Saturday, May 29, 2010

More Notes on the Oil Spill

Good Morning:

Well folks, I guess we can relax now. The President has assured us that he and the Government are on top of this "Thing" (oil spill).

The Prez flew in yesterday, arriving in Grand Isle, La about thirty minutes after about 400 workers showed up, via special buses, in spanking clean Haz-Mat suits, complete with color co-ordinated shirts and hats, and were busily raking, shoveling, squeegeeing (?) the sand, walking around peering at the sand, picking up balls of oil with their gloved fingers, and in general giving the appearance that by-golly the Government was right on top of this disaster.

Local people called these workers and the President's visit a "Dog and Pony Show", intimating that it was a staged photo op to try and fool the public into thinking that, indeed, everything was being done that could be. There was also a yellow Hazard tape that was pristine in it's newness strung along the beach just in case someone, anyone, didn't know that there had ben an oil spill.

The whole affair, I think, lasted a couple of hours, and then the President had to leave, to fly to Chicago, where, today, he is engaged in the serious business of playing Basketball in a School Gym. In a Televised interview with a Restaurant owner, the camera showed where the "workers" had dumped their haz-mat suits, still clean and white, in this restaurant owner's Dumpster(Without Permission) before departing from the area.

If we were not already sick enough of the mis-handling of this tragedy, and of the purient politics involved, the scenes yesterday and the President's urgency in not missing a Basketball Game in Chicago today, should make us all upchuck.


p.s. The "Topkill" didn't work . Perhaps it is time for the Government to hire a firm such as Red Adair's, who specialize in oil well disasters to come in and take charge, and then send the bill to B.P. I realize that Adair's firm specialized in Oil Well fires, but there are other firms who specialize in other aspects of Oil Well Disasters. For one thing, strictly as a non-professional, I nonetheless know that the Government could station a fleet of super tankers around the well site and vacuum up the oil as it spills out and pump it into the tankers. This method has worked before in other offshore locations.

It's worth a try, or perhaps we could just send all the Bureaucrats from Washington, D.C. to the area, line them up along the shoreline, and if they can suck as well as they can blow, they should be able to corral this spill in short order.

Anyway, we should never forget all those people whose livlihood's, and indeed their lives, are being inundated in this obscene mess. Pray for them.


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