Sunday, December 8, 2013


Good Morning to all Happy People:

I've got a gripe today. some time ago Google changed the Blogger site. As far as I'm concerned they changed it for the worse.

It used to be when I wanted to post something on my blog, it was a snap, but not now.
It takes forever and a day to TRY and get started and even then, most of the time I just give up in despair. there used to be links to every phase of Blogger, but apparently some 12 year old Genius" decided that it wasn't hard enough for people such as me, i.e. those past puberty, to use so they changed every darned thing. Heck I can't even find the dashboard anymore. I typed a long post the other day and saved it to draft, but CANNOT find it now.
When I ask for help I cannot get it .

Its frustrating. Sort of like what Doctors are doing now to keep from getting any more Medicare Patients. they either just bluntly refuse them, or they give them such a rude, substandard of care, that most of us just go home and wait to die.

I know that those among you who are young will not even try to understand my frustration, but trust me, its coming for you, if you're lucky.
Stay Well

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