Thursday, May 5, 2016

New or formerly abnormal

Good Afternoon all

I should say before I write this that I am quite certain the following words will have the effect of infuriating some, sneering by others, agreement by a few, hatred by a goodly number and applause by those of you, who like I, remember what I love to call the good old days.
In the past days, 9 people were killed in a Church, during bible study by yet another young white guy who I 'm pretty sure was nutty as a fruitcake. Now this was a Tragedy, in the fullest sense of the word, and all decent minded and law abiding citizens will grieve  at this horror.


The flag flying near a Confederate Memorial had absolutely nothing to do with this tragedy. I will not contest that the young nut had such a flag (small and cheap) in certain photos, but I am reasonably sure that the person who sold this young nut his Pistol  saying"Now, before I can sell you this gun you have to sign this affidavit saying that you actually love all others of whatever race, but you are sure that it will be a civic service if you kill a bunch of people, and wouldn't do so except that the confederate flag made you do it. " Either that or a Unicorn told you do it" or if you really want to say that you're just a flipping nut who never amounted to anything and never expect to, you will be in the minority in any list of crazy folk. Amen.

Okay, glad I cleared that up, as I just love rearranging History to suit myself and the TV networks.

Now, to make a bunch of changes, all states and the Federal Government should immediately remove every single Statue in Washington D.C. and anywhere in any state to make damn sure that we don't have a statue of a racist anywhere. Then just to cover all bases, let's change the name of the National Association of the Advancement of Colored People to the National Association of the Advancement of All People.

Now while I am in a silly frame of mind, lets take a look at the latest comedy performed by the Supreme Court.

As you surely know, the court ruled that it is now legal for a man to marry another man, his German shepherd, the neighbors goat, another neighbors drill press or his Cedar Tree. It is Instead illegal for a Man or Woman to Marry anyone of the opposite sex. Unless they promise to convert to Homosexuality in any of its varied forms. That ought to clear up all pressing matters of the past week.

But, I digress (which I love to do)
Concentrating on the space cadet who murdered all those people in a S.C. Church. If I could have gotten to him in time I would have suggested that he was  he act like any other kid his age and stay home, collect comic books, Hack other people's Computers and squeeze Pimples.
If this Yahoo indicated that he was disinclined to do these things, I would have put his ass on an Airplane with a one-way ticket to the Congo.

Well, I guess I have horrorified enough people for now.
Stay Well


Oh Me!

Good Evening folks:

Well I guess Donald Trump's argument pertaining to Immigrants is getting awfully close to be a good idea for our nation. The actions of just TWO immigrants in killing 14 of our citizens and wounding many others sort of cements the argument of The Donald, Not So?.

I have been edging closer and closer to believing this Nation is going to have to Limit our population.
Close all our Damn Borders except for Canada and examine our so called Allies closely.

Require all our young College Graduates to a 2 year period of service teaching in an impoverished area e.g. West Virginia, An Indian Reservation, and etc. At least it will give them a taste of earning one's living and get them out from under their parents roofs.


eliminate eliminate eliminate ALL sports scholarships!!!

If as a population feel that we must have College sports Teams, Hell, go out and hire atheletes, this would perhaps satisfy all those couch "Alumni"
most of whom never went to college anyway. And then, Dear Hearts, the slots previously filled on Counterfeit papers by Lummoxes who contribute nothing but entertainment would be available for Students who could not previously pay for an Education.

I guess one of the things that make me see Red when I am reading the Paper and I see where the Coach of the University of Kentucky Basketball Corporation tells his incoming Freshmen , attending free of charge, and told by good old Coach whoever "I want one and done players to come to the U.K. he babbles. You play )One year for me and I'll guarantee you'll be drafted by a sports franchise."

Yep, it's the truth. I swore before all the primary elections to not let the stupidity of all this electoral nonsense get to me, but 17 would be candidates is just too silly to contemplate. It now appears, that against all odds, those candidates have been filtered out that Mr. Trump will be the Republican Candidate when Election time rolls around.
Whether or not he will be a good candidate remains to be seen, but one thing for sure. If, at the beginning, someone told me that he would be "The Chosen One", I would have thought this person had a hole in his head.
Now, for the Democratic Candidate. Personally I like Bernie Sanders. He too has defied all odds and beaten Hillary Clinton in many of the States.
All the Pundits are saying that Hillary will still easily be the Candidate, but I think that perhaps we should wait and see.

Well thats' all for now.

Stay well and enjoy the Political Fireworks.