Saturday, May 29, 2010

More Notes on the Oil Spill

Good Morning:

Well folks, I guess we can relax now. The President has assured us that he and the Government are on top of this "Thing" (oil spill).

The Prez flew in yesterday, arriving in Grand Isle, La about thirty minutes after about 400 workers showed up, via special buses, in spanking clean Haz-Mat suits, complete with color co-ordinated shirts and hats, and were busily raking, shoveling, squeegeeing (?) the sand, walking around peering at the sand, picking up balls of oil with their gloved fingers, and in general giving the appearance that by-golly the Government was right on top of this disaster.

Local people called these workers and the President's visit a "Dog and Pony Show", intimating that it was a staged photo op to try and fool the public into thinking that, indeed, everything was being done that could be. There was also a yellow Hazard tape that was pristine in it's newness strung along the beach just in case someone, anyone, didn't know that there had ben an oil spill.

The whole affair, I think, lasted a couple of hours, and then the President had to leave, to fly to Chicago, where, today, he is engaged in the serious business of playing Basketball in a School Gym. In a Televised interview with a Restaurant owner, the camera showed where the "workers" had dumped their haz-mat suits, still clean and white, in this restaurant owner's Dumpster(Without Permission) before departing from the area.

If we were not already sick enough of the mis-handling of this tragedy, and of the purient politics involved, the scenes yesterday and the President's urgency in not missing a Basketball Game in Chicago today, should make us all upchuck.


p.s. The "Topkill" didn't work . Perhaps it is time for the Government to hire a firm such as Red Adair's, who specialize in oil well disasters to come in and take charge, and then send the bill to B.P. I realize that Adair's firm specialized in Oil Well fires, but there are other firms who specialize in other aspects of Oil Well Disasters. For one thing, strictly as a non-professional, I nonetheless know that the Government could station a fleet of super tankers around the well site and vacuum up the oil as it spills out and pump it into the tankers. This method has worked before in other offshore locations.

It's worth a try, or perhaps we could just send all the Bureaucrats from Washington, D.C. to the area, line them up along the shoreline, and if they can suck as well as they can blow, they should be able to corral this spill in short order.

Anyway, we should never forget all those people whose livlihood's, and indeed their lives, are being inundated in this obscene mess. Pray for them.


Thursday, May 27, 2010


Good Morning Folks:

I am sure that many, if not most, of you have been following the events following the Horrendous Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and no doubt, nearly in tears in worry about the People of the affected areas, and sorrow for the families of the Eleven Men who died in the initial explosion, which started this whole mess.

This morning I turned on the Television, hoping to hear that the "Mud Pumping and Cementing' operation was successfully under way.

BUT, first I had to listen to various "Anchors" telling me all about (more than I wanted to know) the latest from Facebook. Now on the nearly nonexistent chance that one of these same "Anchors' is reading this, let me just say I DON'T CARE ABOUT FACEBOOK, OK? Neither do I care to listen to the Outlaw Cycle Builder Jesse James whining about his terrible-terrible childhood. To the very best of my knowledge not one person has ever had a perfect childhood, with the possible exception of Hugh Hefner, whose childhood has never ended, plus he's probably too weak to complain anyway, so get over it Jesse, you screwed up, and since you are always acting like a tough guy, suck it up. You lost one of the Sweetest and Cutest Actresses in the country when you decided to hop on the tattooed lady.

Next, before I could hear any real news, I had to endure about 77,000 hours of commercials. For the record, I don't care what my credit score is, I do not need the services of Tax (or, as I call it, Fat and, although I probably need it, I am not interested in re-growing my thinning pate-patch, and my taking Viagra would be akin to putting a V-8 engine on a child's tricycle.

Plus, I am in favor of the proposed Arizona Immigration law, even though it seems redundant to me, as I was under the impresssion that sneaking across out borders was already illegal, so I don't really need to hear this issue addressed 80 or 90 times per day.

By the time they (the Newt-works) finally got around to addressing the Oil Spill, it was basically by telling us to wait just a moment and President Obama would give us the absolute low down ( an excellent choice of words when speaking of a Politician or Politics) on the Oil Spill, which chiefly consisted of his same old worn out litany, of the problems don't lay with his administration, but were inherited from ole George W., who we all know already know was pretty much of a Dud, and DO NOT need to be reminded of every blessed time President Roundball speaks, which it seems is several times a day, if Air Force One is spending a few minutes on the ground, which is seldom.

Finally, I am absolutely sure that O's speech was useless, as I watched a "screen-within-a-screen" view of the Oil gushing out of the ruptured pipe, and it did not stop or even slow down during the wind gust from D.C.

As best as I can tell, the (B.P.) effort to stem the leak with drilling mud and cement is progressing slowly, but, so far so good.



Saturday, May 1, 2010


Hideho Good Folks:

Well today is the Anniversary of this mess that I call a Blog.

One year ago today I wrote a piece about that Lovable Jockey,Calvin Borel, winning the Kentucky Derby, and darned if he didn't just turn around and do the same thing today. He won again on Super Saver, making him the winner of three of the past four Derbys.

I don't know what it is about the Kentucky Derby that makes it so special, not just to myself and my wife, but to a tremendous amount of other folks.

Maybe its the competition, maybe its the Beauty of the Setting, or the majesty of the Horses, I just don't know.

Or perhaps its the idea of watching these splendid animals give their all, for very little in the way of an equine award. Same old stall, same old hay and oats, with perhaps an occasional treat in the way of a reward. Its a puzzle.

Or maybe its the idea that here is a sentient being giving its all just for the joy and challenge of outrunning the other competitors.

Quite a contrast to we humans, huh? Kind of makes you wonder which is the superior species doesn't it? I think horses have in common with Mans True Best Friend, the Dog, in doing what it does for very little reward.

Perhaps we can all learn a lesson from Animals.

Worth thinking about.

Stay Well