Monday, December 27, 2010

Good Dog, Bad Man.

Good Evening Folks:

I hope each and every one of you had a Happy Christmas, and got everything you asked Santa Claus for . And I hope equally that all of you will have a safe and sane New Year. Please, Please, if you celebrate and perhaps have a bit too much eggnog or other stunning beverage, LET SOMEONE ELSE DRIVE!!!!. That way you can start out the New Year happy and fresh and with no regrets.

Speaking of regrets, I regret to say that Our Beloved President showed just what kind of racist fabric colors his judgement. I think that most of you will remember the case Michael Vick, the famous (?) football player who was sent to Prison for running a Dog Fighting enterprise from his Mansion in a Georgia Suburb.

Not only did he have a stable of somewhere around 60 Pit Bulls that he forced to fight one another, wagering large sums on the outcomes, he disposed of dogs who could no longer fight and amuse animals who were less intelligent than the Dogs, by drowning, electrocuting, gunshot or by dropping from a height onto a concrete floor, laughing, it is reported, at the animals suffering.

Now, the Dog Lover in me would have rather tailored his punishment to the exact same methods he used to dispose of his "surplus" animals, But I was at least partly mollified by his being sent to prison, and assumed, Naively, that his Professional Football career, by which he earned Millions of Dollars, was presumably at an end.

But No, almost as soon as he completed his Prison Sentence, He was courted by a number of professional football teams, and ultimately signed by the Philadelphia Eagles. This was bad enough, but then I learned that the Honorable Barack Hussein Obama called the owner and coach of the above team and congratulated them on signing Vick, and thus, giving him a "second chance".Of course, the fact that both Vick and Obama are Black had nothing at all to do with the call. Sure!

Now I am normally all for most people being given a second chance, and to be honest, would have to include myself in that number in some ways, but in the case of Michael Vick aka "The Dog Killer" as far as I am concerned he absolutely does not, did not, will not deserve a second chance, PERIOD.

I am sure that there are those who will say I am way off base on this one, but frankly My Dear, I don't give a royal red rat's ass. Anyone who kills a Dog for any reason other than to spare a beloved pet unnecessary pain, is an Animal themselves, and one of a lower order than the Dog.

So, Mr. President, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. I imagine, however, that neither you or Michael Vick, is the least bit ashamed.

Bad Man, Bad Man;

Good Dog.



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