Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Too long a silence

Folks, I'm Sorry.
Or perhaps I should say Folk (singular), as I don't know how many if any people have ever been interested in this Old Man Blog, but just in case there are more than one, I figure I had better explain myself. My last Post was quite some time ago, and it was about the Death of a Dog. Our Dog, Our friend, our companion, and our source of almost constant joy.I have heard from several folks who felt just as my wife and I did, about Their Doggie friends.
At the same time we lost our dog, we had and are having some difficulties that have made our days stress-filled and difficult, due to the misbehavior and lack of purpose on the part of some of those who are very important to us, and it is slowly eroding our souls.
All my life I have regretted any form of waste, and for a person to waste the gift of an absolute gem of a brain, one that has shown in the past that it is capable of outstanding achievements is just so damned sad that I just don't know what to do. The sadder part of this is that the person who owns this brain is a parent and a grandparent, and those decedents, I fear, are emulating this person in some,too many, ways. Someone whose support I value has reminded me of the words of Marcus Aurelius. I remembered these words, but had forgotten the Author.
they are:
ETHICS----If its not true don't say it. If its not right don't do it.

I will continue to hope that the person of whom I am speaking will somehow read these words, and perhaps for the first time decide to change the things that have robbed themself of a successful life.


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