Saturday, May 4, 2013

Things my Father gave me.

Good Morning Friends:

Recently I was reading something, I don't recall what it was now, and it doesn't matter, when the phrase "Things my father left me" appeared on the page in front of me, I continued reading, but perhaps with only a part of my mind. That phrase kept running through my mind, and started me to thinking.

When my Father died, he had No material goods, to speak of, to leave anyone, other than a house full of furniture for my Mom, an Automobile, and some odds and ends, as we all leave behind.

I never resented the lack of an inheritance, but rather focused what lessons I could take from a review of my Father's Life.

In thinking back, I believe that, more important that what material goods I was left, were the things, the lessons, good and bad, that I carried forth after my Father.

My Father taught me, the hard way, that an average person can have his choice of a New Car every year or two, or an easier time meeting a budget.
My Father taught me, and I've been slow to learn, and to apply what I've learned, to control my temper.

My father taught me the incredible value of a loyal and loving wife, of which I have been enriched for almost 59 years.Notby example, but in showing what not to do.

My father taught me the value of a good Education, though he had but a few years, he was smart in many ways, and in other ways he was, not so smart, as all of us are.

My Father taught me to value humans more than things.

My father taught me to keep my word. The occasions that I have been a failure here have had a bitter reflux.

My father taught me, and again I've yet to master, Patience.

I will wish that I have been more of a Teacher of these, and  a million of other things, to my children, and to those I number as friends.

Be Well


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