Thursday, April 29, 2010

Three Faces of Evil.

Hi Folks:

I'm relatively sure that all of you have heard of the disgraceful behavior of Ben Roethlisberger, and his subsequent 'punishment" of having to sit out six games.

Wow!..heres a guy that makes Millions of Dollars a year for playing a kid's game and he can't even behave himself. And you know what? I'll bet you Nineteen dollars against an apple core that he has learned absolutely no lesson from this "Non-Crime".

And then of course we have the Case of Kobe Bryant, Star player for the Los Angeles Lakers, who raped a Hotel employee, Paid off his wife with a multi-Million Dollar ring and the victim with an unknown amount. He is still playing Basketball,making Millions, and for all I know he still can't keep his pony in the barn.

Then we have Michael Vick, who committed such savage acts against fighting Pit Bulls in his stable that it makes me sick to think about it. Granted he served a relatively short time in Prison, where, I'm sure he enjoyed an elite status, but he's back in Professional Football and again making Millions.

Who said crime doesn't pay?

And now we come to the category of Big Business, which I'm sure, over the past couple of years we have all come to know and love.

We all recall when the Government "Bailed out" Chrysler and General Motors to the tune of Billions of Dollars.

We are being told now, in a Commercial featuring the New CEO of GM that they, General Motors have paid back their loan , in full, and Five Years early. This is a Bald Faced Lie. What happened was that G.M.'s debt was transferred from the Bail Out Money to the so called TARP program, which supposedly was a temporary fund to help out certain Big Businesses. What ever happened to truth in Government (okay-okay, I get it , you can stop rolling around the floor laughing your butt off)

My point (which I'll bet you never thought I'd get to, is that Honesty, Ethics, and Morals seem to be cascading down and down to the point where anything goes. Now I'll admit, that there have been episodes in my life which I deeply regret,and I'm pretty sure that the same goes for most of the rest of the Population, But I "learned my lessons" and tried earnestly not to make those mistakes again, as I suspect most everyone else has done, but apparently Big Business and Big Sports never seen to learn their lessons..............and in case you are wondering, I was prompted to write this post by going Car Shopping today. ...........I trust you can all fill in the rest of the blanks.

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