Friday, September 20, 2013

Life's Lessons Learned

Good Afternoon Friends:

I have been, as is my wont, doing too much thinking lately.

I have been dwelling on things best not exposed to the light of sentient thought, and instead
left in the closet in our minds where we keep those memories that are distasteful, those things we had rather not drag out and dust off once again, those failures (seems like I have more than my share of those) and those disappointments, which we all have, and should have when we grow grey in the beard and finally are able to be Honest with ourselves.

Now I would submit that it is harder to be honest with ourselves than it is to be honest with other people  . For example, when I look in the mirror, I am not at all pleased at what I see.
Not my Visage, that was issued to me long ago and there's not one thing I can do about it other than to smile more, but rather bodily profile, which is getting alarmingly like that of Hitchcock.I tell myself I am going to start getting more exercise, but I am fibbing when I say this. You know the old expression, the road to Hell is paved etc... Well I've accumulated a vast store of these pavers. I've meant to exercise more, but here I sit on my ever expanding bottom, while more a few pretty days have gone by.

When we had our dog, my wife or I would walk her at least once every day. She loved it, we loved it, and we profited from it healthwise, save the one time I was struck by a little old lady in a big new car, who departed quickly. Fortunatly, for me, my Dog was not struck, and for that I was and am thankful. Better me than my Dog. But when the bruises healed, I continued to walk my Dog, just not in that particular area. So I should be getting more exercise, Period.

Another thing that I've probably been guilty of is reading too much.  I know, I is said that that is impossible to do, but it isn't. When I neglect other things and other people due to a good book, then that is too much.

I am, and always have been,too impatient, Especially since when I have gotten well past the age when one wishes for a slowdown in the march of time, not a speedup. Oddly enough, I am patient in some areas where, perhaps, others are. I am patient in Traffic, for instance. I have been fortunate to have not been in many auto crashes, but there have been enough to illustrate to myself the wisdom of just waiting, in certain situations, but at the same time, I HATE to wait in a Doctor's office. Perhaps this is engendered by the fact that sometimes we experience pain or poverty, or both, during these visits, but that, too, is an excuse .

Speaking of a Dog. I think that most Dogs are better people than most people.

Reading the morning Newspaper has gotten to be an unpleasant exercise, I would recommend avoiding it, when possible. And the same goes , in Spades, for Television. You know that vast medium where people are paid to be inane ( addition to Politics.)

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