Monday, August 11, 2014


Good Evening all.

But to be honest, I don't feel like it is such a good evening. First of all, just  about the only thing on the Television was the shooting of a Black Teenager by a Suburban St. Louis, Mo Police Officer. This jump- started, as it too frequently does, a Black Riot, during which white-owned stores were broken into, and basically all their merchandise was stolen by BLACK looters. The stores, when empty, were then set on fire. The one exception I saw was a black owned store, open safely for business (Thirsty Work, Rioting and thieving) and on the front of the store was painted "the only good Cop is a dead Cop."The rioters and looters weren't looking for Justice, they were looking for Nikes, or anything else they could lift
And naturallywho Comes to save the day?why  the attorney general of the United States, who wasted no time in instructing the F.B.I. to investigate the affair for civil rights violations, on the part of the (white) Police Officers. And quite naturally those merchants whose entire store, and all it's merchandise were pillaged and looted have no civil rights at all. The Attorney General detailed dozens of Agents to knock on doors for a six block radius. Presumably these instructions led to lots of :I didn't see  that cracker Cop shoot that po boy, but I know he did it fo sure; replies.
 You give me about six solid troopers with saws and I'll promise you that those particular looters will no longer be in business. I'm as sure as I can be that people will all think or emote "Racist", that's Bullshit and you all know it. Since when is it racist to Decry Strong Arm Robbery, Rioting and Looting and Arson? I'm more than a little sick and tired of the Police always being described as the Bad Guys by T.V. Media and Al," call me shit-stirrer Sharpton", et al. Those who are very ready to criticize the Police are the first to call the Police when they fear they are in trouble. Now I won't pretend to know the circumstances of the shooting of the large young man who was fresh from a Strong-Arm Robbery of a convenience store. For all I know he and his smaller companion might have been walking down the  street, singing Gospel Hymns and passing out Church Bulletins. But even as I write this, I say "Not bloody likely". But also not likely is a scenario of a Police Officer shooting an innocent young man. and just to add fuel to my mental-fire is the fact that Police Powers being stripped from the Ferguson Police by the Federal Government. This, if I remember correctly is called "Posse-Comitadus" and is unconstitutional.Folks, we have all got to  stop automatically blaming the Police anytime there is an altercation, without stopping and waiting until an investigation is complete. Then who ever is at fault will be named as at fault and will be tried and if found guilty will receive appropriate punishment. But to make my status as clear as clear can be and I will say this: I have known a lot of Law Enforcement Officers in my life, from community officers to Federal Officers of all stripes, and I have known a Hell of a Lot more Honest and capable officers than I have corrupt Officers.BUT you ask any Police Officer in a big city and who was or is investigating a shooting if he or she found anybody who was or is willing to point a finger at this particular felon, if the felon is black. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP. Anyone who knows me knows that I am absolutely in favor of Law Enforcement, be it in a Black or White neighborhood, PERIOD.

Then to just make this a Jim-Dandy day, I have just read where Robin Williams, one of the funniest guys in the World, is dead. A suicide. It has not been all that long since Jonathan Winters died, of apparent Old Age, so we are left with a huge hole in our society where Humor used to be, and boy could we ever use it on a day like today. I made a prediction when Obama was elected that I would not be surprised if Race Relations became worse than ever. I take no satisfaction in these events proving me right on this one subject.
Be afraid folks. Be very afraid.


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