Friday, March 15, 2013

This N That

Morning Folks:

Well it's been some time since I've posted anything, and even though I'm pretty sure that no one has felt like they have missed anything, I will still apologize, as I have missed the occasional comment.

I guess it could be accurately said that for awhile now I"ve been sort of downhearted by the actions of other folks who have erred in ways that have disappointed me, but who knows?, these same folks may feel as though I've erred in ways that disappoint them, as well, probis verbiscom! try and keep my aged fingers as flexible as they are likely to get, I have started writing. Following the example of my successful younger son, who IS a published writer, I've started writing stories, which even if they someday grow to book length, will never be published, for the main reason, they are not good enough.'

Still, its enjoyable, for me to try and meld at least some of the experiences of a too-long (77y) life, together with an imagination, just to see what comes out.

I've, thus far, Named my two Main Characters Therlew and his friend Norvun, and I've placed them in a small cotton-farming community in Arkansas, although it could have been one as a few other states, as easily. I am trying to write in the voice of these two worthies, and am thus far enjoying the effort. But enough about that.

I wonder about the health of someone I've never met, who, at last report that met my ear, ws suffering from multiple cancers. I've not heard of or from him in some time, but I will continue to pray for him and his wife. God bless you John.
I guess thats enough for today folks

Stay Happy and Well


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