Sunday, June 30, 2013

The savaging of Paula Deen

Good evening Folks:

Well the subject this evening is another of the outrages the news media has grown to love and nurture. The more, it seems, that something stinks to High Heaven, the More the news media seems to pimp it up.

The latest outrage, at least in my mind is the Crucifixion by the "Media Mongols" of well known Chef and self-made businesswoman Paula  Deen , for committing what I consider a Noble and Law-Abiding Deed.

That is, Outrageously, Mrs. Deen actually had the gall to unashamedly tell the Truth under Oath . How Dare She.

Mrs Deen was asked, on the witness stand, in a court of Law if she had ever used the (Oh my God) Verboten, outrageous, filthy, anti-Christian and dreaded  "N" word. The word that is now only associated with Vampires, Animists and the unholy few that are also guilty of the Horrible Crimes of voting for who they want, instead of for the "flavor of the day'.And damned if she didn't tell the truth!!!I am wondering if there is any one person in this Country who have never used the flaming "N" Word. Before you hold up your hand, if you are not over the age of 2, you are not qualified. Personally, I think that is a prettty mild expletive when compared to the "MF" word which is now bandied about and I'm sure to be included in the next Edition of Websters.

And now for telling the truth, Mrs, Deen is being shunned by everyone except Playboy Magazine.

She is being dropped by Walmart (you know, the folks that have killed small towns across the length and breadth of what used to be America., Walgreens (motto: When better drugs are made, we'll raise the price on them) Home Depot, Moe's Bar (Just kidding, the folks in Moe's bar, including those passed out drunk, have better sense than does the rest of the pack of Hyenas that are Howling in the Night in a bloody Coven of Glee. I don't know about anyone else, but I am sick and tired of what was once a sensible, god Fearing Nation, being turned into what just one skinny little Piss Ant directs that it will become.In addition, Mrs Deens Book, already contracted for by Amazon, and already at No 1, will be cancelled (A good Lawyer (if there is such a thing) could tear Amazon a new one for this act of Lemming Stupidity.

Pardon me while I puke on the steps of the Capitol.
I have it right now, If you (and I ) wish to live and flourish in the "New America", we MUST endorse the following:

We must be for 1. Gay Marriage. 2. the Legalisation of Street Drugs 3. The passage of a bill making it mandatory to, if one wishes to vote, fill out one's ballot and turn it in to a court of review, to insure one is voting for the right party. 4. The no doubt inevitable iniative that a prospective  Independent Voter must a. Undergo Castration and b. receive and smile through a Prefrontal Lobotomy. We must also worship at the shrine of overpaid Athletes, Actors and Hedge Fund owners who have donated to the correct Party.

so, Is it too late for America. You can bet your Ass and Assets it is

Its about time to Invade Poland.



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