Saturday, May 30, 2009

Attribution of Quote

Hello Good Peeps.

In an earlier quote referring to a (then) unknown Poet. I felt badly about not remembering the Author of said quote, so I looked it up.

The Author was, of course, Alexander Pope. (see earlier Blog post)

I cast myself upon the mercy of the Court of the English Language, pleading guilty to laziness in not looking up the quote before using it, something most good writers learn in High School.

Sorry, I have just latterly begun, after a five decade hiatus, to try writing once again, admittedly amateurishly, but nontheless I'm trying .

I welcome your criticisms, by which I hopefully will learn.

Be a Dear, and be of good cheer.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Latest Supreme Court nominee

Hello again Good People:
Today I'd like to talk a little about the President's first nomination for a Justice of the Supreme Court.

In nominating Sonia Sotomayor, currently a Federal Appeals Court Judge, for the supreme court, I think the President made a good and safe pick. Now this will surprise some people who know me as a lifelong Conservative, not a ranting and raving Conservative like rush limbaugh(Thank god), but a Conservative nonetheless. I guess I should spell conservative in lower case letters, since I really try not to get to worked up about anything, trying instead to come to an intelligent assessment of any issue I am interested in (and I promise I'll write about some of these issues later, in case someone accidently stumbles on my Blog).
Anyway, back to the nomination. Judge Sotomayor is being criticized by some of the "Old Guard" because of a statement she made that inferred she thought a Hispanic Woman would be a better Judge than a White Man. She hastily amended that statement, but you probably won"t hear much about that, as it doesn't support the "Chicken Littles", of the media and the Congress. What Judge S. undoubtably meant that in Judging a case of a Latino, Hispanic, or whatever label one chooses to use, a person of her ethnic background would, obviously be more likely to have walked in that person's shoes, than would a white man.

I would encourage all men and women of Goodwill (notice I capitalize some things that I deem important) rather than rushing to judgement of this Appointee to SCOTUS to instead study not only the Judge's personal life, but spend some time, actually quite a lot of time, reading as many of the over 3000 cases she has participated in, before arriving at a judgement.

Lets give the lady a chance and the benefit of doubt, which we all deserve,do we not?. We are giving the President this leeway, so why not the good lady?

Just in case anyone is reading this, feel free to post your comments, pro or con, I may or not agree with you, but in any case we can have a good old fashioned dialogue, in good humor, something our Forefathers had in a goodly quantity, but which, sadly, most of our current crop of politicians have neglected. I would like to exemplify my position by quoting an old Limerick, that sadly I have forgotten the Author of. A poet was criticized, by someone, a critic, one assumes, who called the Poet a fool. The poet replied "Sir, I admit your general rule, that every poet is a fool, but as you yourself can serve to show it, every fool is not a Poet"

Carpe Diem


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More American Politics, and other Felonius Acts

Hi Good People>

I wanted to say a few more things about the state of american politics. First of all, one thing I think that commends my idea, of one-six year term for all Federal and State Politicians, From The President, Governors,Senators, and especially Representatives and so on I say especially, as it now stands, as you all know, that Representatives (congressman) are elected to two year terms, and basically all they do during their entire tenure in D.C. is raise funds for their reelections, so elect them for one six year term and out, just like all the rest, and at least these Jokers will have time to (surprise) Represent their constituents , which is after all, the reason we waste our money sending these chaps to the Capitol.
And one more thing I might suggest, if there were anybody to listen, is that in following the Rules in place, i.e. the current system of terms of office, and given that this will undoubtedly be the norm for the forseeable future, Pass an act requiring all public officials who are out campaigning instead of being about the people's business, to first resign from the office that they are trying to remain in, and save the taxpayers a hell of a lot of money in salaries and "perks".
Yes, Gentle Readers, theres a lot wrong with our system of Politics, but it has worked, after a fashion for over two centuries , and is probably superior to systems extant in other Democratic Countries, so I guess the best we can do is try to live, and work with it, until we smarten up and take at least some of the suggestions offered above.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Good Evening good People;

The subject for this Blog Posting is Politics. Now I almost always obey the general rule that there are two things not to discuss; Politics and Religion.

And I don't discuss religion, although I've read the Bible, The Koran, The Talmud and the Book of Mormons. But I confess I haven't STUDIED them, so I in no way consider myself well enough versed to intelligently discuss the very deep subject of Religion.

However, I have studied Politics for a very long time. and I have come to a few conclusions.
I conclude that there is very little difference between the two Parties. At one time the Democrats were known as the working man's party and the Republicans were known as the rich man's party. As best as I can tell, this is no longer true. As an example, if you closely examine the donations all the various members of congress, you will find that just as many Democrats take (gladly) donations from a variety of Large Businesses, as do the Republicans. A saying I coined long ago goes as follows; "If you take a green crook and a brown crook and a white crook, and so on for all the colors in the spectrum, and you are color blind, all that you can say for certain, is that they are all crooks." Now I say that this could apply to most Politicians, Mostly on the State and Federal Level, I say Could, because there might be an honest Politician out there that I haven't heard about, If there is, I stand ready to apologize, and stand ready to suggest that they be placed in the Museum of Natural History, Primate Division of Endangered Species, or the Smithsonian as a Curiosity, along with the left handed typewriter and the Unsewing machine.

Now, what to do about our the ailing state of American Politics. I have a few suggestive thoughts on this matter, and after mulling them (the thoughts) over in my old feeble mind for a long time, I am ready to offer a few suggestions.

Eliminate the Party Labels. Require each candidate for public office write his Manifesto of the things he or she believes in, followed by the things he or she hopes to accomplish, If the office they seek is won. Now, a caveat, if a politician promises you, or the American Public, anything other than what is contained in their Manifesto, AND the simple statement that they will DO THEIR BEST, be very subjective in your judgement of them, after all that is all that any honest man can promise; "I'll do my best".

So far so good?

Next Limit the Primary Season to six months, and limit the campaign spending to one Million Dollars for any candidate. If they run out of money before the Primary Season is over, too bad, at least they will have learned how to follow a budget, something that I fear few of our current crop of "Pols" know anything about.

Next: Pass Laws(a Constitutional Amendment) that all Federal Offices shall be limited to one, six year term. Phrase the Amendment to read that 50% of the Politicians are elected every three years, that way there would always be somewhat of a Cadre of Experienced people in the House and the Senate. Also the limit of six years would allow the various people to get to the point of being able to function well, yet keep them from establishing a "Power Base", as now exists, in which too darn many Politicians secure for themselves a lifetime Sinecure. Now the opposing argument, i.e. that many Politicans would just sit on their increasingly fat behinds, knowing that their job was safe for six years,and do not one whit of work and Iconfess, that is a valid Argument, However, it is to be hoped, that the majority of the Electees would try to improve this Noble Country of Ours, do something worthwhile, and be known forever afterwards as a doer of Good Deeds.

I've got more to say about this, and I'll say it later, its bedtime, but as a thought for today, I heard a quote by an unknown Author, who said, "The one thing the Democrats and the Republicans have in common is a consuming interest in your (The Taxpayers) money!

Any thoughts? come on lets get a good rousing debate going, but be polite about it.

If you can , and please NO politicians, as that would be like allowing an accused robber to sit on his jury.



Thursday, May 14, 2009

The state of American education.

Hello Good People;

I recently saw a TV interview with a College Basketball Player, a Senior, about to graduate, and hopeful of a career in the Pro Leagues.
That struck me about this interview was just how semi-literate the player was. Here he was, on the cusp of Graduation, and totally unable to speak intelligible English. Every sentence was punctuated with "you knows" and "that Dude" and "got game".
Now I'm sure there are apologists out there, who are quick to start talking about the kid's undoubtedly horrible childhood, a child of the streets, not enough to eat and on and on and on,
but the burr under that saddle is that kid was playing for one of the Most respected Universities in this country, and the question is apparent, how the heck did this kid even get through High School, let alone College? This University as well as most others in the U.S., have huge amounts of money coming in from Alumni, various foundations, The Government, Etc, etc, and yet they (The Universities) raise Tuition costs, each and every year. If a CPA were to go over the Books of one of these schools, trying to balance their credits and debits, I think He or She would be immediately struck by how much the School spends on their Athletic Programs.Now there are always the apologists who are quick off the mark to scream (literally) that sports are self supporting due to ticket sales, sponsorships & etc. To them all I can say is "Horsefeathers. For what most Universities, large and small spend annually on Athletic programs, a whole bunch of deserving students could be given Scholarships, thus enriching their lives and that of the Country as a whole, and also once again make Education the most important item in our schools. I say away with benevolent promotions, if a kid is just too damned dumb to learn, or refuses to, then send them to a Trade School, this would help them, increase the labor force in this Great country, probably reduce unemployment, pare down welfare, and so on ad infinitum . The United States is fast falling behind most other civilized Countries in College Graduates, High School Graduates, Literacy, and just the overall dumbing-down of the population. It is a damned disgrace, After all, do we really need Tennis Teams, Golf Teams,volleyball teams, LaCrosse and so on and on, the list is depressingly long.
I have a 47 year old daughter who went back to College to finish her degree. She had to work 18 to 20 hours a day, studying, writing and all the other things one has to do to get an Education, I mean a real Education, Not just a piece of paper, that in reality just means that one was at such and such an Institution of Higher (snort) Learning for four or more years, but an Education that will enable one to go out and find a job, and once found, excel in that Job,and further him or herself, to their own betterment and that of our Society.
If it is so damned important for Colleges and Universities to have a School Team to attract donations from wealthy Alumni,Why not cut the Hypocricy and just go out and hire a team. That way they could cull the student body to serious students, and probably save a lot of money in the process. In the beginning, schools had athletic teams purely to turn out healthy, well rounded students. Athletics were not meant to be an Industry in Education.
I guess It's because I'm older, and daily realize just how much more Education I would have really loved to have the opportunity to gain, that it just makes me sick to see schools wasting their students time with Athletics, and penalizing non Athletic-Scholarship students with horrendously high tuition costs. And to illustrate the point, just pick out a major College and do a little research at what schools pay their Coaches, per year, and you will find an amount that would take the average working Joe or Jane to earn in 20 years of employment, and a lot of those Joes and Janes are the Professors and Instructors that are teaching our children in these selfsame schools.!

Think About It.

Stay Well
The Old Professor

Sunday, May 10, 2009

dot common sense

Happy Mothers Day to all you spectacular ladies out these who are Mothers. I have the immense good fortune to have been married to the World's Greatest Wife and Mother, for almost 55 years now, and I have to say that regardless of how hard I worked, in my job as a Husband and father to our three Children, I NEVER worked nearly as hard as my beloved wife did (and does) I feel singularly blessed and honored to have my proposal to her accepted lo these many years ago, tho I am still not sure why she chose me as her Husband-to-be, but I am very thankful that she did.
She could have done a whole lot better.

I am constantly dismayed to read in the papers and see on TV where guys beat their wives, lay on their fat asses and not work to support their wives and families, and ,in general, do nothing to justify their lives. They don't realize or recognize that they have a treasure, just waiting to be loved and helped.

So all of who are fortunate enough to have had (or have) a loving mother, and who are currently wed to a great wife and Mom, lets all, collectively, get down on our knees and thank God, and then hug and kiss and thank our wives for being there, always there, when we needed them.

Happy Mothers Day Sweethearts, we all love each and every one of you

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dot Common Sense

Hello Good People.

I was just thinking (in relation to my salutation)

I've met too many people to even count, during my almost 74 years of life, and by golly It seems like most of them were, in fact, good people. Sure, some of them had facets of their character that weren't very attractive, but heck thats true of all of us. And in thinking further, it seems like I've met very few bad people. Oh sure, theres been some bad ones, some worse than others, and a few that I would cheerfully have strangled, if I had but the chance of getting away with the act. BUT truth be told, theres not one of them thats still around, or impacting my life in any way.

So, if at the end of the day, you are setting around brooding about what someone did to you, said to or of you, that hurt you in some way, try your best to mentally put those thoughts in the Goodwill Industries drop box, and forget about them.

Remember, the Sun always comes up in the morning, even though on some cloudy days we may not glimpse it, its there, just waiting for the clouds to part, so we can once again see the warm smile of old Sol. You know, many of the ancients, worshipped the sun and maybe it was because they felt the same way as I do.

So.....Hope for and expect the best, and if the best doesn't come around, deal with it the best way you can, and turn the page to a new day. You wouldn't abandon a leaky life raft on an unfriendly sea, choosing to either swim or drown, would you? of Course not. of good cheer, hug your loved one or ones, pet your Dog or Cat, and if you don't have a Dog or Cat, take time to pet someone else's beloved Canine. Animals, I have found have more sense than humans. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with a rare and usually fatal brain disease, and in order to get the disease into remission, my Doctor, (The Best in the World) put me on extremely high doses of Cortico Steroids, which kept me awake, often for days at a stretch, and our sweet Chow-Chow, Miss Scarlett, stayed near me at all times, somehow she knew I needed her. I wonder how manyof my friends would have done the same, other than one true friend and of course, my Bestest Friend, My wife.


The Old Professor

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

dot common sense

Hello Good People:

I imagine I'm not alone in cheering the win of "Mine that Bird" Ridden by that most lovable of Jockeys, Calvin Borel . Calvin, as a lot of you already know comes from Cajun stock, and as someone who once lived among the Cajuns for Ten years, Calvin's success comes as no surprise to me. Almost all of the Cajun people I ever met, were among the most determined people one could ever hope to know, and I miss them terribly. They were also some of the most self depreciating people I've ever known, and never missed an opportunity to make fun of themselves. So let us all sit back and enjoy the moment, a 50 to 1 longshot horse wins the biggest race in the world, and a very deserving Jockey rides him to the win.
Have fun folks, ignore all the bad news if you can, cause its always out there, and I think the secret is to focus on the positive, the enriching, and the humerous things we experience every day.


The Old Professor