Friday, July 17, 2015


Good Evening:
Just a few notes on things I've seen lately , some of which astounded me and some irritated me.

In the news for the past few days is the nearing of the spacecraft New Horizons to the Dwarf Planet Pluto.
As some of you know Pluto was discovered in 1931 by Clyde Tombaugh, a farm boy who was fascinated by Astronomy, but , owing to the failure of the crops in his family farm, he had to postpone (and as far as he knew then, forget about) College to study this science. He none-the-less continued, in his space time, which those of you who have lived on a Farm, know there is precious little, the study of the Planets he could see, first in a small Sears-Roebuck telescope, which almost immediately proved much too small, so he began building his own. He build something over 20 telescopes, and like a true man of science, he was always seeking to build a better, bigger one.

This Man is the type of man I think of when I think of Common sense. He was offered a job in an observatory after his discoveries, still without a college education, and only after he had firmly established himself as a would-be man of science, did he attend College, Getting several Degrees and ultimately becoming a Professor.

As I say this is a man with common sense. And he is the good side of the coin.

Now if we take a bright shiny counterfeit coin from our pocket, and let it represent a Man named Alan Gribben, who earned his notoriety, after his College Education and multiple degrees, by one simple act that I will focus on.

Mr. Gribben, a fine example of an educated jackass, chose as his signal work, a purging the Novel Huckleberry Finn, as fine a novel that has ever been written in my estimation, of all that sticks and stones word nigger, and changing it to "Slave".

This is Mr. Gribbens contribution to our Literature.

I wonder, if next he will, after notifying the press, take copies of all the books which have something in their words to make Mr. Gribbens Elbow Patches fall off, and take them to street and burn them.

Can you imagine the ego of this man, to think that he knew more than Mark Twain.

Now I formerly earned a Living as a Uranium Chemist, and I would never dream of crossing metaphorical swords with good Ol'Alan. bUT I CALLS 'EM AS I SEES "EM.

Sic Semper Adolf


Friday, July 10, 2015

Politics and other curse words.

Hi there sports fans.

Well its that time again. The time when all television stations feature nothing but politics. BLEAH!

It seems that every single pundit who jumps into the foray issues comments which, I think, they want us to believe. We are supposed to take as gospel every half-assed word that these fools excrete.

At the moment I am incensed by the so called commentator, Jon Steward. At times his show slips into sensible waters, but at the present, he seems to have pulled off his sup-hose and waded into Cow Shit.

His latest target, out of all the possible targets out there is Donald(I'm Richer than God) Trump. I am not a fan or supporter of  "the Donald" BUT he has a right to say whatever he wants. Mr. Stewart (nee Leibowitz)  apparently does not believe in the First Amendment.