Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First Post of the New Year

Good Morning Good People:

Well, as happens every year, we have a brand new year to face, hopefully with a full heart and a positive outlook. As in all years, we will, most of us, face new challenges, accomplish perhaps a modicum of the things we wish to accomplish, and even in the odd instance, keep some of our New Years Resolutions.

As for me, I did not make any New Resolutions for this year. In the back of my mind, somewhere around a unvoiced vow to, among other things, reduce my waistline by one size, continue to love and appreciate my Wife and Children (The latter is the hardest)continue in my efforts to become a better writer, walk my Dog more often, and abstain from writing about Politics and Religion, there are desires but not resolutions lurking therein.

You will note that I did not include criticisms of individual Politicians and even the odd Religious Leaders. For instance, if the Pope started to be seen in public wearing a speedo and Ice Skates, I'm sure I could not resist the impulse to comment on such happening, and in the same vein, I am sure that I will be unable to resist the literary tarring and feathering of certain Politicians.

Now let me stress one thing. I play no favorites because of Party Affiliation. I have found more to criticise about almost all politicians, regardless of Party than I am able to remember. There is enough of a veritable Rogue's Gallery of errant fools on both sides of the legislative aisle, to keep one hundred scribes busy for one hundred years if we keep up with National News,and if we all did our homework and dug a little deeper, I think we would probably continue to lose what faith we still have in Human Nature. I think we would probably find that our Congress, and upwards, consists mainly of clones of Homer Simpson, playing eeny-meenie-miney-mo with the control panel of State.

In this vein, I might suggest some New Years Resolutions for All High Ranking (or just plain Rank) Politicians, to wit;

I (insert name of any Politician here), hereby resolve to do the following.

1. I resolve to truly represent the People of my State.

2. I resolve to stop making back room deals to fatten my wallet or that of a chosen few cronies.

3. I resolve to make no Television Appearances, save at my arraignment.

4.. I resolve to stop wasting the Public Dollar (that's gonna be a hard one)

5. I resolve to sign all letters MYSELF, and to discard my Autopen and no longer allow my staff to sign my name to anything.

6.. I resolve to READ and try to understand all bills on which I vote, and if it follows that there are too many bills for me to read, I resolve to make mention of the fact on the Floor of Congress, in order to streamline the Engine of Government, and cut down on Nonsensical Bills.If necessary I will find a Library Lady somewhere to read the bills to me, that way perhaps I could have at least a hazy idea of what my job is.

And last but not least, I resolve to not run for re-election.

The reader will no doubt perceive that I find it easier to make resolutions for other people than for myself.

Don't we all?



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