Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Anthony Trial

Good Evening:

Well the Casey Anthony murder trial has concluded with yet another miscarriage of justice.

For the life of me I cannot see how any jury comprised of sentient human beings could find this woman not guilty, when she didn't even tell anyone her little girl, Caylee, was "Missing". When she finally admitted she hadn't seen the child for 31 days and told every kind of a wild story except perhaps saying the child had been abducted by Extraterrestrials (and she would probably have told that lie too if she had thought of it). She is a pitiful excuse for a human being, and one can only hope that, one way or another, she will receive her just due, which is savage punishment, sooner or later.

The only thing on a par with her obvious guilt, and the obvious miscarriage of Justice, is the patent disgrace that was the jury. It was more than obvious that the jury was tired of being sequestered for so long a time, and chose the speediest way they could think of to get released from duty, and, I suggest, they (or at least one of them) was learned enough to say "if we find her guilty, there can always be an appeal, whereas if we find her not guilty, no one can come back at us"

You will note that I have railed before at people who harm children, and the need for a sure and certain severe punishment, and this verdict just reinforces the way that I feel on that subject, and that is, there is no punishment too severe for ANYONE who would harm, molest or Kill a child, Period.

I know that someday she will come before that final bar of judgement, and then will receive her just punishment, but the savage in me wishes her punishment could take place here on Earth.

I just cannot get past the fact that this piece of white trash killed her child because,well......She was inconvenient. She got in the way of her "mothers" whorish lifestyle,she had to be fed, in order to be put to bed and sleep while Casey was out partying, the child was in all likelihood Chloroformed, night after seamy night, and possibly one night Casey used the Chloroform a little too long....and the child died.

"Oh Gosh!!!.....How inconvenient, the kid's dead now what am I ( The BIG I, the eternal I, the all important I), going to do with her now? ".

This is the thing that I feel the jurors never once even asked themselves. If they thought that Miss Casey was so innocent, how did they wrap their minds around the fact that she (casey) didn't tell anyone the child was "missing", for 31 days?

Lord God. We have an elderly Chow dog that we love,and a couple of times one of us left the gate open to her play yard and she got out and went exploring, and we nearly moved Heaven and earth to find her before she could get struck by a car!!

Well, at least Casey has now a possible new career. If she can bribe someone to take the exams for her, she can become a defense attorney (lower case intentional)

I would pray for understanding, but this CANNOT be understood

God Bless the Little Children


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