Thursday, August 13, 2009

College "Sports"

Hello good people:

Today I will probably anger a number of fans of the "Game" of Basketball, particularly that singular creature the Kentucky Fan. I really don't give a rodent's patootie, for the truth may be painful, but it is nevertheless the truth.

I am speaking about the current embroglio about the University of Louisville's Multi-Millionaire Coach, Rick Pitino.

It seems Mr. Pitino was dining with a young lady of his acquaintance and when finished with their dinner, they decided to engage in sexual congress, at or on the table.

Now in their defense, it appears that the couple did have the good manners to wait until the restaurant was closed for the evening, before enjoying their "dessert", however one wonders, that since the Coach is accustomed to appearing before large crowds in his professional role, if he minded the Owner and staff acting as both audience and cheerleaders? I wish I knew the name of that restaurant, as I would make certain to never dine there, but one thing for sure, it gives the term, "Smoking Section" new meaning.

Now it appears, somewhat belatedly, the woman involved has been arrested and charged with trying to extort money from the Coach . If it were anywhere other than Kentucky, one has to wonder if the woman's charge that the act was non consensual, would have had a chance of being believed. But in the Blue Grass State, even if the cameras had been rolling, complete with instant replays of highlights, and the press had been covering the event on the radio and for later replay on T.V., it's a non starter.

for as everyone knows, Basketball is king in Kentucky, and decent behavior and education is, sadly, waaay down the line in order of priorities.

Of course, we are led to believe that the main raison d`etre for College Sports is to assure students with a well rounded Educational experience.

Who are we kidding, other than ourselves ?

To illustrate the point, let me quote the words, already in print, of one incoming basketball recruit to the above named University; to Wit "Yo I ain't leaving, Rick(s) personal life is his life. He (is) here to coach me and is the best teach of hoop to me! so like the fans say, Go Cards".

One presumes that this will soon blow over and this young recruit will wind up with a Multi-Million Dollar NBA contract, and Coach Pitino (the piston ?) will continue to draw a salary commensurate with his production. Of what?

Sorry Fans
Facts be facts, as the young recruit would undoubtedly say!

Cheers, and be sure and check your tablecloths the next time you dine out.


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