Monday, January 18, 2010

Nasty Politics (as usual)

Good Morning Folks.

I have been following, with interest, the ongoing Senatorial campaign in Massachusetts. What strikes me the most about this campaign is the outright enmity expressed by the candidates . I realize that is part and parcel of almost all campaigns, and I think that this is emblematic of most political campaigns,and speaks poorly about the state of American politics.

I have said before, that I am against Party Labels, in fact I am against Political Parties, in the main. The fact that one's Father or Grandfather always voted for one Political Party because of something a member of that Party once did that the voter found favor with, is a poor excuse, and I think perhaps reflects one's eagerness to believe anything they read, or see on Television. It doesn't matter whether one is speaking of a Democrat, a Republican, a Whig or a Tory-leaning Independent, it serves no one, and no country, to automatically label a candidate as good or bad, simply on the basis of their "Party Label" Wake up and smell the Roses,people, before all you are smelling is the roots of Daisys.

Until and if, we Americans ever get over the habit of treating American citizens, who just happen to be running for the same office as are we, as Horrible examples of humanity, and as a definite enemy, I don't think we will ever make much progress in straightening out the mess that is currently our Political System.

I will grant you that the current Political climate is much improved from, say, Mark Twain's time when candidates often referred to one another as thieves, murderers, baboons (As I recall reading in one old Election Broadside, Abraham Lincoln referred to), and saying both in print and in speeches, that the opposing candidate should be either shot, hanged, sent to jail or ridden out of town on a rail.

Perhaps the ill will in politics reflects the standard of behavior in our Glorious nation. It seems that good manners are more and more going the way of the Dodo and the Dinosaur . I take note of occasions when people are mannerly and nice, opening doors for other people, saying such simple things as "please" and "Thank You" to one another . I take such note as a departure from what has become the norm.

There was a time when such politeness was more or less a given and people minded their manners as a matter of course, and of habit. Such a time, has, I'm afraid become long gone.

So, perhaps the Political climate currently of notice should be a Bellwether of things we ,each of us, should try to rectify in our own daily commerce.

Take time to tell someone to have a nice day, and chances are they will.

As for the Massachusetts election, I hope neither of the Candidates Win. Wouldn't that be a statement?

Stay Well


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John Turner said...

Another great post from the Professor. Pray for our Nation.