Saturday, April 27, 2013

Good Evening Folks:

Perhaps I shouldn't even be posting tonight, as I am upset.

There are several reasons for this present feeling

First and foremost was the bombing at the Boston Marathon, we have just got to find some way to bring this sort of thing to a close. The helpless fury that I feel when I think of all the people who were injured, and the Three who lost their lives, and then the additional life lost when a young man, A MIT policeman was killed for no reason other than he happened to be on duty, when one of the insane bombers happened along.

I feel a fury brought when I think of the young boy who was killed in the bombing, and the fury and the sadness is magnified when I think that his young sister lost one of her legs and his mother has head, and possibly Brain injuries. How in the world can a family stand this.  They just have to. No choice. Only sadness.

And yet as I think of the senseless death of all these people, I see on T.V. every day about more and more murders each and every day. And I see the same thing every day when I sit down at the computer.,

And to end the week, this week a Red Jeep Cherokee, belonging to My Wife and I was vandalized. The Vandals thought it was my Daughters car. The vandals painted a Swastika on the back of the car, again, thinking that they would make my daughter mad. Well, they did make her mad, because offhand, I can think of few people who have studied more about the Holocaust than my Daughter. When the subhumans in Hitler's minions obeyed his orders and killed people just because they wanted to prove that they would and could. Again, Re my Daughter; I Have watched her tears when she read of the Holocaust, or when she watched a documentary of these senseless acts. Just as the defacing of an automobile was a senseless-juvenile Act, Committed by people of one or two types, or perhaps both.
This act was committed by someone who had NO parental leadership, or chose to ignore it if they did. Either way, I will be 78 years old before too long and on my way out, and I think I'm not leaving a good world. Now, in some ways, I blame myself for at least some of these things. No not the Bombing, God knows. Not the daily blood-Harvest of human lives. God knows. But perhaps in the vandalizing of a car is partly my fault, because I am pretty sure I know who committed this senseless, Juvenile Act, and why and God knows this too.

I wish I had , at least, some answers, but I don't, and I won't, it's too late now.

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