Saturday, June 27, 2009

As the day passes.

Hello good people.

Just some random thoughts, and perhaps a smile or two.

An old Limerick:

There wance was two cats of Kilkenney

Each one thought there was one cat too many

So they clawed and they fit,

they scratched and they bit, til

barring their nails and the tips of their tails

instead of two cats there warn't any.

I should quote the author, but as I have an old man's memory, I can't, right now. I will amend later with the Author's name, but..................

One wonders if this limerick could apply to the Nuclear Nations of the World, and their aspiring cohorts?

Stay Well (added later: As far as I can determine the author is anonymous)


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gun Control.

Good Morning good People:

I'm pretty sure I've got your attention now via the title of this post, So, (big surprise), I'll state my opinion(s). But, before doing so, I should add this admonishment. The opinions expressed herein are solely those of the Author, and any resemblance to any person, institution, place or thing are purely intentional, and should not afford anyone with an excuse to assassinate me.

I have been a gun owner since the age of 8, when my late Uncle presented me with my first firearm, a Winchester single-shot .22 rifle.

Before I was ever even allowed to load this rifle, let alone shoot it at anything, I was given a rigorous course in Firearms Safety, by said uncle. This course (verbal-no written tests) imbued in me several rules of gun safety that have stuck with me till the present day. Those rules are as follows:

1. DO NOT point the rifle (or whatever firearm I was later employing) at anything you don't want to shoot, and my Uncle made a point of expressly including himself in that category.

2. DO NOT ever, ever, play with a firearm, as it is definitely not a Toy, but, intentionally or not, is a deadly weapon,and should always be treated as such.

3. A gun is nothing but a tool, and should be cared for as such, for just as you would want an axe to be sharp, and have a solid handle, before you employed it to chop something down. So always clean your gun after firing it (first double and triple checking it to be sure it is not loaded) before putting it safely away.

4. Don't leave your gun lying about for children to trip over, or in their innocence, to play with. Place the gun in a safe and secure (preferably locked) place, accessible only to yourself and such members of your household you wish (and trust) to have access to said weapon.

here I'll depart from the list for a moment to list some of the steps my Uncle taught me. I was to go on several training hunts with my uncle, carrying my rifle, unloaded, and safely pointed away from himself, before I was ever given a bullet for the rifle, let alone fire it, and when the big day came when I was allowed to fire it, I fired it at a piece of paper stuck in the bark of a very large tree, which was close enough to me that there was no way I could miss it (the tree). this went on for some time, going on non-lethal hunts, and shortening the bark-life of innumerous trees, before I was given a real live, genuine bullet to shoot at a living creature (a rabbit) who was sitting, presumably too arthritic to move, and I was proud at the time to end said Lettuce eater's life. Now I should hasten to say that this was before the advent of PETA or if not, I had never heard of said organization, and rabbits, squirrels and such were "fair game" as their meat was always consumed by someone, either us or our friends or relations and not wasted, as I am sorry to say is not always the case nowadays, as I know far too many people who kill various species just have their glassy-eyed head mounted on their wall, as a "Trophy". Now I fail to see how this is a Trophy, for unless the deer, or whatever ,was also armed, the only thing proven was that you killed (or claimed to) said animal, and I fail to see much Glory in that. I guess, to make this piece a little shorter (thank goodness, you say) I feel that I was given a good education on firearms and their safe use and care.

Later in life, I acquired more firearms, mostly historic, and had occasion to become proficient in rifle and handgun use, both for practice and self-defense, and for use at the direction of Uncle Sam, and the lessons stood me in good stead. I should say I was always Legally carrying said weapons, with the blessing of the authorities of the moment.

Therefore, I have become impatient, in my Old Age, with these fools who misuse firearms, and I'm not just talking about the criminals, but also normally law-abiding and sane people. I have, too often, seen men, after consuming a considerable quantity of alcohol, venture forth with a firearm, either hunting, or in my personal case, shooting Skeet or Trap, both of which sports I really enjoyed, when in the company of sober men (or women). When they had had more than a few alcoholic beverages they were a danger not only to themselves, but their companions as well. There have been too many cases of a drunken hunter making a widow of their best friend's wife.It is probably unnecessary to say I never engaged in any form of firearm sports when one or more of the people I was with showed any signs of inebriation. When I was accorded the responsibility for being in charge of a Skeet League, at a local gun club, I enforced very stringent rules for Firearm Safety, which a few chaps objected to(to no avail).

I am also appalled at these Idiots who decry "They (whoever they are?) will take my gun from my cold, dead hands" I'll tell these fools something. If any Police (Local or Federal) come to take my Gun or Guns, they'll meet with no difficulties from me, and I'm sure not ready to die to protect an object of steel and wood (or plastic)

I am also now ashamed of the National Rifle Association, which organization was once highly thought of by sportsmen in the U.S., due to their stressing safe firearm handling and responsible gun ownership, but no longer, as is testified to by their outcry over Governmental Efforts to pass laws regarding ownership of "Assault Weapons".

Let me make one thing I hold absolute. An assault Weapon is a Weapon Expressly designed to kill people with, and nothing else and no self-respecting sportsman even wants or needs one. Period! Basically most of them are Chinese Made pieces of Junk. However, to be fair, I suppost I should interject (to save someone the trouble) that certain Collectors of Militariana might want a specimen of this rifle in their collection , if so, as yon collector already knows there are two varieties of this weapon. 1. The AK 47 , the Russian made Original, named after it's designer one M. Kalishnikoff, and 2. The SKS, which is , as referred to above, a piece of Chinese Junk. The definitive Collector probably wouldn't want the second, but if he or she does, they are readily available at most any gun shops or shows, for any variety of price. I have been offered these junkers for as low as Thirty Dollars, and passed on them.
As you can see, I hold pretty strong views on this subject, and am not ashamed to admit it.

Go Ahead, disagree, if you wish, that's what this forum is all about.

Be of good cheer,and be safe.
p.s If you really want to collect something rare, collect signed Peace Treaties, I understand they are really scarce.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Suggested reading

Hello Good People:

I thought that I might depart from the norm in this post, and instead of my usual comments about various things in the passing scene, list what I consider some of the best books I've ever read.

In the "funny" category, are three titles that come immediately to mind.

They are, in no particular order:

A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole.

This work is brilliant, in its depiction of some of the Character of 1960's New Orleans, and thus was awarded the only Posthumous Pulitzer Prize ever given. (That was true at the time, don't know if it is still so)

Warning! Start reading this book when you have plenty of time, as it is one of those books you do not want to put down. It is side-splittingly funny . I forecast that this is one book that you will want to keep, to re-read anytime you are in need of a good laugh.

The Author, sadly, committed suicide at a young age, but his Mother persevered , and finally got it published. It has sold millions of copies. My wife and I lived in New Orleans for 10 years when we were newly married, and fresh out of the Army. We loved the city then, and perhaps this colors my appreciation of this book, as I knew a lot of people who were very close in manner to some of the characters in this book, but I deeply fear that the New Orleans we knew is gone forever.

The Gang that couldn't shoot straight by Jimmy Breslin

A portrayal of a less than capable gang of Mafia wannabees that will keep you rolling in the aisle,(I Promise)

Big Trouble by Dave Barry

Another funny book by the much talented Mr. Barry. I Think, not sure, that this was his first foray into a book of total fiction, based in dysfunctional Miami Great!!!!!

The Old Man and the Boy by Robert Ruark

I think this is one of the finest single commentaries of boyhood I have ever read. It is a partial compilation of the many Short Articles that Ruark wrote for Field and Stream, in the Immediate post world war II era.

It is a book, copies of which I have given to several friends, all of whom said that they would not even loan out this book for fear of losing it, and that they treasure it, as I feel will you.

Ruark followed up this book with "The Old Man's Boy Grows Older, while while not as great as the above book, has to be read to fully understand the Author.

Ruark, also, I'm sorry to say, ended his life in tragedy, Drinking himself to death in his fifties.

He also wrote many other books, including two of the most hard-hitting and dynamic, truthful books I've ever read about the continent of Africa. You probably won't like some of the things he says in these books, but they are, by and large true accounts of that Dark and Bloody Continent.

These two books are 1." Something of Value" and 2. "uhuru" Ruark also wrote a significant number of other books, but to me these are exemplars. Reading these two books more or less led me to a lifetime of reading and research on Africa and Africans. I did not like everything I read but I think I have at least some understanding thereof.

All Over but the Shoutin(g) Rick Bragg,

Beautifully written, and inspiring.

As for the rest of todays list read anything by the late Tony Hillerman ,or James Lee Burke.

Two of the finest Authors to ever metaphorically put pen to paper. I have short notes from both of these Authors and I wouldn't take a farm in Texas for them.

Tony Hillermans death last October was a great loss for those of us who loved his writing, and by extension, him.

I personally, cannot place either a volume or value on the things I have learned about the Southwestern U.S., and their native peoples from this Author. They have given me a burning desire to visit the "Four Corners" area of the Southwest, that are the setting for most of Mr. Hillerman's writing . After reading one of his books, I find myself doing a lot of research, on quite a number of subjects, of which (among millions of others) I am unfamiliar with . I, as is my habit, penned a short note to Mr. Hillerman after the publication of what was to be his last book, and in return, received a short handwritten note from him thanking me for my note and telling me that he was "edging" his way through another in the series, but cautioning me "don't count on it", as "I am a weary 83". I felt badly at the time, as I had no way of knowing that he was seriously ill, and I had imposed on his time. Mr. Hillerman also enclosed an autographed snapshot of himself taken at a dinner or some such funtion, which I value much more than I would have a "publicity photo", as it was Personal .

James lee burke, thankfully is still with us and I am eagerly awaiting his latest book "Rain Gods"

Most of Mr. Burke's Novels were largely centered around the New Orleans-New Iberia, La area, an area that I was familiar with, and thus identified with, and loved. Mr Burke has also published a continuing series of Novels about a small town lawyer, "Billy bob Holland" which are in themselves great reading, so if you love reading as I and my whole family do, or are just lazy and trying to disguise the fact, you can't beat the above writers and their works.

Other Writers of note are; Carl Hiiasen (Humor) John Sandford (crime thrillers), Dean Koontz, who I at first wasn't interested in reading, as I was mistakenly under the impression that he (Mr. Koontz) was sort of a "Stephen King lite". I was incorrect in this assumption, as I happily discovered that Mr. Koontz's books are magnificently crafted, and all which have a happy and just ending. good triumphs over evil! , and the list and on, you'll make your own discoveries, and be the better for it.
Read Much, Rest well and Prosper. And read to your children when they are small and always be sure that a book is included in their Christmas and Birthday presents, you will be giving them a gift that will be cherished for a lifetime, and they will ,as a result, become better spoken and sometimes, more often than not, better people and better students. I promise. I would add only one caveat, and that is this, Reading is Addictive, once you start you'll be hooked for life.


Fer or Agin

I once knew an old fellow, a friend of my grampa's, who, when asked his opinion on almost any subject, person, place or thing, would only reply "I'm fer it" or "I'm agin it"or, when he was feeling especially loquacious , he might add (If the subject was a person) "his word's good" or "I wouldn't borrow an axe from im". If the subject was a place other than the immediate locale, he might say "too many folks", or "never been there".. My Grampa used to say that Fred (Not his real name) used words like they was rationed, and he was fresh out of ration stamps.
(Those of you not familiar with World War ll, probably won't understand this terminology, so look it up)

As a kid, I was pretty impatient with Fred and would most generally ask to be excused, and make myself scarce (which, back in the day, was a talent a half-way smart boy soon learned to cultivate, thus saving wear and tear on the seat of his britches), and generally go do something important, such as counting birds on a wire or scratching, or some other thing which couldn't wait.

I slowly realized, as I moved into young Aduldhood, that old Fred was on to something. In being economical with words, he saved a lot of arguments, avoided hurt feelings on either side of the question, and was generally thought of as a reliable fellow.

I say slowly because, as my wife can testify, I have been far too slow at putting these lessons to work and realizing the disadvantages of opening my enormous gob at inopportune moments, or as my Dad used to say, "you need to know when to shut up!"(One hundred percent wisdom)

But over the miles on this tired old chassis, I've slowly found that if you think before making a remark, you often save yourself from making a dumb remark, and saving the trouble of masticating said remark later, and developing a constipated vocabulary.

Come to think of it, while one's mouth is shut, one can also learn to "Polish" his word choice, phraseology, and opportune and proper times to speak and to listen, among which latter category is the learned art of sagely nodding one's head, wisely and as if in deep thought.

I reckon that the above acquired talents, and their use and timing, is probably akin to "Editing", of which I know little or nothing, other than it's probably something like making sure the flowers you picked for your sweetie smell good before you present them to her.

But all the above is just a guess. I've read an awful lot of books in my lifetime, so far, enjoyed most of them, learned something from all of them (pro or con)eagerly devoured a pretty large number of editorials, and watched far too much "T. V. News" (an oxymoron if there ever was one) for, in the main, a lot of T. V. coverage is just some handsome fellow or Lady, setting at their desk(read set) and reading off a teleprompter. Sometimes, when there is absolutely nothing new going on in the world the "Anchor"( drumroll and hairspray) has the dreaded task of interviewing a real, live person, and generally makes a mess of the interview.

I watched such an interview the other day, and the genial idiot who was in the Anchor Chair that day had solicited a comment from the person he was interviewing, and when the guest had finished his remarks, THE ANCHOR (ta-da) turned around and asked the guest another question (He Thought) that was the Same identical question he had just asked a few moments before, causing the interviewee to give him a "You're an Idiot" but I'm too polite to tell you" look and a smile of resignation.

Well anyway, I guess I'll keep reading and watching, and maybe someday when I grow up(and goodwife prays that that will be soon) I can write a half-way coherant blog.

Keep Smiling and GodBless typing teachers everywhere.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Computers--Curse or Blessing?

Hello Good People:

The reason for tonights subject, is that I have for most of the last two days been trying, mostly unsuccessfully, to straighten out manifold computer problems.

The problems first peered out from under their rock and exposed themselves, via a "s--l--o--w--i--n--g down of my computer. No matter what page I was trying to load, it was taking longer and longer to do so. I finally identified one source of the problems, and it was called McAfee.

I reluctantly resubscribed to Mac for a one year period about four months ago after quite a long and trouble free time without having its security suite, but became reasonably sure that I had a virus in my Computer.

Today I was notified that my computer wasn't safe, as, My McAfee Subscription had expired.
It only took me about two hours chatting with McAfee customer service, aka "Al Quaeda"( I probably misspelled the name of Osama's scout troop, but I don't care) to get McAfee to admit that they had made a mistake, and were Emailing me directions on how to re-energize their bunny (read Tasmanian Devil), and so I blithely started following their directions.
Their first instruction was to close all programs, including the Email I was reading (after printing out the E/m) so I skipped happily along and started to comply.

The first inkling I had of impending trouble was in printing their instructions, or at least trying to. My relatively new Canon printer would only print every other page, but after only a short time (in Geologic terms) I finally got the printer to print the whole document.

Next, I found that their "Instructions" consisted of a long list of McAfee products I should buy in order to get my confuser, I mean computer(Not really) to work, to save my immortal soul, make childbirth a pleasure, and to align the front end of all my vehicles.

After completing my penace, and declining their offers, mirac de dieu, the computer started happily working.

Perhaps I am overreacting, as this was only the 457,512th time I have had computer trouble, and as Dell Computer Company's spokesman , a Mr. Cerebus, has repeatedly told me, "No one else is having any problems"

Maybe my wife is right (as usual) and I'm just dumb. OR is it, as I suspect the work of the antichrist (junior grade) bill gates, or as he is known to everyone but Warren Buffet, as," Mister I'm so much richer than the rest of you, ergo, I am smarter", and he is probably correct, as I don't have the wherewithal to purchase the rest of the world and keep it in my garage to play with.

For instance; I have an annoying tendency to type "out" when I mean to type "our". Maybe I'm "typelexic".

Oh Well, Dell is probably right, I'm probably the only person in the world who is having any problems with a Computer, because I was over the age of six when I first started to tinker with one of these infernal devices, had long since stopped using clearasil, naively thought all I had to do to operate the beast of Billville was to sit meself down and follow instructions, plug in about ten thousand cables, and start the thing up, and voila, I would be all set to visit the glorious world of computers, and start typing happily away. Instead what I was really about to enter was a death of ten thousand software programs, attempting to learn a new language and increase my consumption of Rolaids to about a bushel per day. I still don't know what most of the Customer service reps are talking about as when I call about a problem, such as "well, Meester Jock the prollem youd ar habbing ees youd frammistrilator ees not kalking wees youd swillivamooter, keindelee cobbect thas derror" I've added another key to my keyboard , that when depressed, automatically types "Huh?". Of course, eventually the problem is cleared up after only about 28 hours plus administering an attitude adjustment (Louisville Slugger) to my computer.

I'm not confused, I'm "Compfused"

So, if, as I suspect, I am the only person who ever has had a computer problem, this Blog probably won't interest anyone else.


Sleep well and dream of Googles chasing Yahoos.


Monday, June 15, 2009



I'm not in too good of a mood tonight so maybe this is not a good time to post. But I can always delete.

On television today most of us viewed what I consider to be a great contrast. While the people of Iran ( and I trust you will forgive me for returning to the subject, but as I have already mentioned in an earlier posting, I have known a couple of Iranians, and found them to be, by and large, good decent people) we watch on television as the people of Iran who want a change from the hate filled ranting and raving of their "leaders" (read Dictators) and instead want a decent, non-sectarian democracy, where children can go to school to learn the things that will help them to be decent, sensible contributors to such a society, a society, they hope, that can achieve a place among the Nations of the world where, it is to be hoped, their Grandchildren will have to look up War in the history books (IF they are ever allowed to read truthful, fact filled books, rather than the stone age rantings of a few old hate filled old men who have carved for themselves a pretty cushy life, doing nothing but spewing their venomous words ) These protestors want nothing more than peace in their part of the world ,sensibility and freedom from oppression.

Meanwhile in the good old U S of A, The Los Angeles Lakers, as you probably know, won the NBA championship (lower case whoopee) , which has occasioned an orgy of rioting, arson, looting, killings, and anything else the miniscule brains of the rioters cum celebrationists can think up. Yessir, the L.A. Lakers, a team led by a Rapist, who bought off his Victim, and placated his wife with a multimillion dollar ring ,are being Lionized. Yeah, Boy, this sure says a lot about our society, I'm just not sure what.

I love this Country, am a Military Veteran, and the Son, Father, Brother, Nephew and so on and on beyond enumeration of Veterans .and the decendent of more generations of Americans than I have a record of. And it makes me sad to say that if My father, or that of my Wife's, or our Grandfathers, and their Fathers and on, were alive today, they'd be just as disgusted and filled with sorrow as I am about what our Country is becoming.. The only positive note I can inject in this post, is WE, the American People, are free to comment, on this, or anything else we wish to. Look up the word root of "Fan" sometime, maybe that will explain the actions of these people.

Sorry for the Venting, but at least for the present, this is my only forum.

But let us all cheer up, things could be worse. The Question is, How?

The Old-Old Professor

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Iran ( and he ran, she ran, we all ran)

Hello Good People:

Despite my avowal to not discuss politics, events of the last couple of days have jolted me from my old recliner with an urge to comment.

I am speaking, of course, of the Iranian Election , just concluded.

I can only imagine how disappointed and angry the people are in Iran who are just as tired of Ahmadinejad's ranting and raving, as are the people of the civilized world. Now I should hasten to mention that most decent, freedom loving people believe Iran IS a civilized nation, (Wrong!) In no civilized nation does a small coterie of "Religious Leaders" hold veto power over any Election results. I think this just reinforces the sterling judgement of our Founding Fathers in insisting on a seperation of Church and State.

I have known a couple of Iranian people, one very well, and one not so well, and I have to say that I hold a high regard for both. The man I knew well was one of the nicest and most obliging people I have ever met. Sure there were cultural differences, but all in all, he was just like anyone else.. One thing I vividly recall him saying that Iran would never join the society of Civilized and free nations until they (the Iranian People) came to their senses and kicked out the raving lunatics,( "those damned Mullahs") in his words. He said the Iranian people, in the majority, love the American People and the American way of life, but are constrained from saying so because of fear of the "Religious Police". And make no mistake about it, these goons really do exist and have the authority not just to stop and lecture a person who doesn't fit their mold, but also can beat or jail offenders guilty of such a Heinous Crime as having one's Girlfriend sit in the front seat of an automobile, beside them, instead of the back seat, where they are convinced she belongs . As far as I can tell, these Nutty Mullahs will never be satisfied until a Taliban-like, 12th century country takes the place of Iran. I guess I am always rooting for the Underdog, but I truly hope that sometime in the not too distant future, there will be a "Velvet Revolution" in Iran whose first action will be to draw an uncrossable line between the Mosques and the Government. Until then, about all we can hope for or do, is to keep a soft spot in our hearts for the Decent, Average, Iranian People.
I have a photograph on the wall above my computer, taken in Tehran six or eight years ago, and in that Photograph is an elderly man, sitting in what appears to be a narrow street, with his back to a stone wall, with a pair of crutches leaning against the wall beside him, and on his knees rests a woven basket, with two fish he is trying to sell. I think that says a lot for Iran, they've spent Billlions of Dollars in their Nuclear Quest, but cannot feed their people.

Lets all hope and pray that someday, we'll all wise up.



Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Idiots need not apply

Hello Good People:

Just a quick snippet: I read the other day that when Ohio's Constitution was first written, Idiots (Ohio's term for the mentally ill,) were not allowed to vote. Now this is just a wild guess, but I'll wager that said document was hastily amended, else no politician could have voted for himself. On second thought, maybe that would be something that could stand to be looked at for "Modern Times" such as , well... Now. I've lost track, so what is it now,?about six months or so since the Election, and the People of Minnesota still don't know who one of their Senators is.
Is it the Wit or the half-wit?
Any thoughts?. Come on, don't be bashful
Stay Well

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Common Sense Living

Hello good People:

Since this is a "Common Sense" Blog, supposedly, I thought I might impose on your patience and list a few rules that I have found to be of help in leading a less stressful life. I would hasten to say that these rules are purely my own, may not suit everybody, so you may discard them, out of hand, or notate them and possibly make your life a little easier.

1. Enjoy, or try to, every single day of your lives. don't end any day feeling like you didn't enjoy it, and failed to accomplish anything. Trust me, I have had over 70 years experience in this old thing we call life, made just about every mistake that its possible to make, tried, mostly, to live a good life, but yet ............................. I cannot but help reflecting on all the things I wish I had done differently. So, gentle person, think about your actions, the possible benefits and hazards of these actions, and you will save yourself more than a few regrets.

2.Get the very best education you possibly can. When I was in grammer school I really, really paid attention and even though I attended a one room, country school, with one teacher for all 8 primary grades, was allowed to skip one grade (the powers-that-be probably thought I was smarter than I actually was), missed almost the entire 8th grade, due to having polio,and yet I still feel like I got a pretty good primary education. But in High School, due to several factors, primarily discovering the wonder and mystery of Girls, and the fun of Basketball, I was not an especially good student, nor was I a whiz at Basketball, and was hardly a Lothario with the girls, but I finally buckled down and took away a lot of things I didn't know when I started. My wife on the other hand, despite probably discovering boys, also discovered she enjoyed learning, Graduated from High School as Class Valedictorian, earned numerous other honors, but still just ended up just married to me, go figure. BUT on more occasions than I care to remember, goodwife has put me in my place, and demonstrated her superior intelligence in doing so.(She had a higher GPA than I did in College too, dang it!) But seriously boys and girls, if you really, really try to excell in any Academic endeavor, I can absolutely guarantee you will bless yourself for doing so.

3. Learn early on in life to willingly stay on a budget , this will save you a lot of grief later in life.

I follow what has become sort of a set of rules of my own. They are as follows: a. Don't spend more than you make. If you buy something that has to financed, you might think that making payments will be no problem, but trust me (again) I think you will find that, sooner or later, the payment will loom large in your mind. b. Never rush out to buy something just because all the others in your peer group are buying the item in question. If you really, really think you just can't live without this Gleaming object, force yourself to wait awhile, and I guarantee you one of two or three things will happen. Either you will find that you really didn't need the item or it will go down sharply in price or it is a "fad" and will fade from view in a short time. If none of these things happen, and you still lust after this thing of Beauty and Status, shop around and get the best price.

4. Save as much money as you can, when you can. An easy way to start to do this, if you just don't think you can possibly save anything, try this....When you receive pennies in change, don't spend them. When you get home at the end of the day, toss them into a jar, bag, box or whatever, and just forget about them. At the end of a year, take the accumulation of copper coins to the bank, have them counted, and open a savings account with them. I think you will be surprised how this will lead you later on to saving more and more money . When my wife and I were expecting our first Child, we stated saving pennies, never, ever spent one, breaking a Dollar bill when necessary to save our pennies, and guess what? By the time Our Son was born, we had enough saved to pay for all the necessary clothing, Diapers, rattle toys, and so one ad infinitum, and guess what again?, we didn't ever feel like we were having to do without something because we had saved our pennies. This is an especially workable plan for the youngsters.

5. Be just as careful with your friends as you are with your money. Friends can either become a lifelong treasure, or a curse, I have had both, and accordingly, have become much more choosy about my friends, and when I make a "Good Friend", I do my dead level best to keep him or her.

One thing I have learned from the hard Primer of Life, is that the "friends" I made in High School, and the "In Crowd" I dearly wanted to belong to, were forgotten within a few years of Graduating from High School. Choose friends that are smarter than you, not worrying about the gap in knowledge, but learning from them, quietly, and if you learn something important, do not hesitate to tell your friend "You know I learned something very important from you" It'll make them feel good and make you feel better, and finally, learn what is inside of your proposed friend.

Appearances are far less important than attributes.

6. Keep your word. If you tell someone you will do something, do it (if its legal), but at the same time, be judicious as to how and when you give your word to someone. There was a time in this Country, when a person's word was their bond, and once given, was assumed to be a given, but if broken, would haunt the person who did not keep their word, for a long, long time, if not forever.

7. Be decent in appearance , behavior and language, you'll feel better for it (I promise) and these habits will stay with you for a good long time, remember, profanity, especially when used in every other sentence, tells the world that you don't have a very good vocabulary. If you develop a good and full vocabulary, it will become a great asset.

8. treat others as you would like to be treated. The Golden Rule may be very aged, but it's gold is still 24 karat.

9. Strive for perfection. You probably won't achieve it, but your efforts will be rewarded with a much finer result.

10. Have fun, smile a lot, develop and use manners, be free with compliments and very stingy and honest with criticisms.

This is all the preaching I will do for today, as I am sure that some, if not all who read this will think or say "That Old Codger is awful free with his advice", and I probably am, but I've lived quite a few years, have all the scars and lumps to show for my tenure, and if someone, anyone, can benefit from my admittedly meager store of knowledge, wonderful , and if not, "No Harm No Foul".

And finally("thank heavens', you say), after or while reading this epistle, you hear a snort echoing through the hills, it'll be my wife.