Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Good Morning Good People.

As you can see, this post is on a touchy subject. I hesitated to create this post because as I am a Caucasian male, and therefore, it will be said by many that I am not qualified to comment on this subject. But I believe, and pretty much always have , that without an honest and amicable discussion, on virtually any subject, no understanding or consensus is possible. So..........Here goes.

I have to first say that I am somewhat puzzled by people of color referring to themselves as "African-Americans . My first impulse is to wonder why they want to intentionally separate (which is after all a synonym for segregate) themselves from people of other races by this self-labeling ? It seems to this old white guy that in order to ever overcome racism we must first not intentionally erect any descriptive words which become a division. How would it sound if I referred to myself as a "Scottish-Irish-French-german-British-Native-American-american"? I think I will continue to think of myself as a proud American, Period.

We also hear a lot about the "N" word. A lot more so than since the O.J. Simpson trial, when Lawyer Johnnie Cochran intentionally, he admitted, played the "Race Card".
The jury as you will recall was mostly people of color, and Cochran knew that the only realistic chance he had of a not guilty verdict was to employ this strategy.

I think you will also recall that the trial was a farce, thanks largely to a Judge who was a whole lot less than competent, and the leading Prosecutor, and I confess I can't think of her name, was also less than sharp. Even though there was clearly a huge preponderance of evidence to prove that he (O.J.) was guilty as sin, he was as you recall, acquitted.

I think this caused the biggest racial divide in this country since the Civil War, and we have the Defense Lawyers and the Jury to Blame. I also remember that very few people dared to go on Television and honestly call this a miscarriage of Justice, for fear of being labeled a Racist. folks, where are we going to end up if we as a people , do not face facts and begin to address this problem? Lets face it, most of us are Racists whether we admit it or not. I think people who admit to being so are honest and those who don't aren't.

I Think another thing that is divisive is the "Congressional Black Caucus". I feel that this intentional separatism is another form of Racism, wherein the members of said caucus find some benefit by identifying themselves in this fashion.

I have to say that I think I am fairly objective in my views, having worked with more people of color than I remember, and getting along with them very-very well.
In my previous career, I worked in a Uranium Conversion plant, as a Chemist, and was on such good terms with most of the Colored guys I worked with that they would call out my name and wave when they would see me in the far distances of the Plant. One of the smartest people I knew there was a Man of Color, and I had, and have the highest regard for this Man to this Day. He is a Minister, also, and I have frequently wished I could attend a Service at his Church, because he was so Intelligent, reasonable and well spoken.I don't think of this Man or any of the others whom I have mentioned in terms of color or race, but rather the content of their character, friendliness, and the manner in which they performed their duties. I hope that these individuals would grade me on the same fundiments.

I trust you will forgive me for using the word Colored, one that I feel and felt was respectful.

This brings one other thing to this tired old mind of mine, and that concerns the Verboten "N" word. I don't know about anyone else, But I freely admit having used that word in the past, as have, I feel, in excess of Ninety some percent of all Americans. Personally I don't find it as offensive as the 'M-F" word, which I have been called too many times without cause. Neither of these words should be used, and as one of my best friends once said to me "Not all (n words) are Black and not all Blacks are(n words) and I think that is exactly right. Perhaps we should all agree to start using the word "Trash" when describing an extremely repulsive person.

I think that over the part forty-some years too much has been ballyhooed in the Media and Government about peoples race, and too little about their behavior.

Let me be abundantly clear on one point. I have as little regard for a white fool as I do a Black, yellow, or brown fool, or any combination of those.

My family and I lived in Mississippi at the time of Lyndon Johnson's tinkering with Civil Rights. He (johnson) declared Mississippi, as a state, to be a hotbed of racial hatred. To obviate his declaration I will simply say that one of my best hunting and fishing buddies was a man of color, and I think we got along famously.

We owned a small business in the Beautiful town of Natchez, Ms, and I have never in my life met friendlier people than I did there, and I speak of people of all colors.

Once the Politicians decided they could make some political hay out of the situation. Martial Law was declared. That is when the trouble started. People of both major races began to feel as if they had to take sides, to the total detriment of most, if not all, citizens.

I was stopped at roadblocks both by the KKK and the NAACP, both of which groups were armed, and I was threatened with violence if I attempted to pierce the Roadblock. I simply followed the advice of an FBI friend of mine, and waited until the Head Grand Draggin (not a ms_) or community Organizer came to the window of my vehicle to personally give me a dire warning, and then persuaded the Threatener to accompany me through the Block with the gentle urging of a firearm which I legally had in my hand. I regret that these things happened, but they did, and I acted as I always had and do, to protect myself and my family.

It was the presence of these polar opposite groups that caused trouble in that Beautiful little Town, and not the average population.

The Government, intentionally or not, in their Proclamations, acted like a Magnet to draw these people of Ill will to that place, at that time.

How much better it would have been for the people (of all races) in Natchez, to come together in community meetings, and hash out their differences, than what ultimately ensued.

The way it turned out was that both groups of people , white and black, ended up at the least, mad at one another, and at the worst with hatred in their hearts, where there had once been a genial peace and friendship between of all races.

Folks I don't pretend to know many answers , but I don't think the answer lies in divisiveness, but rather in Education and just plain old calm common sense

To go back to the Black Caucus thing. Would it be Politically Correct for there to be a congressional White Caucus ? Of Course not. Nor would it fail to occasion charges of racism if there was a Miss White America, but apparently it is O.K. to have a Miss Black America , and how about the United Negro College fund? could there legally be a united Caucasian College Fund ? Nope!

So what we have, writ large, is a double Standard, which cannot continue to exist and even flourish, if we are ever to be a truly United Country. Personally I don't think we shall ever see such a thing, more especially not as long as there are people like Al sharpton, et al, who presume to speak for all people of one color.

I know for sure that I would resent it if anyone were to assume to someone like Rush Limbaugh, or any other big-mouthed fool of his ilk, was speaking for me. I speak for myself, not only in words, but in behavior, and in efforts to be a good citizen. I cannot speak for those of other races, but I would be willing to bet that intelligent members of whatever race would feel similiar to what I feel.

Personally I think that to give people like Sharpton a stage is a form of emotional Blackmail, catering as he does to the innermost bad inclinations of some people, causing unruly demonstrations, near riots, needless violence and arrests.

He and said Limbaugh are Jokers from the same deck, albeit a different suite.

As I said in the preamble to this post, I am as sure as I can be that I will be criticised, as a white person, for even daring to speak to such a controversial subject, but I don't really care. I think wrong is wrong and right is right, and one of the most important Rights, that of Free Speech, as enumerated in the Constitution, should apply equally to all people of whatever Color or Background, and then perhaps, just perhaps, we can finally start to sort through the minefield that is currently race Relations, and Racism.

I think that I, personally, have been as often discriminated against for giving honest answers to posed questions, rather than following Office Politic Norms and/or "Politically Correct Answers". A phrase that sickens me a little more each time I read or hear it. So if you agree or disagree with the above, let me hear about it in your comments, for it is truly said that a Man without Opinions is like a Preacher without pants, in that no one could tell you what either had to say. I will add one thing, and then I will shut up. recently my wife was in a Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Facility, following Knee Replacement Surgery, and among all the nice people was a Lady of color(and I Stress the word Lady) who went out of her way to be nice and sweet to my wife. The day my wife left both she and I hugged this fine lady in gratitude for her wonderful care and loving personality and both received a generous hug in return. Nuff Said. Now, I firmly believe in the Biblical Injunction to Judge Not lest You be Judged, and I freely admit to having failed to strictly adhere to those instructions, in all cases, However , how wrong is it, when we see a fool, to call him or her a fool, when we see trash, to think of them as trash, and recognize a criminal, regardless of color . When people of this or that voting bloc begin to stress Education and Behavior as methods of self-betterment, rather than using their uniqueness to try and get something for nothing, and as an excuse for their trespasses, then and only then will their lot,and that of the American People begin to improve.

As I said in the beginning, I hesitated to broach this subject, knowing full well the criticisms I will receive, and I worked on this post for about three months before posting, to try my best to show objectivity. My efforts may not be good enough, but I will have, at least, tried. Isn't that perhaps what we all need to do?

Best Wishes


Monday, September 28, 2009


I have stated in an earlier blog that I don't ordinarily discuss Religion and/or politics. (Notice the capitalization and lack thereof, as a reminder of the importance of the two)

But on this one occasion, I will depart from my rule (and its really only a rule applying to face to face conversations, what I write on this mess of a blog are nothing more than opinions that I hope won't be held against me, as, after all, where would we be as a species if not for exchanges of opinion)

I really don't know enough about any Religion to comment at length on it, but over the past too many years I have been given more than due cause to wonder about the Muslim religion. I suppose I should hasten to say that the following is not a reflection on any true Muslims , but merely my opinions of some of their less enlightened brothers.

But, it seems to me that ANY religion that encourages people to kill other people for no other reason than a difference of opinion concerning one Religion vs. another is misguided, to be kind, and Bastardized, to be less kind. I speak of course, of those nutty "Mullahs" who encourage their followers to go out and blow themselves up, in order to kill anyone who happens to be in the vicinity when they act upon these crazy instructions. I have noted, as have, I'm sure many of you, that usually when some misguided follower of that Nut Mullah Omar, commits one of these unspeakable acts, upon direction, fellow Muslims are frequently killed, as well as people of a different religious persuasion than their own. These idiots, I understand are also led to believe that they will go straight to Paradise and be presented with seventy two virgins. Wouldn't it be funny if the bespoken virgins turned out to all be men just like the bomber? As Homer Simpson (A very wise man in compared to these bloodthirsty idiots), would say D`OH!!!
And all the above comments above apply equally to the men (lower case intended) who have proudly beheaded people in the name of "their God". I think I speak for the majority of all people of goodwill, in saying that I hope that the person who so proudly committed such an unspeakable act on tape, as in the case of the young Jewish boy who did nothing more than go to Iraq in hopes of erecting some communication towers, under contract, to the U.S. Government,and was beheaded on tape, it is to be hoped that the Animal responsible for this heinous act is now receiving his just Punishment, that Terrorist deserves nothing more than disdain, both for his savage and senseless act but what he has received. As for the showing of this tape on american T.V One can only try to imagine what horrors this caused the family of the young Jewish boy. Hopefully the savage who performed this atrocious act, is now wandering around Paradise, Thanks to a surgically placed smart bomb fired from a U.S. Aircraft,and his subsequent demise, is among seventy two guys with the same puzzled look of disappointment on their faces, as does the most recent arrival, all of whom, it is to be hoped, named Bruce.

Again, these are just my thoughts, and if you don't like them, I don't care. My Christian Faith says for us to practice forgiveness, that we might be forgiven, and I try to Hew to that line, but these deceased dunces of whom I write, need not think overmuch on my forgiveness, but rather that of He who will be on the Bench in the Court of final Judgement. My God is a loving God, and I assume the same is true of the God of the Islamic religion, but apparently these followers of the "mullet Mullahs" have persuaded their followers that their God wants Christian and Jewish Blood as well as the blood of anyone who disagrees with their dunderheaded views. True peaceful practioners of Islam, I'm sure, are just as disgusted as am I.

Stay Well, and allow others to do the same.


Sunday, September 27, 2009


Good Morning Good People.

I was just reflecting on some funny things that have happened to me over the course of my life, so far. To be blunt quite a few things that were not so funny also happened.

I was rereading a great blog "eto22thedeadmaninyossarianstent" which I recommended in a previous blog entry, and read the Authors advance apologies to his parents for using some profanity (mild) in his writings about his ongoing Army Service(I know , I know, Service should not be capitalized in this sentence, but as I have said before, I capitalize the things that I hold to be important, and I will Always Capitalize terms regarding any one's Military Service. It is a matter of respect with me, as I feel that too many who have Served are not recognized. Now, I hastily exempt myself from that list, as I absolutely did nothing heroic while in the Army, but I should say, that one of my postings was in the Washington, D.C. area, and I, being more or less perpetually broke, I spent many weekends touring all the many tourist spots in our Nation's Capitol, including many a happy hour in the Smithsonian Institute where I also met one of the Proctors of that magical place, and thus got to see some things that weren't on display to the public. Another of my favorite places to visit was Arlington National Cemeterywhere
I spent many a Saturday or Sunday sitting on the steps of the Lee House, facing the Tomb of the Unknown, watching with respect and admiration as the Eternal Honor guard paced out his March of Tribute, back and forth, regardless of weather, with admirable precision and timing . I had the privilege of contemplating the unheard roll call of the Honored Dead who lay on these hallowed grounds. I remember thinking that anyone who has not visited this beautiful place are perhaps unknowingly poorer for not having done so. On the days when I walked among the Markers of those who lay here I tried to always pay a silent Tribute to each and every one of them, regardless of their rank, for they themselves in a lot of cases probably thought their Service to our Nation was insignificant, but no other person who views these perfect rows of Markers can possibly think such.
And that is all I'm going to write on this subject right now, for I lack the mental agility and command of our common language to properly pay Homage. My poor efforts fall much too short.

I had intended to continue this blog with some of the amusing anecdotes that happened to me, during the course of my Army term, but for some reason, I don't think I can write any more just now, as I find myself wandering a bit too much from my storyline.

I will try to continue later.

Stay Well


Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Blog

Hello good People:

I hope you are all Hale and Hearty this Day.

This will be a short posting to recommend a couple of very good blogs.

The first is: http://eto22/
this Blog is written by a young Captain in the U.S. army. I was routed to the Blog by the Captain's Father, whose own Blog (Exactly Write) inspired me to begin Writing again after a too long hiatus (together with a few emails of encouragement). No doubt said pater familias has had second thoughts now about said urgings, but too late, the damage is done, as anyone who had read my soggy blog already knows.
Anyway, back to the Blog by the Young Captain.
This Blogger is an admirer of "Catch 22" by Joseph Heller, and he readily admits it has inspired his Blog and the style in which it is written.
I will let all of you to make your own assessments of this Blog, but I'd wager you will instantly love it, as have I. I think the Blog serves to illustrate not only the Excellence of his Fraternal (and I hasten to add, his Maternal )antecedent, and their keen insight into the human condition, but also the Excellent Education he received at the United States Military Academy at West Point. After checking out this blog I don't think many of you will disagree with my assessment.

I recently was stumped by a puzzle relating to this pitiful Blog of mine, and posted a question on Yahoo.Ask, as well as other sites, seeking an answer, and was immediately helped by a Mr. John Butler Turner. He also gifted me with the address of two of his Blogs which are Excellent and helpful. They are: and

I'm sure that you will enjoy these blogs also, as have I.

Happy Blogging (even though it is hard slogging)

All the Best

Monday, September 21, 2009

Update on Ignorance.

Good Morning Gentle souls :

Just a recap and update on things I don't know, and the availability of help.

It seems that a number of folks have told me that they couldn't find my blog, so after fruitlessly trying the things I knew how to do (and I am embarrassed at their low census) I appealed for help on google, and lo and behold, I received four answers to my problem. One or two of them I didn't fully understand, being as I am, a neophyte in the world of not only blogging, but computers in general, but I received outstanding replies from Mr. John Turner, which I think have corrected the problem, and made me also probably too proud of the nice compliments about my lowly blog.

This reinforces, I think, my earlier blog on using the computer to teach ones self how to use the Computer properly.

I know in this day and age of Technology, most younger people assume that everyone knows how to use every byte of the Technology involved in/with computers. But as for me, I freely confess that among the millions of things I do not know are what most people think are basic, common knowledge, in Re computers.

So I guess I will continue to gather my rusty lance, and mount my swaybacked Dell , and joust earnestly away at the Windmills of Knowledge.

Out damned spot(s)

I greatly appreciate the kind people who have thus far responded , they have reaffirmed my belief in human nature.

On appropriately bended knee, I am:

The Old Professor (aka; the dummy)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wars and Rumors of War.

Good Day Good People.

I've just been thinking today about War. Most people of my generation have either been either a witness to, or a participant in, five wars, as well as two or more short lived military deployments, and most, if not all of our generation have an opinion on the subject of War.

My own feelings on the subject is simply this: There is no such thing as a "Good" War. There have been, as always, justifications for just about any War one cares to mention, as World War Two, for example, stopped the Tyranny and Insanity of that Devil's Disciple , Adolf Hitler, and stopped the further slaughter of the Jewish People, much too late, as over six million Jews can bear a mute and terrible witness to. And of course, the U.S. was brought into that War by the attack on Pearl Harbor, just as our Nation was brought into the current wars by the unprovoked and filthily insane occurrences of September Eleventh, two thousand and one.

I can recall vividly, after the First gulf War, when U.S. forces drove Saddam Hussein's legions of brigands from Kuwait, that many people criticized President George H.W. Bush (41) for not going on into Iraq and capturing Saddam Hussein.

But I am reminded of a quote from Sun tzu's "The Art of War" "He who wishes to fight must first count the cost" And History records Then President George H.W. Bush's statement that further pursuit and attacks would result in too many casualties.

I think that subsequent events ( The Iraq War) have proven that Bush the first was correct in his assessment. He (bush the Elder), after all, was a True veteran of World War Two, and knew first hand of the terrible price of war, first, and most importantly, the cost in Human Lives Lost, and secondly, the impact on our Economy.

I find it somewhat Ironic that in the period immediately following the First Gulf War, the President and all of his Military Leaders were cheered, and then not much later, He (Bush the First) was voted out of office. Go Figure.

This, in turn reminds me of Winston Churchill, who showed his Great Wisdom and Council during World War two, and was celebrated throughout the Civilized world, was promptly voted out of Office after the War was over,but no matter, for along with Teddy Roosevelt, P.M. Churchill remains one of my Heroes.

But, I digress (again) I was speaking of Gulf War One, more usually known as Desert Storm, and President Bush 's (forty one) explaining why he did not go onto Baghdad in pursuit of Saddam Hussein.

I recall thinking at the time, that we had proven that Hussein's military was in no way a match for our forces, and we could have easily keep that Great Fool isolated with our Air Power and strategic bombing, plus I agreed with the statement by the then President, that such an Invasion, by our forces would occasion far too many additional casualties,for as I advance in age, I have developed a greater and greater sense of the value of most human lives, including my own.

I, like many other people, completely agreed with the United States intervening in Afghanistan.

I had seen too many tapes of the brutality and ignorance of the Taliban (Beating a woman with a length of electrical cable, closing schools, etc) plus I was reasonably sure that Osama bin Lauden had his headquarters and training camps there , so the Invasion seemed reasonable, and just. I think that among the few reasons that justify going to War is to Alleviate human Suffering.

But when we invaded Iraq, I admit I did not know how to apprise the Intelligence the Government of President Bush (43) shared with the general Public, as well as with the U.N. As I look back today, and keeping in mind that hindsight is always 20/20, I have to wonder how Secretary of State Powell was fooled into making the statements he made to the U.N., in days leading up to the second Gulf War. And I think the then President Bush the second was ignorant of Sun Tzu's cautions Including" In War, let your Great Object be Victory, not lengthy campaigns"

Whatever the reason, I have to say I am heartily sick of War, and sick at heart when I think of the families of the nearly Five Thousand men and women of our Military Services who have lost their lives in these currently ongoing Wars, and mourn each and every one of the Heroic Fallen.
And promise to myself never to forget the thousands of wounded and maimed .

But, throughout recorded History it seems there have always been Wars. It seems that there has always been some despot who made war on his enemies, using one excuse or another. But I think if you really think about it, most wars were based on one simple thing: Greed. It seems that no King was ever satisfied with the extent of Land His kingdom possessed. Let us all temper our greed with Common Sense, and let not Ego ever influence our leaders again. But, it is easy to talk about War, and this or that strategy, than it is to fight one.

Stay Well, and study History, for it is truly written by george Santayana ;" Those who cannot learn from History, are doomed to repeat it" Remember our Servicemen and Women, and when you meet one on the street or elsewhere, take a few moments to say "Thank you for your Service to our Nation" It is also important, I think to remember General Wm. Tecumseh Sherman's Quote about War, he said, " There is no Hell like War, its glory is all moonshine. It is only those who have never fired a shot, nor heard the shrieks and groans of the wounded, who cry aloud-for Blood, for Vengeance, for Desolation. War is Hell" (This is one of the few occasions I have ever agreed with anything said or done by Sherman)


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hello Good People:

I hope everyone is well and happy today, and if not, I wish you to become so:

Today's post is to clear up any misconception I have have inadvertently fostered by using the nom de Blog," The Old Professor."
While it is abundantly clear, both to those who know me, and probably to those who happen upon this Blog, I am not now, nor have I ever been a Professor, in the accepted sense of the word i.e. (per Websters): any teacher who has the rank of professor, associate professor, or assistant professor.

or(but) another definition is given in yon dusty tome, and.

that is: a person who professes his or her sentiments, beliefs, etc. In this second definition, I am well qualified for the quasi-title the Old Professor, for as the calender, and my mirror will attest, I am undoubtedly OLD and earnestly hope to become older, and in this Blog, at least, i do profess my sentiments and beliefs, sprinkled with a few facts and quotations . Perhaps I should begin always use the lower case i, in order to self-admit myself to the Asylum for people who talk or think to much. i really don't think there would be many Blogs if everyone felt this present sense of Humility i now feel. One more bit of self flagellation and i'll be done. I acquired the nickname years ago for being able, somehow (its a mystery to me) keep a fairly large quantity of useless facts, trivia, equations, etc in my mind, and frequently when one of my Colleagues would be stumped for an answer, someone else would say " ask the Old Professor, he'll know". Sometimes I did and sometimes I didn't, but the nickname stuck .Thus. Semper Veritas.

Claro ?



Monday, September 14, 2009

Apologies to Computers (with reservations)

Good Morning Good People and Good Computers (if there is such a device)

Today I am offering my unabridged apologies to most computers everywhere. As readers of my Blog will perhaps recall, I have entered at least one Blog on Computers in the past, but today I wish to apologize.

I have slowly discovered, over a period of trial and error, lasting several years, during which I was attempting to teach myself to use a computer(which I have heard from experts is the best way), ie that the easiest way to learn to use a computer is to use the computer itself to teach ones self, and for a dummy like me, that is a valuable lesson, and one I should have already known, for I discovered along life's way that while a College Education is a helpful thing, in that it teaches a person where to look for they want to know, Experience is still the time-proven best Teacher.

For instance I have frequently a need to read and understand fully, Government Documents,( which as anyone who has had occasion to do is an instant migraine inducer). During which, when reading and trying to decipher said documents, I have run across the §, which as any Lawyer or Professional Befuddler knows is the symbol for section.

You will note that I have indeed just used this "special' symbol above. Before today I did not know how to access this symbol or any other of a multitude of like characters, like the character for copyright, which is ., of course ©, as well as Letters with accents, foreign characters, currency symbols, and so on.

I just flat didn't know. Once I thought one had to have special keyboard in order to implement these characters, and I am perhaps too pleased with myself, in acquiring this bit of knowledge. I finally figured out that I should let Google do the work, and did so, typing in "Special Symbols".

as with any Googler knows, I immediately got about Three Million references, of which several were not useful to me, before finally stumbling onto "computing with Accents, Symbols & Foreign Scripts" which spells out, with examples, how to access these symbols, via the keyboard.

So, as I erase just one more thing from the unending list of things that I did not know, I feel a small of sense of Triumph. `scuse it please.

Undoubtedly, as is human nature, a lot of you are thinking or saying, "Well that guys a dummy, I already knew that", but if there are any other computer illiterates out there, you might want to remember this page reference.

Sorry, old Chumputer

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Economy ( or lack thereof.)

Good Day Good People;

The subject for today's post is, as you see, The Economy.

I think it's a fair guess that there are about as many different opinions floating around on this subject as there are stars in our galaxy (maybe more).

There is an old quotation, who no one seems to know the origin of, which goes as follows.
"If all the Economists in the World were laid end to end, they still wouldn't reach a conclusion" (Amen)

I have heard, both via the Print Media and the T.V. version of same, more theories about the financial well being of our country than I can remember, and frankly, I don't trust any of them.

There are of course, polls on the subject, just as there are on about any subject you care to mention, but depending on whose poll you believe, you will either go out shopping for a yacht, or a tall building to jump off of.

Mineselluf believes that a prudent course of action is simple. As Follows;

1. Don't go in debt right now.

2.Don't quit your job in a huff, or any other mood.

3. Save as much as you can.

4. Shop for the best price on each item you are contemplating purchasing.

5. Use coupons whenever possible.

6. Remember the old Amish saying; "Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without."

seems like pretty good advice to me.

Stay Well


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

On Writing

Good Morning:

I would like to reflect for a bit on the Art of Writing. Now that very first sentence shows how little I know. A lot of people will indeed refer to Writing as an Art, while others will typify Writing as a Craft. However I have noticed, over the years, that more than a few people, known as Craftsmen, have done their job to such perfection that it , in fact, becomes an Art . Perhaps the same thing is extant in Writing ?

If my interpretation of Dictionary definitions of the two that suggest they are synonymous, according to their
respective contexts in usage, I suppose these two terms are difficult to categorize.

I guess that the "Art" component, and those who argue for it, would say that writing something in a fashion that grabs the reader by the throat, and makes them want to continue reading, is indeed, an Art.

The faction that argues that Writing is a Craft might very well make the identical argument, in their favor.

whichever category it falls into, I've found writing on almost any subject to be both rewarding and frustrating at times, sometimes in the same sentence or paragraph.

It probably is now apparent that I know very little about Writing, having written nothing more original than Technical Reports for the past twenty five years or so, but I think I'm willing to learn, from experts in the field, those who earn their living on the keyboard, and with the agility of their mind.

But therein lies the trick. I've said before that I have probably read Thousands of books in my life, so far, and usually add from two or three to six or seven, weekly, depending on the weather and my attention span. I do not regret for one moment reading anything, but I think one danger that I will have to learn to avoid, or at least manage, is letting any one writer influence me in my writing.

I would suppose those who know more about writing, than I, and their numbers are legion, would perhaps say that there is nothing wrong with emulating the style of one whom you admire, as long as you don't make a meal of it, or, in other words, just copying , but this is just a guess.

further, I would guess , that the best one can do when one aspires to write, is just write, and make all the mistakes, until you discover your own style, your own "voice" if you will.

I was encouraged to start writing, not too long ago, by a couple of people I respect, to just go ahead and write, and the rest will take care of itself (paraphrased), and have decided to do just that. In this effort I have discovered more than a few things about my efforts. I have discovered that I enjoy writing, and feel a modest sense of satisfaction in doing so, however poor the result might be.

I encourage all those of you who know more about the Art or Craft than I do, to let me know what you think, I promise I will take no umbrage at your criticisms or encouraging words.