Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just for fun.

Heres a fun Quiz!

Who was probably the first American Born"Blogger"

Now, there's probably no one who really knows who that person may be, but I have what I believe could be the correct answer, if there is one.


Benjamin Franklin.

When Franklin was twelve years old, he was apprenticed to his brother, a printer, and as he (Ben) had only one year of Formal Schooling, he and his father both thought that this was a good way to further his Education, and as it turned out, both were right.

Using some inborn urge to better himself, Franklin applied himself to the trade, and in the process became quite knowledgeable both as a printer and as somewhat of a Wordsmith.

He apparently felt, as a lot of us do, that he had something to say about events in general, but, lacking a medium for such self expression, he began writing a series of Articles about various subjects, Signing them as a fictional widow, one "Silence Dogood" and surreptitiously slipping beneath the door of the Print Shop where he worked, late at night.

The articles, sixteen in all, proved to be a hit, and one would suppose that Ben was both gratified and emboldened and embarked upon a life, of both curiosity and writing, for which endeavor he is perhaps best known, leading eventually to Poor Richards Almanac, a publication for which he is perhaps best well known, even though he published it under a pen name.

Along the way of course, he dabbled incessantly with many other ideas, not the least of which his discovery that it was not a good idea to fly a kite, with a door key tied in the control string, during a Lightening storm!

I would also wager, that if one hundred students, both Senior High School and College age, if asked who the people were whose image adorns a bill of U.S. Currency, who was not a President of the U.S., fifty percent or less would identify Franklin or Alexander Hamilton, the latter, whom you will recall ,was probably the most Famous American ever killed in a "legal" duel.

But I (as I am wont to do) digress. This is supposed to be about Ben Franklin.

Other fun facts;

Franklin is remembered by many as the Inventor of Bifocal eyeglasses, but did you know, that he also invented the Swim Fin, more modern designs of which are still steadily in use by divers around the world.?

As an aside, some people will argue that Thomas Paine Could be the first Blogger......but..he was not American Born, and his writings were published under his own name, including the famous "Common Sense", and were published as a source of Revenue, not just for fun. But I still am indebted to Mr. Paine for the Title of my poor efforts as a Blogger"

As I say, this was just for fun, if I get any feedback, perhaps I'll throw something else at you.


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