Monday, June 15, 2009



I'm not in too good of a mood tonight so maybe this is not a good time to post. But I can always delete.

On television today most of us viewed what I consider to be a great contrast. While the people of Iran ( and I trust you will forgive me for returning to the subject, but as I have already mentioned in an earlier posting, I have known a couple of Iranians, and found them to be, by and large, good decent people) we watch on television as the people of Iran who want a change from the hate filled ranting and raving of their "leaders" (read Dictators) and instead want a decent, non-sectarian democracy, where children can go to school to learn the things that will help them to be decent, sensible contributors to such a society, a society, they hope, that can achieve a place among the Nations of the world where, it is to be hoped, their Grandchildren will have to look up War in the history books (IF they are ever allowed to read truthful, fact filled books, rather than the stone age rantings of a few old hate filled old men who have carved for themselves a pretty cushy life, doing nothing but spewing their venomous words ) These protestors want nothing more than peace in their part of the world ,sensibility and freedom from oppression.

Meanwhile in the good old U S of A, The Los Angeles Lakers, as you probably know, won the NBA championship (lower case whoopee) , which has occasioned an orgy of rioting, arson, looting, killings, and anything else the miniscule brains of the rioters cum celebrationists can think up. Yessir, the L.A. Lakers, a team led by a Rapist, who bought off his Victim, and placated his wife with a multimillion dollar ring ,are being Lionized. Yeah, Boy, this sure says a lot about our society, I'm just not sure what.

I love this Country, am a Military Veteran, and the Son, Father, Brother, Nephew and so on and on beyond enumeration of Veterans .and the decendent of more generations of Americans than I have a record of. And it makes me sad to say that if My father, or that of my Wife's, or our Grandfathers, and their Fathers and on, were alive today, they'd be just as disgusted and filled with sorrow as I am about what our Country is becoming.. The only positive note I can inject in this post, is WE, the American People, are free to comment, on this, or anything else we wish to. Look up the word root of "Fan" sometime, maybe that will explain the actions of these people.

Sorry for the Venting, but at least for the present, this is my only forum.

But let us all cheer up, things could be worse. The Question is, How?

The Old-Old Professor

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