Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

Good Morning Folks:

Today, as anyone in the civilized world knows, is Super Bowl Sunday. The one time of the year when a man can be a man and abuse fully the term "Couch Potato".
We men can, and are expected to, by our long suffering Spouses, do absolutely nothing but set our enormous butts on the sofa, watch T.V. and consume huge quantities of Junk Food and our beverages of choice. More than a few of this vast , overfed herd will undoubtedly partake too freely of an alcoholic beverage and then proceed to sleep during all or most of the Super Bowl. This will allow our long-suffering spouses the opportunity to vacuum the mounds of debris created by our snacking and apply windex to the T.V. and our eyeglasses to erase greasy fingerprints. Now we men are simply being considerate in dozing off to allow our spouses this luxury, which also includes giving her time to drag out a half dozen or so trash bags full of cast off food wrappers and bags, beverage cans or bottles, discarded paper towels and such and try the patience of landfill operators everywhere.

On the part of we noble men, we can only hope that we are not among the detritus thus discarded , and most of us are safe, as our spouses are smart enough to recognize that if a pile of trash emits a snore, its probably hubby or one of his cronies, and thus should not be discarded by a cheerful Christian Lady (or a few second-generation Muslim-American ladies).

So, bring on the provender, pigskin, pork rinds and Pepto-Bismol. We are ready.

I guess most guys will have a favorite in the game, but as for me, it's a difficult choice. As I've said more than a few times in the past, I have a warm spot in my Heart for New Orleans, having once, for about a Ten Year period, being a resident of the "Big Easy"...BUT, I must also confess to being a fan of the Indianapolis Colts, and more especially, of Peyton Manning, and indeed, of the whole Manning Clan.

I also imagine that Accomplished Quarterback Manning also has mixed feelings about the game, as he was raised in New Orleans, rooting for his Father Archie Manning, who was Quarterback of the Saints during their time of dubious distinction, being known as the "Aints", and having fans show up for the game with paper bags over their heads. I can well imagine that Manning Senior has a heart swelling with pride, in that two of his sons have followed in his footsteps, and even outreached them as both Peyton and his Brother Eli have won a Superbowl, and both have been chosen as the M.V.P. of their respective games. I imagine that Archie Manning feels just as I do, in that I feel the best a Man can hope for is that his offspring will exceed anything we may have accomplished in our lives.

So, it will, to me, be a very interesting game, whoever wins, and I would not dare to make any predictions other than more than a few men (and a few women) will wake up tomorrow with a hangover and a too-full stomach.

So, kick the ball and let us begin to enjoy our delicious misery already!



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