Thursday, July 2, 2009


The subject for today's post is the insidious (to me), latest, electronic device I've noticed. I'm speaking, of course, of the "Kindle" or electronic book. As a lifelong reader of books, this device is an affront to me, and I suspect, Bibliophiles everywhere.

As I understand it, once one buys said kindle for around Three Hundred and Fifty clams, one has to then pay about Ten Bucks or so to download a book. That is problem number one to me. For that amount of money I can buy an awful lot of "Real Books", books printed on paper, nicely bound, with good stiff front and back boards to protect the content. One can also place the book on one's bookshelf, to be read again, or consulted. I suppose one could do the same with a kindle, but, to me, it just wouldn't have the same impact, visually. If you have a commodious bookcase or shelves, your friends will think you are smart even if you aren't. With a Kindle, however, what do you have? ..........A. something that needs batteries and constant attention. I guess some folks probably view the Kindle as a status symbol, but as for me, I'd much rather turn pages than punch buttons. But if gizmos are your thing, then by all means have at it, at least your remotes will have company in whatever dimension they are currently are, but don't step on it, it's probably breakable.

I gotta go. I'm in the middle of the latest Dean Koontz, which I am enjoying hugely, even considering the onerous task of turning pages and using a bookmark.

At any rate, READ.............. Paper or Plastic....... Also...Where's the comments ?, feel free and welcome to comment. I'll be interested in them and learn from them. A one way conversation is no fun.
Stay Well

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