Wednesday, September 8, 2010

To Book or not To Book.

`Morning Folks.

A short time back one of my very few followers complimented this blog and asked me if I had ever thought about writing a book. At the time we were handling one crisis or another and I failed to answer this nice man, so I'll dedicate this blog to him, by way of a tardy answer.

The answer is yes, I have, on several occasions thought about writing a book. However, thinking about writing a book is a far distance from the actual act of writing and publishing a book. I have probably written the equivalent of several dozen books in my mind, but been too busy or too lazy to put pen to paper.

In my previous incarnation as a Chemist in a large Uranium Conversion facility, quite a number of people I worked with encouraged me to jot down some of the stories I told over the years, as those persons were entertained by these stories, but with one thing and another, I just never did get around to writing a book.

Those kind people's urgings, and that of a local Newspaper Editor, became the genesis of this blog. And since most of you who read this and other blogs, you already know that a blog is a good available forum for the untalented or untested (or both) writer to practice his or her craft,and in my case, it is simply for the purpose of trying to learn HOW to write, or discover my "Voice" or preferred Genre, if you will.

Its funny, but I can lie in bed, late at night, and write a hell of a good story, one that I am positive would be instantly recognized by an Editor as a Pulitzer Effort, and certain to make me wealthy beyond my wildest dreams, but when I get up the next morning, the story has fled, and if I do remember some snippets of the nocturnal dialogue, they are bland and uninteresting when applied to paper.

Perhaps I should insist on my Wife learning shorthand, so that I could elbow her awake when one of these late night creative bulbs suddenly lit up, and say "take this down, Dear, and we shall become wealthy".

If, when I emerged from the resultant coma and was released from the Hospital, and my broken fingers had healed and the Concussions I suffered had possibly still left me able to conjur up a story, I could perhaps write it down myself, thus dodging the fury of a woman awakened, albeit at the loss of the creation of a literary gem.

Better functional than famous, I guess. But as usual, I have wandered all over the literary landscape in answering the question put to me by a kind internet acquaintance, and I earnestly hope that somewhere in this mess of dreck, he will find the answer, if there is one, to the question asked. I did once upon a time write a short story, a Western of all things, since I have never favored the Western Genre as reading material it seemed improbable that I could write a good story about some cowboys. Oddly enough, I think it turned out pretty good, and one of these days, if I get up the nerve, I may publish it on this blog and those of you who read it can disabuse me of the notion that I can write a readable story.. Who knows? Anyway, thanks for the impetus necessary for this posting, John.

Stay Well


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