Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Health care Controversy

Hello Good People:

Over the past few months, I, like many other people have been besieged by the Media about the Health Care Debate currently on boil in Congress.

Like almost everyone else, I really don't understand several things about the proposed plan(s).

We the people, have not, been given much in the way of concrete information. There have been rumors, innuendo, hints, but I for one simply do not understand what the various incarnations of the plan entail, and let me hasten to add that going to one of the various "Town Hall" meetings and acting like a damn fool, shouting, screaming, signage, and so on, is NOT getting information. If we as a society, cannot act civilized then, I fear that as a whole, we will not accomplish much.

So, if Congress was to suddenly develop Common Sense, it seems to me that there are a couple of things that Congress could do alleviate some of the fears about this problem, I know, I know, the idea of Congress suddenly developing common sense is about as far fetched as a field mouse giving birth to a Giraffe. But setting aside the humor for the moment, consider the following proposals.

Release a synopsis of the main points of the proposed plan, including projected individual out of pocket costs to utilize this Great Idea. The "Sticker" here, is, I think, that no one, including the Prez knows what exactly is or will be in the final Bill when it is voted on.

Include, as the First item of the plan, a stipulation that Congress, as well as all other members and employees of the Bloated Bureaucracy that is the Federal government,will automatically lose their current Rolls-Royce Insurance Plans, and have to use the same plan, as will we lowly citizens.

Seems like pretty simple logic to me.

How do you feel?

The Old Professor

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