Monday, July 6, 2009

The Late Michael Jackson.

While it is always a sorrowful thing when someone expires at an early age, one sometimes has to temper ones respectful words with common sense. Once in awhile someone passes away who should just be allowed to go with little or no comment.

Such however, doesn't seem to be the case with the death of Michael Jackson. I for one have had a nauseating sufficiency with the "news"? coverage of this person.

There are his "fans"... and then there are those of us who visit reality.

The man was just a performer. Anyone with any common sense knows that he was a pedophile, convicted or not, he was a freak who tried his darndest to change himself into a white person,he was abusing very strong drugs, and yet the Black People, in the main, seem to think he was sort of a demigod..........Why?
He showed he was not proud of being a Black Man who had accomplished much ,by dint of his own actions and cosmetic procedures. His weirdly absurd behavior and dress seemed to reflect his opinion that he was some sort of royalty, even naming his ? sons Prince Michael I and II.

Enough is enough already. If you choose to mourn someone, mourn those young men and women who have unselfishly served us all in the Military, many of whom have given their lives, or been horribly maimed in the Service to this Nation. They are today's heros, not some--some- performer, if you want to use that word. People.. our value system badly needs a good overhaul . This event has served to illustrate that fact. Why don't we all just use a little common sense.?

I am reminded of three Japanese words, when thinking of the late M.J. and they are Kabuki,Onnagata and Chikan . These words seem to sum it up as regards him.

Cheers TOP

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