Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Good Evening:

The events over the past few months in Ferguson, Mo have prompted me to comment, which I really shouldn't do, but what the heck.

Agonized Black Lawyers and screaming white liberals have screamed (literally) for change. They(Or their placards) demand justice, and they participate in those most Holy of righteous protests, Looting and Arson, while the grieving Mother somehow pulls herself together long enough to dye her hair an endless series of blazing neon colors (shows up better on T.V.) and swoons frequently into the arms of one or another large men, if on T.V.

Here's a Tip Mom, or rather a couple of tips.

1. Teach your kids not to steal.

2. Teach your kids not to commit strong arm robbery, on Camera.

3. Teach your kids not to assault and threaten tiny Asian storekeepers, again, on camera.

4. Teach your kids not to Fight with a Policeman.

5. Teach your kids not to try to grab the Policeman's weapon.

Teach your kids and their friends not to lie in an attempt to cover up a crime
6. Teach your kids to surrender.

Now I don't want anybody to think that I, nor any Police Officer that I know, lacks feelings. To the contrary, I do not know of one single Police Officer who really wants to shoot somebody!

Oh, and one more thing!!

Teach your kids to obey the law and do so your self......................................Dammit!!!


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