Thursday, April 14, 2011

Conceited Comedian

Hi Guys:

Its a beautiful day today in my neighborhood and I hope in yours. Its funny the way one's spirits rise and fall with the barometer and the appearance and disappearance of the Sun.

And speaking of funny I was just watching a half-hour of commercials, during which there was a few moments of what used to be called a "Show", and back when I was a young adult I can remember when the reason people watched T.V. was for the Shows, and the commercials were just a minor annoyance . Anyway, I was watching some show about Hollywood "Personalities" and the host was talking to Jerry Seinfeld, who as you may recall, once had a T.V. Show bearing his name, in which he was surrounded by funny people, while he was about as funny as a Funeral. My wife and I both agreed that the show would have been funnier without Seinfeld on it. Anyhow (again!) while I was watching today, the host of the show asked Seinfeld what he thought of the Royal Wedding, and the man who is mainly remembered for making more for doing less than any T. V. personality up until that time, replied, speaking of the Royal Wedding, "It's a Circus" "They are nobody, not even real people" and on and on with his finely tuned Whineeeeee voice hitting a note about twelve inches higher than high C,
But, when asked if he was going to watch The Royal Nuptials on T.V. he said that he definitely was as, "We don't have anything like that over here"

I couldn't help but mentally contrast the details of Seinfeld's own wedding, which you may recall was him marrying a woman (I started to say Lady, but that wouldn't apply here) who he met on her Honeymoon, and proceeded to basically BUY her from her brand-spanking new husband, making her one of the highest paid prostitutes since Jackie Onassis. Now before all of you feminists out there get a twist in your knickers at that description of this woman, just share with me what you would call a woman, on her honeymoon, probably still with rice in her hair, discard her brand spanking new husband, for one with a great deal more money ?

And this monied, wife-thief is the same bird who is criticising the Wedding of the Heir to the Throne of Great Britain. He (Seinfeld) seems to think that since he made a great deal of money on television, he, somehow, is intelligent. Snort!!!!!

As anyone knows, who has watched one of Seinfelds stand-up "Comedy'(Again Snort!) shows the act mainly consists of his Whining, "have you ever noticed?"

Now, I am not a funny man, but on my worst day I could be funnier than this character with one whiticism tied behind my back.

So There


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