Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gun Control.

Good Morning good People:

I'm pretty sure I've got your attention now via the title of this post, So, (big surprise), I'll state my opinion(s). But, before doing so, I should add this admonishment. The opinions expressed herein are solely those of the Author, and any resemblance to any person, institution, place or thing are purely intentional, and should not afford anyone with an excuse to assassinate me.

I have been a gun owner since the age of 8, when my late Uncle presented me with my first firearm, a Winchester single-shot .22 rifle.

Before I was ever even allowed to load this rifle, let alone shoot it at anything, I was given a rigorous course in Firearms Safety, by said uncle. This course (verbal-no written tests) imbued in me several rules of gun safety that have stuck with me till the present day. Those rules are as follows:

1. DO NOT point the rifle (or whatever firearm I was later employing) at anything you don't want to shoot, and my Uncle made a point of expressly including himself in that category.

2. DO NOT ever, ever, play with a firearm, as it is definitely not a Toy, but, intentionally or not, is a deadly weapon,and should always be treated as such.

3. A gun is nothing but a tool, and should be cared for as such, for just as you would want an axe to be sharp, and have a solid handle, before you employed it to chop something down. So always clean your gun after firing it (first double and triple checking it to be sure it is not loaded) before putting it safely away.

4. Don't leave your gun lying about for children to trip over, or in their innocence, to play with. Place the gun in a safe and secure (preferably locked) place, accessible only to yourself and such members of your household you wish (and trust) to have access to said weapon.

here I'll depart from the list for a moment to list some of the steps my Uncle taught me. I was to go on several training hunts with my uncle, carrying my rifle, unloaded, and safely pointed away from himself, before I was ever given a bullet for the rifle, let alone fire it, and when the big day came when I was allowed to fire it, I fired it at a piece of paper stuck in the bark of a very large tree, which was close enough to me that there was no way I could miss it (the tree). this went on for some time, going on non-lethal hunts, and shortening the bark-life of innumerous trees, before I was given a real live, genuine bullet to shoot at a living creature (a rabbit) who was sitting, presumably too arthritic to move, and I was proud at the time to end said Lettuce eater's life. Now I should hasten to say that this was before the advent of PETA or if not, I had never heard of said organization, and rabbits, squirrels and such were "fair game" as their meat was always consumed by someone, either us or our friends or relations and not wasted, as I am sorry to say is not always the case nowadays, as I know far too many people who kill various species just have their glassy-eyed head mounted on their wall, as a "Trophy". Now I fail to see how this is a Trophy, for unless the deer, or whatever ,was also armed, the only thing proven was that you killed (or claimed to) said animal, and I fail to see much Glory in that. I guess, to make this piece a little shorter (thank goodness, you say) I feel that I was given a good education on firearms and their safe use and care.

Later in life, I acquired more firearms, mostly historic, and had occasion to become proficient in rifle and handgun use, both for practice and self-defense, and for use at the direction of Uncle Sam, and the lessons stood me in good stead. I should say I was always Legally carrying said weapons, with the blessing of the authorities of the moment.

Therefore, I have become impatient, in my Old Age, with these fools who misuse firearms, and I'm not just talking about the criminals, but also normally law-abiding and sane people. I have, too often, seen men, after consuming a considerable quantity of alcohol, venture forth with a firearm, either hunting, or in my personal case, shooting Skeet or Trap, both of which sports I really enjoyed, when in the company of sober men (or women). When they had had more than a few alcoholic beverages they were a danger not only to themselves, but their companions as well. There have been too many cases of a drunken hunter making a widow of their best friend's wife.It is probably unnecessary to say I never engaged in any form of firearm sports when one or more of the people I was with showed any signs of inebriation. When I was accorded the responsibility for being in charge of a Skeet League, at a local gun club, I enforced very stringent rules for Firearm Safety, which a few chaps objected to(to no avail).

I am also appalled at these Idiots who decry "They (whoever they are?) will take my gun from my cold, dead hands" I'll tell these fools something. If any Police (Local or Federal) come to take my Gun or Guns, they'll meet with no difficulties from me, and I'm sure not ready to die to protect an object of steel and wood (or plastic)

I am also now ashamed of the National Rifle Association, which organization was once highly thought of by sportsmen in the U.S., due to their stressing safe firearm handling and responsible gun ownership, but no longer, as is testified to by their outcry over Governmental Efforts to pass laws regarding ownership of "Assault Weapons".

Let me make one thing I hold absolute. An assault Weapon is a Weapon Expressly designed to kill people with, and nothing else and no self-respecting sportsman even wants or needs one. Period! Basically most of them are Chinese Made pieces of Junk. However, to be fair, I suppost I should interject (to save someone the trouble) that certain Collectors of Militariana might want a specimen of this rifle in their collection , if so, as yon collector already knows there are two varieties of this weapon. 1. The AK 47 , the Russian made Original, named after it's designer one M. Kalishnikoff, and 2. The SKS, which is , as referred to above, a piece of Chinese Junk. The definitive Collector probably wouldn't want the second, but if he or she does, they are readily available at most any gun shops or shows, for any variety of price. I have been offered these junkers for as low as Thirty Dollars, and passed on them.
As you can see, I hold pretty strong views on this subject, and am not ashamed to admit it.

Go Ahead, disagree, if you wish, that's what this forum is all about.

Be of good cheer,and be safe.
p.s If you really want to collect something rare, collect signed Peace Treaties, I understand they are really scarce.


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