Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Living for a Wish

Good Afternoon All.

At this stage of my life, which is probably the last stop and a point where changing Horses won't help, I have several hopes and but one wish.

I hope someday, somehow to have, at last, a Happy Family. Indeed that's really all I ever hoped for.

Oh sure, there times on the job that I hoped for a Raise or a Promotion, I always felt like hoping for both would be greedy, and consequently, as aften as not, I got neither.

I hoped for good health for my entire family. I hoped I would always make a good enough living to provide Shelter, Food, Clothing, Education and Medical care for all my Children and my Wife.

I prayed for our Servicemen and Women, that they would all come home Alive and Healthy and for the healing of those wounded or maimed on the Battlefield, in the service of our Nation. And I prayed for a speedy end to these Wars.

I wished, Hoped, and prayed for all these things, and more, that I hoped weren't selfish.

But my ONE wish now is to somehow find a way to at long last Buy or Build that new Home for my sweet wife, for if any Woman was ever the personification of a good and loving Wife and Mother, it is she.

At my age (78) and paucity of income, I realize that this is a vain hope, but there is nothing to say that I cannot continue to hope and pray. I think miracles still happen and I hope they do. The Good Lord can and will probably take my life before too awfully long, but that's of no matter. I would implore him however, let me live just long enough to either find a way to bring this Dream to reality, or grant us a Miracle.

Be Well

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