Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Emperor has no clothes.

I will ask in advance for your forbearance on this post.

I have watched with interest the actions and inaction of the "Accidental President"
Barack Hussein Obama , and the longer I watch, and the more I listen, the more discouraged I get.

First Little O was elected a United States Senator from Illinois, through a freak happenstance. He, in effect, had no opponent. His opponent, on Paper was widely thought of as an idiot, so people voted for O as the lesser of two evils. No one knew much about him, as all he had done prior to running for the U.S. Senate, was to be a State Senator, which in Illinois consists mainly of looking the other way while nefarious deeds are consummated and certain Bribe Price Lists are circulated. Other than this his efforts had consisted mainly of Registering Minority Voters and lecturing in law school.BUT, he got the blessings and financial support from Big Mamma Oprah, and that's all he needed. God bless and save us all.

He never served one single day in any of the United States armed Forces, doesn't know a PFC from a pork chop, yet finds himself with the luxury of Lecturing a full General in the U.S. Army, on how to fight a war.

I don't think anyone could fault the General if he, in turn, were to lecture Little O on how hard it is to fight a war when White House Permission has to be sought before launching a Drone Strike against the enemy.

Lets face it folks, anyone who has ever served in the Military will hasten to tell you that a Politician is inhibited by his training and instincts from having even the foggiest idea of how to conduct a Military Operation.

The wars we have not conclusively won have served as an example of what happens when Politicians try to fight a war their way, in order to bolster their standing in the Polls.

We have never won a war from the White House, or from a Congressional Committee room, nor will we.

Verily, I am sick of this squandering of the lives of American Servicemen and Women in a Politically Governed War. I have heard it said that, in order to win the War in Afghanistan, we must win it politically, by winning the hearts and minds of the population in general. This ain't gonna happen folks. As long as you have, as the larger component of the populace, fruitcakes who think it is noble to kill unarmed civilians and blow themselves up in order to gain admission to Paradise we will have a population that will not cooperate with those who would try to liberate them from 12Th Century Anarchy, in the simple hope of staying alive.

I am not much of a Military prognosticator, but I fear that General Stanley McChrystal will not be the last Commander that will be displaced for voicing an opinion unpopular with the newt in the White House.

I am going to think about this a little more before I post it, to try and sort irrationality from ignorance, but I fear that I will be unsuccessful, as the two appear to be conjoined when talking about the national political scene.

And I did so.....................................................................

If I recall the lessons I learned in the Army, and I'm pretty sure I do, the primary lesson was this. " do not fight to keep from losing, fight to win and gain territory and once gained, DO NOT give it back". A saying that I heard more than once from senior combat veterans was "Politicians think that because they can start wars it follows that they also know how to fight them". This is as fallacious as saying "My rifle is clean enough"

I am fully aware that in the UCMJ it is expressly forbidden to criticise one's commander in Chief , but to give a temporary President the power to terminate the career of a man who has spent his whole adult life serving his Nation, is just wrong.
Sure give the CIC the authority to transfer the Officer elsewhere, but fire him? No, Never. That's as silly as throwing away a good pocketknife because you cut yourself on it.

Oh Well, it'll all come out in the wash (Election).

Keep the Faith (thats all we have)


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