Saturday, September 21, 2013

Chicago=The Algonquin word for getagun

Good Morning Folks:

Well,, I got up this morning, and retrieved what used to be a Newspaper, but has become nothing more than a record of Mass shootings, Congressional Malfeasance, Executive stumbling, and an assemblage of things that we never used to see , on a daily basis, in our Newspapers.
Last night, or actually in the wee early hours of today, in Chicago (Motto: If it feels good, shoot it) during a (what else) Basketball game, some moke with an Assault Weapon, with high capacity magazine opened fire on a crowd of people, including a three year old child. The second question in my mind is what kind of Mother would take a three Year Old Child to ANY mass gathering at that hour of the day. If I had to take a guess, I would guess the following. The Mother is probably between 14 and 17 years of age, or younger.  Birthed this Child, without benefit of Matrimony, has no "Father Figure, " in the house,  and depends on the government for Medical Care, Food Stamps, child care, housing allowance and indeed, everything but Birth Control.

I thought this was supposed to be a New Era for Chicago when Rob Emmanuel waltzed into the Mayors Job with a campaign based on his working with Obama and freely using the "M-F" word, and, as far as I can tell, nothing else

If anything will save Chicago, and I have doubts that anything will, it will be by the immediate implementation of a "Stop and Frisk" policy for the Police, together with the creation and heavy use of "BAM"  squads, which consist of multiples of  large cars with four BIG men, heavily armed roving the city and intervening when they see suspicious groups."BAM" is an acronym for "by any means", which is exactly what is required in order to TRY and bring some semblance of Order to Chicago.
Actually Chicago is just the Poster Child for what ails many, if not most, big cities in this Nation, and it is an Absolute disgrace.  We, as a Nation, are now reaping the results of years of putting the rights of Criminals before the almost non existence of Victims Rights.

You know what? This Barn is too badly damaged. Lets just tear it down and build another one. The old Barn (read Nation) gave us many years of excellent service, but Now, after all these years of neglect, it is being wrecked by some of the Animals it was built to shelter and nourish.

Stay Well


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