Friday, January 14, 2011

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Good Afternoon:

Well, in reading the newspaper today there were the usual number of pieces that outraged me, but the ones that infuriated me the most were articles about Women who had their "Boyfriends" living with them and their young children. In two cases of this sort, reported today, the "Boyfriend" is in jail, accused of Murder of the child. While the Mother of the child is probably upset at the possibility of losing her "Boyfriend" saying, no doubt, "But I luuuv him"" God, if you are listening, please design some especially tailored punishments for these sub-humans". There just has to be a special place for anyone who would harm a child, let alone a person who would take the life of the child, probably for no other reason than the child wanting something. Perhaps some food, some warmth, maybe even the luxury of having a story read to them, even if by Mom's LATEST boyfriend. And while I am on the subject, if "Mom" has other children, they should be taken from her and further, she, "Mom" should be speedily Permanently sterilized, to keep her from having and mistreating other precious children. The reader can, no doubt, easily see that this is a sore subject with me, as it is, and should be to all decent, normal human beings.

And, if the above cases aren't already enough to send one's blood pressure skyward, we read that in one of the cases the Judge reduced the defendant's bond to 10% cash. The Judge , who is apparently about as smart as tree fungi, said that the defendant's earlier brushes with the law were "minor". Those bespoken earlier offenses included the death of his 22 month old daughter while in his care and the earlier maiming of a three month son, who was admitted to the Hospital for treatment of three skull fractures and several broken ribs . Of course, according to the Judge these were just "Minor" offenses. This poor excuse for a man is long past a deserved Execution. And to go a step farther, the "Judge" in this case should be ridden out of town on a splintery rail.

Unfortunately, the seeming epidemic of child abuse and child murder cases are, I believe, symptomatic of the degradation and dissolution of our society.

Sadly, it seems that too many people just don't have any sense of decency, or right and wrong, or are incapable of loving and caring for those too young or too fragile to care for themselves. And perhaps I am reading between the wrong lines, and forecasting a sad future for such humanity as we are familiar with, but, sadly, I do not think so,
so, I guess the best thing we can do at the present time, is pray that somehow a new generous and humane pandemic of human kindness will sweep this nation, and for that matter , all the Nations of the World.

The events of this past week have once again shown that, too often, a so called human being shows us that some of us are just ravening beasts, and are unfit for a place on this planet.

God bless us, everyone.


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JT said...

Things are really looking bad in our world today. I pray that God will punish these people in a special way. God Bless You.