Sunday, March 11, 2012

Characters I have known.

Good Afternoon all.

I'm sure a lot of you have heard of the Peter Principle, which, simply put, is the process of promoting a person to a level above his or her abilities.

Most people have known such a person in their lifetime, and I've had the unhappy experience of knowing more than one, mixed in with the absolutely great people I've worked with over the years.

The person I am making reference to worked at the same facility as I did, and in the same Technical Division. After several years this fellow was promoted to a supervisory position over the area where I worked and things started getting pretty bad pretty fast. This fellow had the ability to take a well functioning department and in short order make everyone in the department either ticked off or disgusted, or both.

It was no secret that this guy had a couple of "Toadies" in the department, who ran to him with tales of people talking badly about him or not doing their work, etc etc etc, almost anything they thought would further their warped cause and improve their status in the eyes of this person.

The crux of the problem, as I saw it, and others voiced the same opinion as me, was that the bespoken supervisor was so insecure that the only way he could tamp down the worrying thoughts in his mind, was to bully every person, every chance he got. He actually hinted to me once, and only once, that if I would come to him when I heard something unfavorable about him, that it would be to my advantage.

I told this chap in no uncertain words that I would do almost any job I was given to the very best of my ability, but that I would not, under any circumstance, become one of his "Lickspittles".

Quite possibly I would have improved my position with the Company if I had done as he asked (furtively) but then how could I have lived with myself?

I have known people in all walks of life, and of all stations, and regardless how menial the job I have noticed that the men who did their job with pride in their work were almost always well thought of by their co-workers and their superiors. And these selfsame men, whatever their station, had no need to run to the "Boss" with lurid tales, mostly of less than whole cloth ,as did the man of whom I spoke earlier.

Folks, at what is probably the tail end of my life, I've found one thing to be ever true: I've found that the good people, the kind of people who you love to work around and with, outnumber the Bastards overwhelmingly.

I guess I have been extremely fortunate, as regards the people I worked with over the years, as the great percentage of them were more than pleasant to be around and to work with.

Stay Well


Saturday, March 10, 2012

In the News.

Good Afternoon

It seems that every time I read the Newspaper lately, I find something that I would like to write a blog post about, but when I set down at the computer, for the life of me I can't remember what it was I wanted to write about.

But I'll try, all the same.

A few months ago there was an article in the paper about a young woman who stopped her car on the Interstate, dragged her two year old out of the back seat, struck him on the head with some sort of wooden folding table, rendering him unconscious, and continued down the road, dragging her five year old son, and abandoning her two year old . It was only by the grace of God that a passer-by saw the tot lying in the traffic lane of the Interstate and stopped to render assistance, and thus averted the horror of the young lad being run over by a speeding vehicle.

It seems that the woman had, before starting to drive, had snorted a product marked as" bath salts", which had the reputation of causing hallucinations, when snorted, and thus catching the attention of the Drug Community. This excuse for a human being had INTENTIONALLY snorted these salts to get high. The older child had told police that his Mother had thought that his little brother was a demon, and had tried to destroy and abandon him.

The woman's picture was in the Newspaper and has been on T.V. news several times, and lordy lordy, if one looked up white trash in the dictionary, one would find her picture.

And now for the even more unbelievable part of this tragedy. The woman was sentenced to only Ten Years in the Pen for this attempted Murder. She will undoubtedly serve part of that sentence, be released by some damn fools on a parole board, and immediately get busy having more children that she can endanger, ignore and neglect. This is absolutely outrageous!!! This this ...trash, to be kind, needs to be taken out and sterlized, forbidden, on pain of death, from having any contact with any child, under any circumstances at all, for the rest of her miserable life.

I have no doubt at all, that if some practitioner of the Evil Arts were to procure some thoroughly dried Bovine or other Farm Animals Manure, package it as ,say, hair restorer, but publicize it, sub rosa, as a maker of good highs, a large number of damn fools would purchase and "Snort" it.

Some time ago, I was speaking with an old friend whom I had not spoken to in over 50 years, and reminiscing with him about the past, he referred to a job I held, back in the day, which was, looking at it now, extremely low paying, but was thought to be about right at the time, given my relatively unimportant status with that company, and asked me if I thought those were the good old days. I replied, without hesitation, that I absolutely did. When queried by my friend "Why", I couldn't think of any reasons other than we were young at the time, and things cost a whole lot less, like gasoline, as a forinstance. We had no further discourse on this subject and went on to talk about other things, but I think if my friend were to again ask me this question, I would mail him the articles about this woman from the Newspapers .

I'm afraid, that if asked to rate our population as a whole, I would have to say that it has gotten terribly worse over the past few decades.

Maybe I should just stop reading the Newspaper.

Stay well and do at least one good deed a day.