Friday, July 16, 2010


Its a Dark and Stormy Evening here, but we needed the rain so that the farmers crops would progress satisfactorily, so come on rain!

I think I may have reported an untruth in my just previous post, re: the "New" Black Panther Party, and if so I want to correct my unintentional error.

I wrote that the New Black Panther Party was interfering with white voters at various polling places. I based this article on an interview I saw on Television with an old-time member of the Civil Rights movement, who was excusing the actions of the supposed "New Black Panther Party" and their actions at certain polling places.

My mistake stemmed from believing what I saw on Television. You'd think that after spending three-quarters of a Century on this Planet, I would have learned better, but, apparently not.

So.......If I erred in this post, I most humbly apologize, However I am not yet positive of my mistake tuned, and don't hesitate to correct me at any time.

I Remain,

Your Obedient Servant,

The Old Professor

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