Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Leaving something behind.

Hello Good Folks:

It is a dreary, rainy day today and such days, for some reason, always drive me to just sitting and thinking. Now I am not one of those fortunate individuals whose thoughts are of great benefit to mankind or those thoughts that make them wealthy because of a great idea, No, I'm just one of the millions of Joe Averages who just think because they have more questions than answers.

Sometimes my thoughts run to fairly average and predictable stuff, the same kind of stuff that almost everyone has, at one time or another. Things like wondering about personal issues such as our budgets, our health, our family relationships and so on.

Other times though, I find myself thinking somewhat deeper thoughts. Not necessarily more intelligent thoughts, but more the kind of thoughts that most people cannot answer for us, thoughts that we have to puzzle out for ourselves and arrive at what we are comforted to believe is a more or less correct answer, at least as it pertains to us.
Still other times I find myself thinking more...well...ethereal thoughts for want of a better word. The kind of thoughts that cannot be answered by us or anyone else.

Thoughts like, "What does God look like"?, "Where is Heaven, and what is it like"?"Does our soul really weigh 27 grams"? Which question is really not mine, but postulated by one or more "fringe" scientists, who weighed a series of humans, just before and immediately following death, and found that each of these late departed lost 27 grams of weight when they died.

Interesting but not really something that can really be answered.

If you are wondering where I am heading with this treatise, welcome to the club, as I am wondering the same thing.

I am driven to this latest pondering at the keyboard by, as I earlier stipulated, a rainy day, one which I did not have the energy to do much of anything, other than walk our Dog a couple of times, watch "Jeopardy" and scratch my head.

One question that is currently on my mind is a purely theoretical one.

As a supposition, suppose one could vacuum every square inch of anyplace in the Holy Land where we are told in the Bible that Jesus walked, would we, among the dust of centuries, find the DNA of Jesus?, how would we know ?, and how would it differ from "Modern Man"?. I think, with absolutely nothing to base this on, that his DNA IS probably there, requiring only differentiation from that of Roman Soldiers, Herod, Judas, Simon Peter, Yasser Arafat, Netanyahu, Jimmy Carter and Billions of others who have trod these roads before us.

In feeling like the Savior's DNA is probably there, I am newly aware of his leaving something behind. He left, not only possible traces of his physical self, but the gifts enumerated by him, Jesus, but also by God, as well as Billions of believers and followers through the Ages.

I guess, mainly because I KNOW, for sure, how insignificant I am, and wonder what, if anything, I am leaving behind. I have accomplished no great works or feats. I have never broken any athletic records, while I am a good shot, I have never broken any records with Clay Pigeons or other non-sentient targets, I think I was always a hard worker, but there was, of course, always someone who worked harder, I like to think I am a pretty good Craftsman, but far, far from even mediocre. Dadgum it, I should be able to come up with something I, and I alone, am leaving behind besides old clothes and debts.
I am leaving books......lots and lots of books, but save the few odd volumes, the books are not worth anything to speak of. I have tried to leave our children with some values and some knowledge from their Father, but I'll never know if I have or not, as, obviously I won't be here to observe. More likely, the Children will have learned much more from my wife and their Mother, as the Lord knows, she has worked at raising and caring for the Children...and worked and worked and never stopped, so she will leave behind a great legacy, hopefully sometime long, long after I have shuffled off this Mortal Coil.
I hope I am leaving to my children and my Wife, the inarguable fact that I have loved them deeply.
And I suppose, in the end, thats all I have to leave.

Stay Well


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JT said...

I don't know which of us will go to meet the Lord first, you or me. If you go first you will leave behind a good friend. I have never met you face to face but I am glad to call you my friend. I have read your words and I believe they are sincere. God bless you in all that you do.