Wednesday, September 21, 2011

State of Kentucky V Amish Religion.

Good Afternoon:

I have been for some time following a story in our area newspaper and on the local TV station about a case involving a certain group of Amish men.

The Amish men have been running afoul of the law for driving their horse-drawn buggies on public roads without a "slow moving vehicle" placard attached to the rear of the buggy, as the law stipulates. They have, instead, outlined the rear of their buggies with reflective tape and also have placed a lantern on the rear of their buggies to warn approaching non horse drawn traffic of their presence.Their failure to obey the law, and refusal to pay a fine have thus far resulted in the jailing of several Amish men for varying periods of time, up to several days.

Now, I have, for a long time, admired the Amish for some aspects of their way of life, and their being self sufficient and caring for others of their faith in the case of a disaster such as a fire. I have also, in my mind, understood their avoidance of such things as Automobiles, while at the same time thinking that their way of life was not exactly a comfortable one, or convenient, in today's sense of the word.

I guess, in other words, I have recognized, while not agreeing with their way of life. A sort of live and let live state of mind.

However, in the current court case (which will undoubtedly drag on for a long time as such cases involving religion seem to do). This seems to me to be more of an argument than a legal infraction were it not for the "Danger" aspect of the case.

I really don't see the Amish gentlemen involved being willing to obey the law in this case, as they feel that displaying the mandated placard on their one horsepower vehicle to be "Prideful" and "Showy", while the law, in the person of the law officers and departments involved, can't back pedal, as, obviously, its the law.

Now, ordinarily I wouldn't give this case much thought, as it involves religion, on which subject I rarely like to proffer my view, as in that way"there be Dragons". But in this case involvements revolve around the aspect of "Risk to the public", and while I sympathize with the Amish, they cannot and should not be the winning team, as the public good and safety figures prominently. Not only are the Amish involved refusing to recognize the danger to the "Motoring public" but to their own women and children as well, and this cannot stand. It's O.K. with me if a person wants to risk his or her life in their various and sundry pursuits, but no one has the right to risk the life or well being of another through one's actions.

As I said in my opening, ordinarily I don't comment on Religion overmuch, but I cannot help but feel, that in this case, The Amish gentlemen, in a statement of principal, say that obeying the law is too prideful in their interpretation of their religious beliefs, while in actuality, I believe, that what the case is really about is their thinking that they know more about their interpretation of God's law then they really do, and is, in effect, prideful in itself.

I think, with little or no knowledge of the Law, that the simplest and perhaps ultimate solution, is for the State of Kentucky to pass a law stipulating that operating such a vehicle as is extant in this case, will result in the seizure of said vehicle, and returning it to the owner only after the correct placard is affixed and permanently displayed.

None of us are always in agreement of this or that law, but a civilized society demands that we adhere to the law anyway.This seems to me to be a Jim-Dandy basis for a good rousing argument, or preferably, a discussion, so chime in folks, I will enjoy the discourse and sure need a few more followers to keep my thinking cap on straight, and this blog, such as it is, at least reasonably neutral.

Gentlemen, start your horses!


Saturday, September 10, 2011


Good Afternoon Americans:

Tomorrow, as almost every American knows, we will be noting the Tenth Anniversary of the horrible events of September 11, 2001.

I recall in vivid detail my wife calling me to the television and telling me that an Aircraft had just struck the World Trade Center. As I sat there in horror and in an effort to comprehend what I was seeing, As I , at that point, assumed that somehow there had been a tragic error by the Pilot of a commercial Aircraft, I saw yet another large aircraft flying directly toward the second tower of the World Trade center, and then unbelievably, strike the building with a tremendous explosion and gout of fire.

I was still trying to focus a reasonable mindset on the events that I had just witnessed, and at the same time gradually becoming aware that no reasonable mind could adequately grasp the full implications of this horrible event.

It wasn't too long until the nation was informed that yet another Aircraft had been purposely flown into the Pentagon, causing great damage and a large loss of innocent life, and then shortly learn that yet a fourth aircraft had plunged into a field in Pennsylvania, after its passengers had defeated the terrorists plan to fly this Aircraft also into an American Government building.

Then, as now, it was very difficult for me, and I suspect for most Americans to fully comprehend the insane savagery of an ignorant and primitive people in causing the deaths of thousands of people, for nothing more than an envy of the prosperity and freedom of the land we love. These savages apparently hate America and its ability to get it's arms around people of all Religions and ethnic backgrounds, and make them welcome, when their countries were all based on a Tribalistic Theocracy, and individual freedoms counted for little, and the law of the gun and the Sword trumped any unborn thoughts of a Democracy. Apparently these subhumans thought that they could set America back to the Twelfth Century or so, where their Countries were most comfortable.

But, they, of course were wrong. In the historic words of a Japanese Admiral of World War Two, they awakened a sleeping giant. It is a shame that it has taken the Deaths of Hundreds of Thousands of their people and of less than Ten Thousand freedom loving and unselfish Americans to show that America can only be changed by the actions of it's own people, in directing it's leaders in a course of action.

So, as we mark this somber Anniversary, let us turn our efforts to a Bi-partisan effort to solve America's problems, and to vow to never, ever, forget not only the horror of 9-11, as it has come to be known, but the lessons we have learned and never again let our guard down.

God Bless our Nation and the thousands of Americans who have given their full measure of Patriotism and courage in defending what will always be a free America.