Friday, February 12, 2010


A Happy day to thee:

I'm bored. I suspect it is a function of retirement, and the very best cure for boredom is writing. Writing about nothing in particular, just slapping the keys and see what comes out.
Be forewarned I may use some intemperate language in this post, so I've asked my alter-ego to take over my wizened brain and write for me once again.

I find that the older I get the more impatient I get with Political Correctness.
I think its high time we called things what they are. For a time during the late feminist period (just after the jurassic) I was reluctant to write a business letter to a female who I did not know, as I didn't want to make the mistake of referring to some bulky babe as Mrs. or Miss, for fear that she wanted to be addressed as Ms.
and having the PC police kick down my door.

I am similarly tired of hearing the terms, Mexican-American, German-American, African-American and so on to the puking point. One is either an American (if born or Naturalized as such) or they're not, Period.

I'm heartily sick of the current Political climate control the News, especially on Television. I get nauseous when I see a Broadcast or sitcom where they are extremely careful to have one each of white, black, chicano, asian etc, on the show in order to conform to what has now become the norm.
I'm sick of "Reality" shows. For instance, I notice that there will now be a show, called Trash Men, about garbage collectors. I know for sure that these people play a necessary part in our society, if we don't want to be buried in our own refuse , but who finds such dreck entertaining?
I also think the show "Dirty Jobs" serves little purpose, as I really don't think the role of television is to make us sick. It was bad enough when shows such as "Lost" had a bunch of half naked people running around on some island somewhere, and do everything except kill one another to win a cash prize. Whatever happened to shows that entertained. It seems the networks no longer have the talent available to make shows such as "The Andy Griffin Show, "The Honeymooners", "Barney Miller," "cheers" ," Sanford and son', etc. The only explanation that I can come up with is that a whole lot of People call themselves Writers for T.V. when they are nothing but drecksters, who write for the entertainment of Teenagers ONLY. The same is true of Movies. It seems that the only movies being made are adaptations of earlier movies with a different (and sometimes the same) name, or else something so extremely Science-fiction as to be of no interest other than to that Fat Guy who collects comic Books. And Yep, I know that one shouldn't use the term "Fat", in order to be P.C., but as usual I don't care. I know that Obese or "Weight-Challenged" is the proper term . I think the best quote I've ever heard, regarding a 400 pound individual, was " A person who didn't grow to the proper height for his or her weight"............"Doctor.... Mr (or Mrs) Jones, you need to grow to a height of 9 feet and then you'll be fine.' ' I suggest the Rack ". I think Arty Novels are a sublime waste of time. Unless one is a dedicated student or some variety thereof, I absolutely feel that a good book is Fiction, meant for nothing more than Escapism and entertainment. And in that same vein when a Writer writes some deep psychosis-inducing book with a meaning so elusive that the "Art" crowd falls all over themselves droning on about the hidden meaning is nothing more than a scammer who has no real literary talent, and for the most part I think the people who read these "Deep" books (or claim they have)do so to impress other people in Starbucks,(ala "Frazier") I've got news for those "Arty-Farty" people. The hidden meaning of such books is that the writer can't write a lick, but knows there is a steady market for such "Deep" books, when in reality they are about as deep as a wading pool for parakeets . Hell the old "Penny Dreadful' of the victorian Age were Masterpieces compared to many books nowadays (and I use the term "Book" loosely) . I think old Kramer of the Seinfeld show had the right idea about Coffee Table books, in that some books would be better used with legs affixed, to set your coffee cup on. I suspect some people buy Certain books using the criteria of how they'll look on their table or in their bookcase (if they have one). I think all Politicians ought to be shaved bald and have a number painted on their pate, and thenceforth referred to only by number. I also think that these same politicians should have to wear a jail jumpsuit, yellow in color, with a design of Hundred dollar Bills emblazoned on them, as a Political Camouflage.And, finally, I think that most people who write "Letters to the Editor shouldn't".

That's enough for now, I've successfully obviated my boredom.BUT, more to come,later, when my spleen becomes overful and needs Venting.

Stay Well and don't forget to Laugh a Little.



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