Saturday, September 21, 2013


I write occasionally about Gun Control, something few gun Owners are desirous of contemplating, but folks, as far as I can tell, the furor in congress each time some nut thinks it would be good therapy for him to procure a firearm and go out and kill a few people. I'm no Psychologist, but as far as I can tell these killers are driven by nothing the Normal, Sentient,  peace loving person can possibly understand.

Now for the solution. If there is one, and I'm not sure that there is one that would be acceptable to both sides of the Arguments would agree on. Perhaps to begin with, Congress, should gather groups of six or eight people to have a round table discussion on the best course of action they feel would be wise, and then submit this, along with the actions other Congressional Round Table groups came up with. and maybe, just maybe, then there could begin to be some sensible discussions.

But one thing I do know. As a gun owner for over 65 years, and currently possessing very few weapons, I feel that part of the problem, as hard as it is to say, and probable subject that will engender some wailing and screaming is this.


So all you zealots, go ahead and scream now. But lets examine the recent a few days ago at the Washington Navy Yard. This nut bought a Shotgun, as he was unwilling to abide by a three day waiting period and a background check. this should have alerted the salesperson at the store where he bought the shotgun that this man had some issues. so the question I would ask this seller is this: "Is a profit of fifty or sixty Dollars worth having, when there's a good chance that the buyer has problems. In the event at the D.C. Navy Yard, for the sake of a few bucks profit on a sale, 13 people lost their lives to an absolute insane person, who was thankfully killed by Police.

So,Fellow Gun Owners, it is past time for us, all responsible Gun Owners to start Policing ourselves, and if we see a person that we KNOW to have mental problems, we should inform the would be seller of this fact,  and if he or she declines to take any action, we should notify the Police immediately.

I can positively guarantee you that this will be the act of a good citizen.

Criticize me all you wish. but remember, saving or helping to save a Human Life is one of the noblest of Human endeavors.

Lets hear from you,



Chicago=The Algonquin word for getagun

Good Morning Folks:

Well,, I got up this morning, and retrieved what used to be a Newspaper, but has become nothing more than a record of Mass shootings, Congressional Malfeasance, Executive stumbling, and an assemblage of things that we never used to see , on a daily basis, in our Newspapers.
Last night, or actually in the wee early hours of today, in Chicago (Motto: If it feels good, shoot it) during a (what else) Basketball game, some moke with an Assault Weapon, with high capacity magazine opened fire on a crowd of people, including a three year old child. The second question in my mind is what kind of Mother would take a three Year Old Child to ANY mass gathering at that hour of the day. If I had to take a guess, I would guess the following. The Mother is probably between 14 and 17 years of age, or younger.  Birthed this Child, without benefit of Matrimony, has no "Father Figure, " in the house,  and depends on the government for Medical Care, Food Stamps, child care, housing allowance and indeed, everything but Birth Control.

I thought this was supposed to be a New Era for Chicago when Rob Emmanuel waltzed into the Mayors Job with a campaign based on his working with Obama and freely using the "M-F" word, and, as far as I can tell, nothing else

If anything will save Chicago, and I have doubts that anything will, it will be by the immediate implementation of a "Stop and Frisk" policy for the Police, together with the creation and heavy use of "BAM"  squads, which consist of multiples of  large cars with four BIG men, heavily armed roving the city and intervening when they see suspicious groups."BAM" is an acronym for "by any means", which is exactly what is required in order to TRY and bring some semblance of Order to Chicago.
Actually Chicago is just the Poster Child for what ails many, if not most, big cities in this Nation, and it is an Absolute disgrace.  We, as a Nation, are now reaping the results of years of putting the rights of Criminals before the almost non existence of Victims Rights.

You know what? This Barn is too badly damaged. Lets just tear it down and build another one. The old Barn (read Nation) gave us many years of excellent service, but Now, after all these years of neglect, it is being wrecked by some of the Animals it was built to shelter and nourish.

Stay Well


Friday, September 20, 2013

Life's Lessons Learned

Good Afternoon Friends:

I have been, as is my wont, doing too much thinking lately.

I have been dwelling on things best not exposed to the light of sentient thought, and instead
left in the closet in our minds where we keep those memories that are distasteful, those things we had rather not drag out and dust off once again, those failures (seems like I have more than my share of those) and those disappointments, which we all have, and should have when we grow grey in the beard and finally are able to be Honest with ourselves.

Now I would submit that it is harder to be honest with ourselves than it is to be honest with other people  . For example, when I look in the mirror, I am not at all pleased at what I see.
Not my Visage, that was issued to me long ago and there's not one thing I can do about it other than to smile more, but rather bodily profile, which is getting alarmingly like that of Hitchcock.I tell myself I am going to start getting more exercise, but I am fibbing when I say this. You know the old expression, the road to Hell is paved etc... Well I've accumulated a vast store of these pavers. I've meant to exercise more, but here I sit on my ever expanding bottom, while more a few pretty days have gone by.

When we had our dog, my wife or I would walk her at least once every day. She loved it, we loved it, and we profited from it healthwise, save the one time I was struck by a little old lady in a big new car, who departed quickly. Fortunatly, for me, my Dog was not struck, and for that I was and am thankful. Better me than my Dog. But when the bruises healed, I continued to walk my Dog, just not in that particular area. So I should be getting more exercise, Period.

Another thing that I've probably been guilty of is reading too much.  I know, I is said that that is impossible to do, but it isn't. When I neglect other things and other people due to a good book, then that is too much.

I am, and always have been,too impatient, Especially since when I have gotten well past the age when one wishes for a slowdown in the march of time, not a speedup. Oddly enough, I am patient in some areas where, perhaps, others are. I am patient in Traffic, for instance. I have been fortunate to have not been in many auto crashes, but there have been enough to illustrate to myself the wisdom of just waiting, in certain situations, but at the same time, I HATE to wait in a Doctor's office. Perhaps this is engendered by the fact that sometimes we experience pain or poverty, or both, during these visits, but that, too, is an excuse .

Speaking of a Dog. I think that most Dogs are better people than most people.

Reading the morning Newspaper has gotten to be an unpleasant exercise, I would recommend avoiding it, when possible. And the same goes , in Spades, for Television. You know that vast medium where people are paid to be inane ( addition to Politics.)
Good Evening Folks:

Well, by golly Spring has arrived. there for awhile, during the winter I was beginning to think it never would, but since thats exactly the same thing I think every Winter, I'm usually sort of hibernating each year. To be blunt I do not  like Winter in any of its ideations, save its appearance on a calendar, and at my age, calendars are to be avoided at all cost, I usually read an awful lot of books each Winter. Now my good wife will tell you that is nothing new, I read a lot of books all the time, more than I should, probably, but to me books invoke a sort off "Childhood Christmas Morning, Can't wait to open the gifts" feeling. this is more true when a new Book by one of my favorite authors comes out, and I'm sort of standing on one leg and then the other, until the book is in MY hands, and Oh Boy, Oh Boy.