Saturday, July 11, 2009

Intelligence vs Congress

Hello Good People:

I would presuppose that you will be confused by the Title of this piece, after all when you mention Congress and Intelligence in the same sentence or title it then becomes an oxymoron.


The past couple of days I have had occasion to reflect on the ongoing dust up between Congress and the Intelligence Community.

Said conflict, I think, illustrates just how plain dumb and self serving our Congress is.

Currently Congress collectively has their knickers in a knot, because they believe that the CIA has (gasp) lied to them . Now this brings up an interesting conundrum, Liars are not supposed to lie to Liars. Do we want an effective Intelligence Gathering arm of the Government, or a vociferous and publicity-loving (read self serving) Congress , I think it is obvious that we cannot have both .

Jimmy Carter (The Futile One) learned , or should have, the fallacy of "Defanging" our Intelligence Apparatus, in his curtailment of the operations of the CIA, with the gleeful aid of the Church committee , well known at the time for its conflation of witch hunting and publicity.The resultant laming of the CIA was to the enjoyment of our cold-war enemies. The Journeyman President was deeply hurt, and astounded by our opponents lack of good will and Christian Charity. But...the damage was already done and it took too long a time to mend the rents and tears in the organization we rely on to keep an eye on those who would do harm to America.

There is a legion of idiots in Congress who think that this arm of the government should know every single thing that every single Government Employee is doing at all times, and are heedless, and mindless, in this pursuit. They (The Pols) don't really care what the real outcome of their blustering turns out to be, just as long as it gets them some "face time" and usually some large contributions to their campaign coffers. Anytime there arises a subject ,which the Congress thinks the public might be interested in, they (Congress) jump on it with both feet, after first removing said feet from their collective mouth's, wherein the feet usually reside.The fact that very, very, very, few of our elected representatives know one dang thing about the in's and out's of the deadly Spy Business, which is NOT a game, not to mention their learned inability to keep their mouths shut about anything. If they (Congress) are not telling their Mistresses, they are solemnly spilling their guts to the News Media.

It seems like one moment the Congress is outraged (properly) as regards the 'outing" of a CIA operative, and then in the next breath, as time flits by, they, Congress, wants to publicly air all possible information about our Intelligence Community. I can well imagine that V. Putin is hugely enjoying the stupidity of speaker Pelosi (Fancy Nancy, or the Tits that roared). He (Putin) is probably thinking "Tell me more, Madame Announcer, I'm all ears.

Folks, Thomas Jefferson said "All Tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent". I wonder, should he have added, "While fools rave"?

We are engaged in a world-wide conflict with the forces of evil on all fronts, and we simply cannot offer them Ice Cream while they continue their pursuit of a Theocratic Dictatorship for all.

Intelligence, and its gathering, is by definition, an infinite and ongoing task. We can be "Nice" to prisoners who quite probably have knowledge that would help us in our pursuit of terrorists, treat them all as honored guests, and fail miserably in the struggle in which we are engaged, or we can use some stringent and unpleasant methods to gain information to save lives, American and otherwise, PERIOD.

Regardless of the methods of interrogation we have used, I haven't heard of one single terrorist being beheaded on Television, nor have I seen one of the Bearded Savages who sponsor the Worldwide epidemic of terror with which we are all faced, go on Television to announce their specific plans,date, location, method & etc for their next vicious act, or to publicize and excoriate one of their goons who got carried away and mistreated anyone or anything other then a pretty Goat.

One of the first rules, even a neophyte should realize, is that effective Intelligence, military or otherwise, is a secret business, and we as the beneficiaries of the actions of the Intelligence Community, have no need, real or imagined, to know everything that said community is doing to protect us. Are there occasions when this "public trust" is misused ?, sure there are , but for the most part these people are professionals, and as such can not even be mentioned in the same breath as Congress, who are, as a body, only concerned with the next Election. So, I, as one single American, who is absolutely not well versed in the Efforts of our Intelligence Community, or their methods; say simply this.............Leave the CIA, The FBI, The NSA, and all the other three letter Intelligence Organizations alone!....or don't offer excuses when another Calamity such as 9-11 hits us, which it positively will!.

Cheers ? Question: Is a tittle a little and a jot a dot?


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