Saturday, January 12, 2013

Good Morning to all people of good will.

Well, its a rainy but warm day here in Southern Illinois, and for the warmth I am thankful. I try, earnestly, to count my blessings frequently, for that is the one method I know of to figuratively "Bail out our Boat" when it comes to the function of our brains.

After going through the overlong list of my blessings, I am drawn to focus  bit on those things for which I am not thankful.

I am looking at one thing for which I am not thankful, and that is Windows 8, also known by a variety of cursewords.

I personally view this O/s as just the latest egg laid by that Antichrist "Billy the Geek Gates.

Now, obviously I have not even a portion of a fragment of an ort of Gates Wealth, but that does not preclude my criticizing some of his products,

My Computer, an aging HP inherited from my Daughter after she and I wore out my old Dell was taken with a Binary illness recently, and perished, so like the naïf that I am, I traipsed happily off and purchased a new computer. that is where the trouble started.

I purchased another HP computer, as I had grown to really like the old one I had, and in doing so I opened Pandora's Box.


Possibly Billy the Kid could say something nice about the O/S, but I sure as heck can't. 

The only question I  would ask of the obscenely wealthy Mr. Gates is WHAT THE HELL WAS WRONG WITH WINDOWS XP?

As I write this, a good and Smart young friend is laboring over my old computer, trying a Hard-Drive transplant to bring it back to life, and after he has done so, I will happily convey my "New Computer" back to the store where I purchased it. It is a piece of Junk.

Forgive me for my rant, which many of you will not understand, as you are among the generation that fins no mystery in the computer world. As for me, I am honest enough to admit that I know very little about this Technical Subject, even though I have labored long and hard trying to educate myself in and to this subject, I apparently am a poor Teacher.

Have a wonderful day, and stay far-far-away from Windows 8.


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