Sunday, October 24, 2010

This, that and the other in the news.

Good Afternoon Everyone: It is a stunningly beautiful fall afternoon and I hope all of you are enjoying it.

I have noticed several things in the news lately, which have either piqued my interest or made me angry. It seems to me that perhaps the reason for the mess the country is in is our own fault, in that many people are just like me, we read the news and get either angry, puzzled or frustrated, but that's an end to it, we don't do anything to try to rectify the things that mess up this once-great country. Now to clarify, Let me assure the reader that I still think this is the greatest Country in the world, but I greatly fear that it will not remain so if we, the people, don't take some sort of action.

As an example,you will have no doubt read and seen on television all about the "Wiki leaks" scandal, where hundreds of thousands of sensitive Government documents have been published on the Internet, revealing more things about our Military than the average citizen needs to know about the Military and the actions of it in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.


Now Normally I would argue that a well informed public is one of the cornerstones of a stable and prosperous democracy, and I still believe that in most instances, however, in no way does this devious poor citizenship qualify as information that the average citizen requires or needs, and has devolved to satisfy the schoolboy's prurient interest that the perpetrators of this mess have generated .

There are some things that the average Joe or Jane have no need of knowing, and this is just one of them. Imagine if you will, if, during World War Two, someone had released sensitive documents, classified or not, about our Military Operations in either theatre of war, I think the "Correspondent" responsible for the leaks would have immediately been arrested, and held to answer for his or her sins, and I for one think that this same action should apply to the little germs who fathered these "Leaks". I never fail to be amazed, at what garbage some people will read, it is perhaps titillating, but nonetheless, tripe

The next thing that I have recently read in the media, is the Department of the Navy's planning to put a number of Women on Submarines. To say that I think that this is a poorly thought-out plan is putting it mildly. We are told that the Navy plans to post only female Officers (vs enlisted personnel) in this trial run. However, given the space restrictions, there is only one, repeat ONE, Latrine, head or toilet for officers on even the biggest submarines, necessitating the placement of a magnetic sign, with "Men" and "Women" on opposite sides, to be flipped over depending on the sex of the person using it. Mr. Chief of Naval Operations, have you lost your cotton picking mind? Without even half trying I can think of a dozen or so excuses that will be used when a Male Officer "accidentally" intrudes on a female Officer while she is in the facility. This is just plain stupid, repeat stupid. The Navy has more than sufficient ships to staff with Female Sailors, without placing women on submarines. It seems to this writer that we , as a nation have carried this diversity nonsense much, much too far.

The next small item in the News is Israel's plan on building more settlements. In case anyone has forgotten, Israel is the smallest Country in the Middle East, and is surrounded by enemy Arab Countries, not one of which has proffered one hectare of land to the Palestinians for a "Country of their own, instead continually clamoring for Israel to give up some of its precious few square miles of land, so that the Palestinians will find it easier to kill Israelis when they are neighbors.
And if the simple facts of this announcement are not enough to make one swear off Decaffeinated Coffee, there is the fact that the Great fool and former First Accidental President, James Earl Carter is also so indignant over Israels plans, that he is about to wet his Knickers. Quoting Carter "The suffering here (Israel) and the deprivations of the People in Gaza are evidence of the improper policies of the Government of Israel" He then, Fatuously continued, saying"
WE (the imperial we)will continue to work on a peaceful solution where the Israelis will withdraw from East Jerusalem and let that be the Capital of a Palestinian state"
SHUT UP JIMMY YOU DUMB ASS, YOU WERE A PITIFUL PRESIDENT FOR ONE TERM, WHICH WAS ONE TERM TOO MANY. You have shown the American People that your expertise lay in growing peanuts, period.And you have shown the depth and breadth of not only your ignorance but your CONCEIT by saying in a recent interview that you think that you are superior to any former President.
And last but not least, there is the case of Clarence Thomas' wife calling Anita Hill and demanding an apology from her for telling the truth about Justice Buckwheat, during the fiasco of his nomination to the Supreme Court. It is my understanding that Mme Thomas has a drinking problem, and if there were any doubt in the matter, this Phone Call cements the perception of her lack of sobriety, for if sober, why on earth would she have married "it". Perhaps she and Carter should get together and live in the Delusion District.

It's enough to make a person leery of reading the Newspaper, but then what would I write about?



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I really love reading your blog. You tell it like it is. May God Bless You.