Sunday, April 15, 2012

Our Sweet Dog

Good Afternoon all.

Our Sweet Dog Scarlett, died on the Twenty First of last month, and her passing left a hole in my Heart and a rent in my soul.

Scarlett was a few weeks short of her Fifteenth Birthday. She lived with us about Ten years, after we took her from a neglected and abused life. She was way underweight and frightened when she came to live with us, and My Wife and I both were determined to improve her life and to make her happy.

We started almost immediately, taking her to a Veterinarian the second day we had her as she had a kidney infection. The Veterinarian put her on a regimen of certain medications, including Flea and Heartworm treatments, and we started, for our part in her recovery, taking her for a long walk at least once a day, and usually twice.

In just a short time, my Wife started cooking for Scarlett, rather than feeding her dog food, as advised by the Vet. Every single night Scarlett could look forward to a supper of either Steak or Chicken, garnished with rice or Pasta and Gravy..

Scarlett let us know right away that she enjoyed and appreciated her diet and her comfortable bed, inside, with us, rather than in the dirt outside, as was her bed where she used to live. She also put on about Twenty pounds, which brought her up to her proper weight.

Scarlett let us know she loved her food in a cute manner. My wife had placed a small Teddy Bear on Scarlett's bed shortly after she came to live with us and we, as silly Old Folks, called the Bear her "Baby". After she would eat her good, home cooked supper, Scarlett would often bring her Baby to us, placing it on the floor in the Dining Room, which, of course, melted our Hearts.

To illustrate how sweet Scarlett was, when we would take our walks people would frequently come to the curb to admire Scarlett and would ask (as it is wise to do) "may I pet her?", to which I never hesitated to tell almost anyone they could pet our Scarlett. Frequently the person petting Scarlett would be a small child and Scarlett was always to calm and loving, it didn't matter if the child pulled her hair or ear, Scarlett seemed somehow to know that the child was very young, and didn't mean to hurt her, and she would just stand patiently, wagging her tail and smiling.

Scarlett had at least two strokes by the time she went to sleep, and I agonize over the thought that maybe I waited too long and caused this sweet Dog to suffer, but we thought as long as she was eating and enjoying her supper, we could wait a while longer. I hope we were right, but if we weren't, I will never forgive myself, and will not expect to be the recipient of a final forgiveness.

I wish everyone could have a wonderful Dog like our Scarlett, but you know; if you treat your Dog good and love them and take care of them, chances are you will have a loving companion also. Grandma and grandpa will always miss you Scarlett,but as it said on Uncle Chris' card, the car windows are always rolled down in Heaven.

Stay well, and do let me hear about your great Dog.


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JT said...

We had a poodle who died at 13. Her name was Honey. She loved chocolate ice cream. In the summer she went to a local ice cream parlor named The Little Moo. Everyone came out to see her lick the ice cream. She was my angel on earth and now she is an angel in Heaven. Thanks for your great post. God bless you.