Monday, January 14, 2013

Endangered Species

Good Morning All.

If I may I'd like to write a few lines about a subject that is Near and Dear to me; The English Language.

For some time, I have been adding to the fuel for a good "Grudge Fire" an attempt to repel the savages who would assault the ramparts of the Castle of the English Language.

Regularly, I read an interesting article on my Yahoo Home page, and then for some self-flagellating reason, I invariable read the comments per the article, following it ( the article).

As often as not, the article will contain several words misspelled and the thing that really ticks me off, will contain that asinine example of laziness, the phrase "LOL" or "OMG". Folks if you are too lazy to type out the full word, just quit typing, and for goodness sake, use spell check.

Another trend in our latterly, as a people, assault on our common language is the usages of the words "Like", "Totally" "You Know", "You Understand". It is really frustrating to a person who contemplates the future of our great Nation, if led by the people who so brutally rape our Language by using these silly phrases.

As an example sentence: "And I was Like, you know, totally like radically thrld by this Like" "Awesum Dude" who was Like, Totally Like Hot, You Know?.

This seeming season of laziness in regards to our English Language could, I supposed be blamed to the assinaine fad of 'Texting". Perhaps I will be the only person disturbed by this and other examples of ignorance, but I think that before a person under the age of, say, 30, can get a cell phone, he or she should have to pass a test via a written essay, in which the English used must be at least understandable and even, dare one hope, Correct.

Now if you want to assault me for daring to criticize such idiocy, I guess I'll just have to blame it on the fact that I have never Texted, never Twittered a single Twit to any Twit, have been known to go for months on end without using a cellular telephone, do not own or even want to own, an I pad, a Blackberry, an I Pod, a Tablet, other than the kind containing pages of actual paper on which to write.

Like, Gnarly, Know what I'm sayin"?


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