a "Treasure Hunt" to locate missing car keys, glasses, grocery lists, etc.

Her hunts for the T.V. remote have become so frequent that I have laughingly offered to get her a shoulder holster to keep the remote in, while she, in retaliation, has frequently said shes going to hang my car keys from my zipper tab so I'll know to always 'Zip up" before going out. But I'm afraid that would be frustrating, as I would undoubtedly spend hours looking for my Keys, before Goodwife snickeringly asks "have you checked your Zipper", the answer of course would always be....."well of Course" followed by, "How'd they get there?????"

I would guess that the above subject that is contagious will us all, especially as we age, past 21 or so.

The reason I've posted this today, is that I've just spend hours going through about 50 boxes of books, looking for a specific Title, that I've misplaced.

My wife is currently in a Rehabilitation Facility recovering from a Knee Replacement and a subsequent cerebral Event, and since she always loved this book, I thought I'd try to find it for her.

The Title of the book is, to the best of my recollection, "Dear Friend, or Dear Friends, and is a compilation of letters home from a civil war soldier. I think I remember the book is green, but thats about all the information I recall. Oh Well, I'll either find it or not. Not a crisis.

Have any of you ever lost something that really frustrated you, or found it, glaringly in sight after hours of looking, or perhaps found it (the misplaced object) years later, and been gladdened by finding the treasured object?

If so, chime in and let me know so I won't think I'm the only forgetful nut around.

Stay Well.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Final Instructions!

Good Afternoon Folks:

I have a clipping from the News and Views of the Nat'l Assn. of Counties that was published in our local Newspaper over 30 years ago that I think you'll get a chuckle from;


I am writing My Will Mineselluf that dam lawyer want he should have too much money, he asked to many answers about family. first thing I want I dont want my brother Oscar have a dam ting what I got. he done me out of Forty Dollars fourteen years since.

I want it that Hilda my sister, she gets the North Sixties Arkers of where I am homing it now. I bet she dont get that loafer husband of hers to broke twenty akers next plowing time. She cant have it if she lets Oscar live on it I want I should have it back if she does.

Tell Momma that Six Hundred Dollars she been looking for for twenty years is berried from the backhouse behind about ten feet down. She better let little Frederick do the digging and count it when he comes up.

Paster Lucknitz can have Three Hundred Dollars if he kiss the book he wont preach no more dumhead polotiks. He should have a roof put on the meetinghouse with (it) and the Elders should the Bills look at.

Momma the rest should get but I want it that Adolph should tell her what not she do so no slick Irishers sell her vagum cleaners dy noise like hell and a broom dont cost so much.

I want it that mine brother Adolph should be my Executer and I want it that Jedge make Adolph plenty bond put up and watch him like hell.
Adolph is a good business man but only a dumkoph would trust him with a busted pfenning. I want dam sure that schlemic Oscar dont nothing get. Tell Adolph he can have a Hundred Dollars if he prove to Jedge Oscar don't get nothing. THAT DAM SURE FIX OSCAR.

(The original document printed above was found in tennessee's archives by James Tipton Jr., Executive Director of the Tennessee County Services Association)

I told you you'd get a chuckle out of this>

Stay Well


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Words of Wisdom:

Good Evening all:

I have before me some words of wisdom (don't panic--not mine), which I think most people can benefit from:

"It is not the critic who counts, nor the man who points out how the strong man stumbles. or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly...who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly."


Stay Well


Random Thoughts

Good Morning:

I read an article in the Newspaper this morning about Disc Golf. I have only the written word to call on in discussing this relatively new sport, but several things about it, as I understand it are as follows:

You don't have to wear any sort of weird costume to play said game, whereas in traditional golf, one feels underdressed if he or she is not wearing something unusual. Like for instance, bright yellow pants, a chartreuse knit shirt (Preferably with a Golf Club Embellishment on the left breast) Special shoes with spikes or cleats, in case one has to trod upon a fellow Golfer who has just won a healthy bet with you, a go to hell hat or cap, or in the case of the Professional wannabees, a visor, with the Nike swoosh upon it, and a determined or disgusted look on their faces. I tried playing Golf when I was a lot younger. My wife and I were residing in New Orleans at the time, and believe me, if you Golfers want a REAL challenge, try playing 18 holes there in July or August. If you survive that you can say that you played The Course from Hell.

I found out several things about Traditional golf, during the short time I partook of the game. For one, Mark Twain was exactly right when he said "Golf is a good walk spoiled". for another, Golf , I'm sure was invented by the same guy who invented Golf balls, knowing beforehand that Golfers would always lose at least one or two Golf balls in a round, or as in my case, six or eight, and insuring him (
The Inventor) a steady and healthy income. In Disc Golf, I would presume that few if any discs are lost, thus saving the player quite a bit of money. Also one does not have to carry around a bag of clubs, usually weighing about ten Stone, or buy a pull-around cart for said bag o clubs, or for the Inveterate (read Drunken) Golfer, invest several Thousnd Bucks in a Gasoline or Electric Powered golf Cart, in order to ride in comfort around a Golf Course, that would drive Rand-McNally crazy trying to figure out the logic of the layout.

In short, I have a simple word of advice for Golfers. To address the reason for playing the Game of Golf, try substituting the following: If you want frustration, just raise two or three Teenagers. To get rid of a lot of annoying money, buy and remodel an Old House , and for a sense of accomplishment, do something to please your Wife (and if you succeed, please notify me with your secret) . As for me, I'll continue to Prefer Skeet. At least you get to take out your frustration with shooting the little Bastards, something, I'm sure , often thought of on the Golf Course.

Now I should say, in justification for this post, that I have known quite a few Golfers in my life, and few of them showed any other signs of Insanity. To keep peace in the family, I hasten to add, one of these chaps is my Big Brother, who I love and admire. Said Brother is a Golfer, and apparently a good one, usually shooting an Eighteen hole score that surpassed any score I managed in a Nine hole effort. I will also add that I once played a round of Golf with my Boss, in a company Tournament. To say that I was under pressure would be putting it mildly. My Boss was, and I would presume, still is , an excellent Golfer, and I, on the other hand was doing my usual good job of preparing the Fairways for planting daffodils, such were the size of my divots. My boss remarked during the round (under his breath) "should have brought a few bags of potting soil with me). He (El Bosso) didn't really hurt my feelings until I hit a beautiful Six Iron shot from the Fairway, which, stunningly, landed on the Green. the Boss commented "Where did that come from". I don't remember exactly, but I think I six-putted that green.

Oh well, Golf and Golfers are just a miniscule portion of the things I don't understand, but I'll keep trying.



Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dog Shows

Good Morning:

My wife and I have enjoyed watching the Westminster Kennel Club dog Show for quite a few years, and the following are just a few of our observations.

I think the people who trim (shave) a Standard Poodle to look like a Fop, must surely be Gender Benders. I've heard that Poodles are very smart dogs (as are most Dogs when given a chance) but I wonder if they (Poodles) don't feel a little embarrassed to parade around the ring in a Dog Show, with their coat shaved and trimmed to make them look like some sort of a cross between an interrupted hair cut and a Drag Queen. I feel sorry for these dogs.The reason I've been told for Poodles being trimmed in this fashion, is that they were originally bred as hunting dogs and the hair was trimmed, leaving certain areas around the dogs joints unshorn to protect them from the Cold Waters of, say, a Duck Hunt. Bushwha say I. If this was even remotely so, why not just leave the dog alone and let him or her stay Warm all over? I also have trouble understanding why dogs are maimed, early in their lives, by having their ears cropped or their tail chopped off, in the name of Breed Conformation. I wonder how their owners would like it if they had their ears customized to look like Dr. Spock, and have one of their buttocks removed, in the name of fashion. I would venture a guess that there are a few around Soho, the Village, or San Francisco who would probably go for it, but surely no sane person would be in favor of it . But what do I know?

I think that we ought to leave Dogs just as the Good Lord intended them to be and not surgically customize them. I'm pretty sure that the Dogs would be a lot happier.

Another thing I can't help but wondering about is the size of some of the people who "Show" the Dogs. I'm speaking I guess of the "handlers" who run around the ring with the animal and pose it for the Judges. It seems to me to be a rule of thumb that the Handlers Size and Weight are inversely proportional to the size of the Dog being shown . I am pretty sure that I've seen Handlers in the 250-400 Lb range (and I guess it sounds sexist, but it seems that most of these are of the feminine gender, with a portly gent thrown in occasionally, for gender balance,huffing around after a Chihuahua, just as I've seem trim and fit people showing a Neopolitan Mastiff, for example.

In one show we watched we sat horrified as a Double-Wide Handler wiped out on one of the curves and very nearly Squashed a small rat-like dog of some Denomination. I guess the weight problem that some of these people have is due to the hectic shedule of Dog Shows forces them to eat whatever they can, and one presumes that is probably Junk Food, or perhaps the losers in the Shows.

One other thing I've noticed is that the Judge of the Best in Show Feature, seems to me to always be just this side of royalty. I guess that if you do not have a net worth of umpteen cazillion dollars, you need not ever harbor a hope of being asked to Judge this Feature.

I don't Know, all of the above are just observations and opinions, but I do know know for sure that its great fun to watch this annual event.

Have Fun


Monday, October 19, 2009



Right now I feel like the little boy whose Dog really did eat his homework. He had spilled some Marinara Sauce on it while eating his supper and finishing his Math Homework, got up momentarily from the table, and returned to find his Dog sitting attentively next to the table, with a scrap of paper hanging from his jowls with;
Timmy Baker, Miss garpy's 3rd grade arithmetic written on it.

It really did happen, but he couldn't use the excuse, because some other little bastard named chuck or Leftie or Big Un had already falsely used it.

They say write what you know, but what if you don't know a damned thing? . I guess that's not really accurate, I do know a few things, but they are of no earthly interest to anyone, including me. The things that I do know for sure sound like preaching when I write them. I know about Good Manners, Hygiene (Never go out with a girl named Butch, who has tattos on her knuckles and a hairy mole on her nose that she calls Monica (the mole, not the nose)and uses Roach Spray for deodorant. I know about not having enough money, about being a disappointment to myself (for one) I know about the unconditional love of a Dog, and how most Dogs are better people than people. I know Cats make me sneeze, I know the person who invented the Robotic Telephone answering System ought to be Gelded and sentenced to live in Minnesota or Chicago or some such place. I know that Knit pants in any size other than 00 ought to be outlawed in any public place, such as your living room. I know that most men who wear a Bow Tie look dumb and pretentious, if you can't afford a Tux (and I can't) for God's sake don't wear a Bow Tie. I know the New Yorker Magazine is a pile of Happy Roach dung. I know that most people who go about telling the world how great a Christian they are are really just Horny little Boys or Girls who never grew up. I know that self pity is usually well deserved because you really are an asshole. I know that dealing with the U.S. Government is worse than having a case of the Crabs, and being forced to wear boxing gloves. I know that while the Computer I am currently scribbling on is Junk, but good enough for someone who Cannot Write worth a Damn. I know that I can't stand men who wear loafers without socks, or white belts, or checked pants, or who pay more than Ten Bucks for a haircut, when they usually don't have enough hair to make a Bad Toupee for a gerbil. I know an Automobile is a hole in the driveway that you throw money into. I know that Executives who make Millions of Dollars a year should be paid a Dollar an Hour, and be painted with pink and green polka dots and made to go naked except for a codpiece made from a Collander. These are the things I know, and who the Heck wants to read about them? I know I am damned tired of "Political Correctness" and Buzzwords like "thinking outside of the
box"..........whatever the heck that means.I know that Politicians and Televangelists are paid too much. I know that George W. Bush is as dumb as a box of hammers (no disrespect intended for hammers, for they DO serve a purpose. I know that in all probability our current President will probably win the Heisman Trophy because he watched a football game. I know that my Wife's Motto is probably "diminished expectations" or "oh well". I know that most Gay guys are really guys who never got a date in High School because he couldn't find a Girl as Pretty as himself . I know I never heard a Swedish guy say "Yumpin Yimminy". I know that so called "Modern Art" is the work of guys who can't paint worth a lick, and is usually collected by people with so much money that they think they have good taste . I know that Professional Athletes make a lot of money playing a childs game. I know that Shoe Salesmen (or women) are underpaid. I know that few things are as irritating as shorts that ride up . I know that most of us are luckier than we admit. I know that Child Molesters all deserve the Death Penalty, and that rapists should be neutered and forced to watch Jerry Springer day and night. I know that men who stop and ask directions are smart enough to know they are dumb.

In short, what is this strange compulsion that makes a person want to be a Writer anyway, other than a limp ego?

I also know that it feels damned good to write something no one will ever read.

So There .

Written by the Evil Alter Ego of;

The Old Professor

(I would never write anything with profanity in it, would I?) ©

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Made in U.S.A.

Good Evening:

I think one thing most Americans will agree on, is a deep belief in American Made Products.

Sure there are, or have been, some products we were not too fond of, or "Brand Loyal" as the Marketing Wonks are fond of saying, but for the most part this had been a matter of personal preference, but whatever brand product we ultimately purchased It (the product) was most always marked "Made in the USA" If a product was made in another country, it was viewed with suspicion.

I recall that before and immediately following World War Two, anything marked "Made in Japan" was considered junk, and more often than not lay gathering dust on store shelves, but using the same criteria, Watches for example, marked "Swiss Made" were considered the finest in the World, as were German Optics and Machine Tools.

Of Course, following the War, German products dropped out of favor for awhile, but soon began to reclaim their market share, due to their quality.

But now it seems, every Darned thing we buy, or contemplate buying, IS NOT made in the USA, but more and more often, the Product will have a made in china tag on it, or Mexico, or Venezuela, or SriLanka, or Vietnam, or Haiti, or you name it.

I'm pretty sure this mess has occasioned our "Disposable Society", for example, we used to buy a "Mr. Coffee" machine and really didn't think much about the usable life span of the device. When it gave up the ghost, usually after several years, we would reluctantly dispose of it, but keep the Carafe, as it was usable on the replacement coffeemaker purchased. But, it appears, that those days are gone forever. Now when we purchase a brand-new Coffeemaker, regardless of the name emblazoned thereupon, it is always made in China, AND it seems, that the new device seldom lasts more than a few months before it too, is ready for the scrap yard.
Also I have noticed, that with each new coffeemaker, the Carafe will not work with the old machine, so out it goes, one more item for the landfill.

But Coffeemakers are just the tip of the Iceberg. My wife and I recently purchased a new Dishwasher, Maytag by name, and were unpleasantly surprised to learn that Maytag, a name long known for, and associated with, American made quality, is now owned by Whirlpool Corporation, and was made in China. And I should hasten to add that said Dishwasher was not "Bargain-Priced", but cost around Five Hundred Smackers.

The old Dishwasher that was replaced was, in fact, really-really old. A proof of this was the "Made in U.S.A. label on it. I almost felt like having some sort of Liturgical Ceremony to mark its passing, sort of like, "So long old friend".

Maybe I'm making too much of the fact that it seems that with each passing day, less and less products are made in our Homeland, as is witnessed by the growing number of jobs that are being "Outsourced" (In other words, sent to China).

I for one am Old Fashioned enough to declare that I would rather pay more for an American Made product than cheaply buy a piece of foreign Made Junk.

And if you need further proof of the decline of our 'Business Leaders" total lack of good sense, just try calling customer service about a product, a bill, or what have you. I would wager that about nine-tenths of the time the phone on the other end will be answered by someone who sounds like Apoo, of The Simpsons fame, who will proceed to confuse you. I have gotten so tired of being put on hold, and having to listen to music from Bollywood, that now, when told to hold, I just lay the phone down for the rest of the day, or whenever I need it next. Let them experience some frustration. ( Incidently the same procedure works wonderfully when you get an annoying sales or survey call) Just lay the phone down and forget about it. You will periodically hear "hello, hello, hello " echoing from the phone. A happy sound indeed.

So, Sports Fans, Try and buy American, go ahead, I dare you . I think you will also find that "Nafta", "Cafta" and whatever other "Afta" is trumpeted by the Politicians just results in "Shafta" for we unlucky consumers.

Stay Well

The Old Professor.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Good Evening gentle Folk:

This will hopefully just be a short post, as I am sort of tired.

Five days ago my Wife had to go into the Hospital to replace a worn out knee joint with a new Wonderous Titanium Artificial Knee. I dreaded the operation for my wife, for I knew it was going to be a lengthy process, and a painful one. We had absolute confidence in Our Orthopedic Surgeon, for he has done hundreds, perhaps thousands of successful such operations.

He was also Degreed in Mechanical Engineering, Prior to entering the medical/Surgical field, and had whittled on me a couple of times, with great success, and was and is a Great Guy.

Everything went fine during the Operation, and for the day following, Goodwife was alert and responding well to Physical Therapy, and was conversing sensibly and easily.

That all began to change late on that day however. She began talking irrationally, reaching Autonomically ( or some such miscommunication between certain neurons and ganglia perhaps taking a left turn instead of a right)to things unseen in the air, and in general, just not anywhere near her normal self. I was worried and talked to the RN who was caring for my wife, and she told me that such behavior was pretty normal for a Post-Op patient after Joint Replacement Surgery, but I was still not satisfied and was worried.

I had scarcely gotten home on Sunday night when I was awakened by a phone call from the Hospital, telling me that my wife had been admitted to Intensive Care and requesting that I come posthaste. My Daughter and I rushed to the Hospital, and found my wife in a state of near insane behavior. She was Hysterical and accusing the Hospital personnel of dragging her down the halls, throwing her about and being mean to her..

I was then told by the Charge Nurse on that floor that my wife had suffered not one but possibly two Strokes. I was speechless with fright, and immediately began Praying that somehow she would pull through this ordeal, but I can't say I was confident in her recovery, but finally the Medical Personnel involved found that my wife's physical descent and crisis was probably caused by a lack of an essential Mineral and perhaps( their words) her receiving the wrong type of Medication.

In the interim, My Son and his Wife had come down, and both were anguished, but we are fortunate that My Daughter in law is in the Health Care Field and was able to help us become more informed as to my Wife's condition, as well as reassuring my wife, in her always kind and sweet demeanor, that she (Wifey) would be fine and reassure her . My son however, was ready to Kill whoever was responsible for his Mom's Problem. Luckily for the Hospital he and his wife had to return home the next day, as they had to work, or else there would be a smoking ruin where the Hospital used to be, (just kidding, but not much).
But as I write this she seems to be much better and hopefully will be out of I.C.U. tomorrow, and then perhaps then in a day or two will be ready to go to a Rehabilitation Facility for about three weeks of Physical Therapy, to begin her healing process.

During this process, I have struck a couple of one sided deals with God. I asked for my Wife's full Recovery, and asked that I pre-decease her by many years, as I do not and have not ever wanted to live without the Person I have lived with and Loved for over three fourths of our lives.

I trust you will forgive my interjecting this personal note on my Blog, but as I'm sure as many of you know, writing can be a therapeutic thing, even if poorly done as is mine.

(Added five days Later).....................

I will add one more thing to this post, and then I promise I'll shut up.

The first night in I.C.U. After the nurses on duty, the Anesthesiologist, and my Wife's Cardiologist had visited, I was finally told by one Nurse (in a whisper) that she had been the victim of a mistake in her Anesthesia, and that was what caused her problems. Needless to say,I was looking for someone to visit my wrath upon, and I told one little piss-ant of an Intern that he was not only a poor excuse for a Doctor, but what was probably upset, thinking that perhaps God had a Doctor Complex.
for some reason he got a little red in the face, which matched the color of my extreme lower back.

The Nurse the first Midnight shift was a godsend. She did everything she could do for my wife, and for my family and me. May she be blessed and may her tribe increase.

However on the third night, my Daughter and I were called upon by a Nurse who would give a bad name to lousy Nurses everywhere. She came in my wife's room, sat down and announced in her best Lucretia Borgia voice, "I want to know exactly what you people want me to do for you". And then proceeded to start an argument with my Wife and I.
I'm afraid I did not behave as a gentleman, escourting the Nurse into the Hall out of my Wife's earshot, and told her" DO NOT EVER ARGUE WITH A PATIENT !!!!!!
And added in my "Hit Man" whisper, "The Patient is not always right, but they are always the Patient, without which you would not have a job", and added, "But if you really want to be unemployed, with the current poor economy, I would be more than Happy to see that it becomes so!

My Daughter was there, as I said, and she has Red Hair and a temper to match. Yon Nurse does not know how close she came to Madame du Morte.

Anyway, my Wife is in a beautiful Rehabilitation Facility now, and the Personnel all seem to be wonderful, so we are looking forward to a Happy Outcome. Meanwhile I have to go help my Daughter finish the Voodoo Doll she is working on, and sharpen all the Barbs to be thrust therein. And oh yes, tomorrow is our Fifty-fifth Wedding Anniversery

Stay Well, Pleeeaaaase!!


Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Good Morning Good People.

As you can see, this post is on a touchy subject. I hesitated to create this post because as I am a Caucasian male, and therefore, it will be said by many that I am not qualified to comment on this subject. But I believe, and pretty much always have , that without an honest and amicable discussion, on virtually any subject, no understanding or consensus is possible. So..........Here goes.

I have to first say that I am somewhat puzzled by people of color referring to themselves as "African-Americans . My first impulse is to wonder why they want to intentionally separate (which is after all a synonym for segregate) themselves from people of other races by this self-labeling ? It seems to this old white guy that in order to ever overcome racism we must first not intentionally erect any descriptive words which become a division. How would it sound if I referred to myself as a "Scottish-Irish-French-german-British-Native-American-american"? I think I will continue to think of myself as a proud American, Period.

We also hear a lot about the "N" word. A lot more so than since the O.J. Simpson trial, when Lawyer Johnnie Cochran intentionally, he admitted, played the "Race Card".
The jury as you will recall was mostly people of color, and Cochran knew that the only realistic chance he had of a not guilty verdict was to employ this strategy.

I think you will also recall that the trial was a farce, thanks largely to a Judge who was a whole lot less than competent, and the leading Prosecutor, and I confess I can't think of her name, was also less than sharp. Even though there was clearly a huge preponderance of evidence to prove that he (O.J.) was guilty as sin, he was as you recall, acquitted.

I think this caused the biggest racial divide in this country since the Civil War, and we have the Defense Lawyers and the Jury to Blame. I also remember that very few people dared to go on Television and honestly call this a miscarriage of Justice, for fear of being labeled a Racist. folks, where are we going to end up if we as a people , do not face facts and begin to address this problem? Lets face it, most of us are Racists whether we admit it or not. I think people who admit to being so are honest and those who don't aren't.

I Think another thing that is divisive is the "Congressional Black Caucus". I feel that this intentional separatism is another form of Racism, wherein the members of said caucus find some benefit by identifying themselves in this fashion.

I have to say that I think I am fairly objective in my views, having worked with more people of color than I remember, and getting along with them very-very well.
In my previous career, I worked in a Uranium Conversion plant, as a Chemist, and was on such good terms with most of the Colored guys I worked with that they would call out my name and wave when they would see me in the far distances of the Plant. One of the smartest people I knew there was a Man of Color, and I had, and have the highest regard for this Man to this Day. He is a Minister, also, and I have frequently wished I could attend a Service at his Church, because he was so Intelligent, reasonable and well spoken.I don't think of this Man or any of the others whom I have mentioned in terms of color or race, but rather the content of their character, friendliness, and the manner in which they performed their duties. I hope that these individuals would grade me on the same fundiments.

I trust you will forgive me for using the word Colored, one that I feel and felt was respectful.

This brings one other thing to this tired old mind of mine, and that concerns the Verboten "N" word. I don't know about anyone else, But I freely admit having used that word in the past, as have, I feel, in excess of Ninety some percent of all Americans. Personally I don't find it as offensive as the 'M-F" word, which I have been called too many times without cause. Neither of these words should be used, and as one of my best friends once said to me "Not all (n words) are Black and not all Blacks are(n words) and I think that is exactly right. Perhaps we should all agree to start using the word "Trash" when describing an extremely repulsive person.

I think that over the part forty-some years too much has been ballyhooed in the Media and Government about peoples race, and too little about their behavior.

Let me be abundantly clear on one point. I have as little regard for a white fool as I do a Black, yellow, or brown fool, or any combination of those.

My family and I lived in Mississippi at the time of Lyndon Johnson's tinkering with Civil Rights. He (johnson) declared Mississippi, as a state, to be a hotbed of racial hatred. To obviate his declaration I will simply say that one of my best hunting and fishing buddies was a man of color, and I think we got along famously.

We owned a small business in the Beautiful town of Natchez, Ms, and I have never in my life met friendlier people than I did there, and I speak of people of all colors.

Once the Politicians decided they could make some political hay out of the situation. Martial Law was declared. That is when the trouble started. People of both major races began to feel as if they had to take sides, to the total detriment of most, if not all, citizens.

I was stopped at roadblocks both by the KKK and the NAACP, both of which groups were armed, and I was threatened with violence if I attempted to pierce the Roadblock. I simply followed the advice of an FBI friend of mine, and waited until the Head Grand Draggin (not a ms_) or community Organizer came to the window of my vehicle to personally give me a dire warning, and then persuaded the Threatener to accompany me through the Block with the gentle urging of a firearm which I legally had in my hand. I regret that these things happened, but they did, and I acted as I always had and do, to protect myself and my family.

It was the presence of these polar opposite groups that caused trouble in that Beautiful little Town, and not the average population.

The Government, intentionally or not, in their Proclamations, acted like a Magnet to draw these people of Ill will to that place, at that time.

How much better it would have been for the people (of all races) in Natchez, to come together in community meetings, and hash out their differences, than what ultimately ensued.

The way it turned out was that both groups of people , white and black, ended up at the least, mad at one another, and at the worst with hatred in their hearts, where there had once been a genial peace and friendship between of all races.

Folks I don't pretend to know many answers , but I don't think the answer lies in divisiveness, but rather in Education and just plain old calm common sense

To go back to the Black Caucus thing. Would it be Politically Correct for there to be a congressional White Caucus ? Of Course not. Nor would it fail to occasion charges of racism if there was a Miss White America, but apparently it is O.K. to have a Miss Black America , and how about the United Negro College fund? could there legally be a united Caucasian College Fund ? Nope!

So what we have, writ large, is a double Standard, which cannot continue to exist and even flourish, if we are ever to be a truly United Country. Personally I don't think we shall ever see such a thing, more especially not as long as there are people like Al sharpton, et al, who presume to speak for all people of one color.

I know for sure that I would resent it if anyone were to assume to someone like Rush Limbaugh, or any other big-mouthed fool of his ilk, was speaking for me. I speak for myself, not only in words, but in behavior, and in efforts to be a good citizen. I cannot speak for those of other races, but I would be willing to bet that intelligent members of whatever race would feel similiar to what I feel.

Personally I think that to give people like Sharpton a stage is a form of emotional Blackmail, catering as he does to the innermost bad inclinations of some people, causing unruly demonstrations, near riots, needless violence and arrests.

He and said Limbaugh are Jokers from the same deck, albeit a different suite.

As I said in the preamble to this post, I am as sure as I can be that I will be criticised, as a white person, for even daring to speak to such a controversial subject, but I don't really care. I think wrong is wrong and right is right, and one of the most important Rights, that of Free Speech, as enumerated in the Constitution, should apply equally to all people of whatever Color or Background, and then perhaps, just perhaps, we can finally start to sort through the minefield that is currently race Relations, and Racism.

I think that I, personally, have been as often discriminated against for giving honest answers to posed questions, rather than following Office Politic Norms and/or "Politically Correct Answers". A phrase that sickens me a little more each time I read or hear it. So if you agree or disagree with the above, let me hear about it in your comments, for it is truly said that a Man without Opinions is like a Preacher without pants, in that no one could tell you what either had to say. I will add one thing, and then I will shut up. recently my wife was in a Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Facility, following Knee Replacement Surgery, and among all the nice people was a Lady of color(and I Stress the word Lady) who went out of her way to be nice and sweet to my wife. The day my wife left both she and I hugged this fine lady in gratitude for her wonderful care and loving personality and both received a generous hug in return. Nuff Said. Now, I firmly believe in the Biblical Injunction to Judge Not lest You be Judged, and I freely admit to having failed to strictly adhere to those instructions, in all cases, However , how wrong is it, when we see a fool, to call him or her a fool, when we see trash, to think of them as trash, and recognize a criminal, regardless of color . When people of this or that voting bloc begin to stress Education and Behavior as methods of self-betterment, rather than using their uniqueness to try and get something for nothing, and as an excuse for their trespasses, then and only then will their lot,and that of the American People begin to improve.

As I said in the beginning, I hesitated to broach this subject, knowing full well the criticisms I will receive, and I worked on this post for about three months before posting, to try my best to show objectivity. My efforts may not be good enough, but I will have, at least, tried. Isn't that perhaps what we all need to do?

Best Wishes


Monday, September 28, 2009


I have stated in an earlier blog that I don't ordinarily discuss Religion and/or politics. (Notice the capitalization and lack thereof, as a reminder of the importance of the two)

But on this one occasion, I will depart from my rule (and its really only a rule applying to face to face conversations, what I write on this mess of a blog are nothing more than opinions that I hope won't be held against me, as, after all, where would we be as a species if not for exchanges of opinion)

I really don't know enough about any Religion to comment at length on it, but over the past too many years I have been given more than due cause to wonder about the Muslim religion. I suppose I should hasten to say that the following is not a reflection on any true Muslims , but merely my opinions of some of their less enlightened brothers.

But, it seems to me that ANY religion that encourages people to kill other people for no other reason than a difference of opinion concerning one Religion vs. another is misguided, to be kind, and Bastardized, to be less kind. I speak of course, of those nutty "Mullahs" who encourage their followers to go out and blow themselves up, in order to kill anyone who happens to be in the vicinity when they act upon these crazy instructions. I have noted, as have, I'm sure many of you, that usually when some misguided follower of that Nut Mullah Omar, commits one of these unspeakable acts, upon direction, fellow Muslims are frequently killed, as well as people of a different religious persuasion than their own. These idiots, I understand are also led to believe that they will go straight to Paradise and be presented with seventy two virgins. Wouldn't it be funny if the bespoken virgins turned out to all be men just like the bomber? As Homer Simpson (A very wise man in compared to these bloodthirsty idiots), would say D`OH!!!
And all the above comments above apply equally to the men (lower case intended) who have proudly beheaded people in the name of "their God". I think I speak for the majority of all people of goodwill, in saying that I hope that the person who so proudly committed such an unspeakable act on tape, as in the case of the young Jewish boy who did nothing more than go to Iraq in hopes of erecting some communication towers, under contract, to the U.S. Government,and was beheaded on tape, it is to be hoped that the Animal responsible for this heinous act is now receiving his just Punishment, that Terrorist deserves nothing more than disdain, both for his savage and senseless act but what he has received. As for the showing of this tape on american T.V One can only try to imagine what horrors this caused the family of the young Jewish boy. Hopefully the savage who performed this atrocious act, is now wandering around Paradise, Thanks to a surgically placed smart bomb fired from a U.S. Aircraft,and his subsequent demise, is among seventy two guys with the same puzzled look of disappointment on their faces, as does the most recent arrival, all of whom, it is to be hoped, named Bruce.

Again, these are just my thoughts, and if you don't like them, I don't care. My Christian Faith says for us to practice forgiveness, that we might be forgiven, and I try to Hew to that line, but these deceased dunces of whom I write, need not think overmuch on my forgiveness, but rather that of He who will be on the Bench in the Court of final Judgement. My God is a loving God, and I assume the same is true of the God of the Islamic religion, but apparently these followers of the "mullet Mullahs" have persuaded their followers that their God wants Christian and Jewish Blood as well as the blood of anyone who disagrees with their dunderheaded views. True peaceful practioners of Islam, I'm sure, are just as disgusted as am I.

Stay Well, and allow others to do the same.


Sunday, September 27, 2009


Good Morning Good People.

I was just reflecting on some funny things that have happened to me over the course of my life, so far. To be blunt quite a few things that were not so funny also happened.

I was rereading a great blog "eto22thedeadmaninyossarianstent" which I recommended in a previous blog entry, and read the Authors advance apologies to his parents for using some profanity (mild) in his writings about his ongoing Army Service(I know , I know, Service should not be capitalized in this sentence, but as I have said before, I capitalize the things that I hold to be important, and I will Always Capitalize terms regarding any one's Military Service. It is a matter of respect with me, as I feel that too many who have Served are not recognized. Now, I hastily exempt myself from that list, as I absolutely did nothing heroic while in the Army, but I should say, that one of my postings was in the Washington, D.C. area, and I, being more or less perpetually broke, I spent many weekends touring all the many tourist spots in our Nation's Capitol, including many a happy hour in the Smithsonian Institute where I also met one of the Proctors of that magical place, and thus got to see some things that weren't on display to the public. Another of my favorite places to visit was Arlington National Cemeterywhere
I spent many a Saturday or Sunday sitting on the steps of the Lee House, facing the Tomb of the Unknown, watching with respect and admiration as the Eternal Honor guard paced out his March of Tribute, back and forth, regardless of weather, with admirable precision and timing . I had the privilege of contemplating the unheard roll call of the Honored Dead who lay on these hallowed grounds. I remember thinking that anyone who has not visited this beautiful place are perhaps unknowingly poorer for not having done so. On the days when I walked among the Markers of those who lay here I tried to always pay a silent Tribute to each and every one of them, regardless of their rank, for they themselves in a lot of cases probably thought their Service to our Nation was insignificant, but no other person who views these perfect rows of Markers can possibly think such.
And that is all I'm going to write on this subject right now, for I lack the mental agility and command of our common language to properly pay Homage. My poor efforts fall much too short.

I had intended to continue this blog with some of the amusing anecdotes that happened to me, during the course of my Army term, but for some reason, I don't think I can write any more just now, as I find myself wandering a bit too much from my storyline.

I will try to continue later.

Stay Well