Friday, September 20, 2013

Good Evening Folks:

Well, by golly Spring has arrived. there for awhile, during the winter I was beginning to think it never would, but since thats exactly the same thing I think every Winter, I'm usually sort of hibernating each year. To be blunt I do not  like Winter in any of its ideations, save its appearance on a calendar, and at my age, calendars are to be avoided at all cost, I usually read an awful lot of books each Winter. Now my good wife will tell you that is nothing new, I read a lot of books all the time, more than I should, probably, but to me books invoke a sort off "Childhood Christmas Morning, Can't wait to open the gifts" feeling. this is more true when a new Book by one of my favorite authors comes out, and I'm sort of standing on one leg and then the other, until the book is in MY hands, and Oh Boy, Oh Boy.

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