Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Proud Papa

Good Afternoon Folks:

I, with your permission, am going to depart from my "Preaching" for once in order to indulge myself in a little bit, no make that a lot, of Paternal pride.

Our youngest child, Christopher, has just signed a contract for the publication of his first book, and my wife and I are just bursting with pride.

I should hastily add this disclaimer i.e. My son, who is very talented in several areas, got none of his talents from me. My wife is the smart one in our family, but the important thing is that he has these talents and he has put them to work, in the writing of his book, and I'm so very glad he has.

It has Been suggested by a few people, mostly co-workers over the years, that I should write a book, but, due to a lack of talent, and a probable overabundance of laziness, I never have. This exercise I call a Blog is a very poor substitute, and has, in fact, been perhaps accurately called "Crap", and it probably is.

But at least, thanks to our Son, there is now one writer in the family.

"Scuse the Braggin"


Friday, January 13, 2012

This and That

Hi Folks.

I read in a recent copy of our local Newspaper that the State of Kentucky has broken ground, so to speak, on a new level of Insanity.

Now, even though I was born in the Bluegrass State, events over the past few years have made me almost ashamed to admit this fact.

The occurance I am speaking of is Kentucky's department of Fish and Wildlife Resources have announced a hunting season on.....SANDHILL CRANES!!!. Now correct me if I am wrong, but I have never thought of these Birds as "Trophy Material" nor do I believe I have ever heard of anyone of more or less human origins desiring to make a meal out of one of these graceful creatures. Kentucky, in all its wisdom has decreed that the season will run until 400 birds have been killed, or until the director of the Fish and Wildlife department sobers up, whichever comes first.

I fully expect that these intelligent people will probably attempt to open a season on Bald Eagles soon. I guess word hasn't filtered down that This is our National Bird. Just as it hasn't seemed to occur to these numbskulls the insanity of a season on any species of Cranes, Sandhill, whooping or any others.

The only bright spot in this stupidity is that each "Hunter" will ONLY be allowed to take Two Birds.

I would like to suggest to the high muckety-mucks in Kentucky Government change one small detail in the next season on these birds, and that is their Quarry has to be taken by hand, and that for each bird that is taken, one Kentucky legislator has to just quit his job and go home. The way I figure if these clowns can do nothing better than to allow a laxity in the laws of the State of Kentucky that allows for such obvious stupidity, well...Kentucky has too many legislators, who have too little sense. Folks, the days of such prominent and deserving politicians such as Alben Barkley, who some of you may remember as Harry Truman's Vice President, and who was giving a speech after his term as Veep ended, ended the speech and his life (he dropped dead at the end of this remark) "I would rather be a servant in the house of the Lord than to sit in the seats of the mighty"--are so few and far between as to almost be an extinct species.

As an aside, years ago I attended an auction at the Home of Alben Barkley which I enjoyed, and I was able to purchase some of Senator Barkley's books and the large antique Dinner Bell which was on a post in his back yard.

I still have both items, and am rather nostalgic about them.

Stay well and do good works.